It felt like Chinese New Year in June when my 5-year-old son, Gabby and I attended the festive grand launch of KING CHEF yesterday, June 29, 2010 at 3PM.

Dragon and lion dances, firecrackers and Chinese cultural dancers welcomed the opening of this newest Chinese restaurant in Banawe Street, Quezon City.

Dimsums were served during the cocktail reception prior to the official opening of the event. If you must know, my son fondly calls chicken feet as ‘chicken run’ as he’s always reminded of the cartoon movie with the same title every time he sees that Chinese dish. Admittedly, King Chef’s version is tasteful, but it’s not really my favorite steamed dish.

The brief downpour wasn’t a bother for the occasion and in fact was considered as a wonderful blessing. The ceremonial cutting of ribbon was led by the owners, Mr. Michael Chan-Ang and Mrs. Marites Apiado-Ang (couple in blue & red at the far left).

King Chef beams with elegant yet non-intimidating interiors with comfy seats fit not only for royalty but more so for friends and families.

The spacious facade and the beautiful interiors add up to the entire dining experience at King Chef.

A special buffet spread was served along with traditional Chinese dances for the invited guests.

Shameless display of my gluttonous plate which I shared with my foodie son, Gabby…

Now if that wasn’t enough for you to crave for King Chef’s authentic Chinese dishes, I suggest you try it yourself whenever possible and let me know of what you think ofΒ  their reasonably priced delicious foods on their menu.

A venue for celebration and success, King Chef has exclusive function rooms and also accepts reservations for business meetings, corporate functions, wedding banquets, parties, and anniversaries. Also featured is the Tea Room where special private and exclusive celebrations can be held.

A daily Hong Kong style Dimsum Promo is also available 2 times daily from 2:30PM to 5:00PM and 9:00PM to 12MN. King Chef also caters and is getting known for their Dimsum Bar.

King Chef is located at 989 Banawe Street, Quezon City (in front of Manresa Retreat House; just beside Starbucks in Banawe Street towards Del Monte Street, QC) with contact number (63-2) 410-4919 and (63-2) 216-0136.

*My special thanks to Ms. Abigail Ang Delos-Santos for the invite to cover this event. πŸ˜€

Updates: King Chef’s menu (prices subject to change without prior notice)

*click 2x to enlarge!


25 thoughts on “KING CHEF : FEAST FOR A KING

    1. hi Didi and welcome to my blog. πŸ™‚
      i’m not sure if the site of KC was previously Everything at Steak; apparently, i’m not so familiar with banawe street line of restos. as mentioned above, King Chef’s just behind Starbucks which is in front of Manresa Retreat Center along Banawe Street, near Del Monte.

      Check out the place whenever possible and let me know of what you think of KC. πŸ™‚

  1. Chinese cuisine are always delectable!! but i find it very oily. how about the price?
    PS: ang cool ni gabby with the costume, hehe!

    1. dimsums are priced at PhP 60, 65, 70, 80, and the platter of 8pcs is only worth PhP 145;
      while noodle soup at PhP 115-130,
      congee at PhP 90-175,
      pork dishes at PhP 190–580.
      seafood from PhP 220 and up
      rice toppings from PhP 140 up,
      vegetable dishes from PhP 180 up,
      they also have chicken, duck, pigeon, beef and a lot more.

      sorry i can’t upload the menu they gave included in the press kit; got no time to resize everything. to sum up, they have affordable and delicious menu.

    1. thanks, marian! he first wore it 2 years ago on his nursery graduation. kasya pa kaya pinasuot namin sa opening ng King Chef, hehe. i hope he won’t kill me for this when he sees it when he grows older. πŸ™‚

      King Chef’s Chinese dishes are must-try. sarap! πŸ™‚

    1. hello barrycyrus! welcome to my humble site. you’re welcome to frequent here. πŸ™‚

      try king chef and let me know what you think of their dishes. thanks!

  2. talaga namang dressed for the occasion si gabby! cuteness!

    they say that rains during evenhts like these mean blessings. i hope the same will hold true for this restaurant.

    1. hi grace! he first wore that attire on his graduation from nursery where he stood up from the rest of the kids, hehehe..

      i agree with the association of rain with blessings! πŸ™‚

  3. Oh yes, how could you resist such a sumptuous feast and the invitation alone is yumminess in itself. the point that Gabby is enjoying joining you in events like these, he will be good blogger like you i’m sure.

    1. thanks, sheng.
      i wish gabby will find time when he grows old to read all my posts about him; after all, this was put up to document some episodes of his family. πŸ™‚

      sarap ng chinese food!

  4. but when im trying to call the number for the delivery the phone always say`s `the number are not accessible at this moment`well how they can make a delivery?

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