26 June 2010, Saturday — Despite the fact that I only had 3 hours of restless sleep and had to go with a family appointment that I’ll blog sometime next week, so early at 9AM on a ‘bed-weather‘ Saturday morning, we’re grateful that our weekend still ended on a happy note.

Tina and I were glad to finally give in to Gabby’s request to watch Toy Story 3 on the big screen. We didn’t want to deprive our preschooler son of a simple pleasure but the reason for the delay of watching it was because we initially thought that we’ll just enjoy it on its dibidi dibidi DVD copy days months from now which of course will be so much cost-saving.

After our 9AM appointment in Ortigas, we could not say No anymore to Gabby who’s doing so-far-so-good in his first week in school; we all went to Shangri La Plaza to eat lunch and to see the movie.

Due to lack of sleep, I was half-awake at few minutes of the beginning of the film. But as the story of those junky playthings soon progressed, I found myself in a roller coaster of emotions –laughing at most scenes and believe it or not, I was almost moved to tears that doesn’t happen frequently while watching a kiddie film.

The story happened when Andy who’s now 17 years old, starts packing his things to leave home for college.

His mom asked him to segregate his things in boxes –1 box with label for college, and another to be left in their attic.

Andy’s toys, Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, Bullseye, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, the 3 alien squeak toys from Pizza Planet,  Slinky Dog, Rex and Hamm the Piggy Bank all wished that Andy will play with them for the last time before they get stored in the attic.  Woody also hoped for a day to be played again and even for Andy to hand them down to his future kids.

And the rest of the amazing story is for you to see; it’s really worth watching! 🙂

with Buzz Lightyear, Hong Kong Disneyland, January 2007

I never expected that adult themes like abandonment, neglect, commitment to friends, loyalty to love ones, moving on with life and letting go of the past will be presented in an animated film primarily intended for children and the young at heart.

There was one particular scene that I think was most unique to the animated stories I’ve seen. It was when all the toys held hands before they were nearly incarcerated; it showed loyalty and friendship and yes, even the serious issue of facing death with dignity.

And did our son like the movie ?

While I was holding his hand when we’re descending the stairs of the cinema, he told me and his mom, “It’s the best movie!”

Have you seen Toy Story 3 ?

What’s your take on this 3rd movie installment of those lovable toys?


*First 4 photos were sourced via FANPOP.COM


  1. waaaa we haven’t watched the toy story 3 yet, we’re waiting for the 3D movie here (although it’s expensive) maybe they’re still doing the english version with Japanese subtitle hehehe that’s why it takes awhile before they release a new movie here. Binitin mo pa ako Doc sana kinwento mo na hahaha, ohhh si Andy is the same age as my daughter kakatuwa naman, na excite tuloy ako sa story kakainis ka talaga doc nambitin pa hehehe…now I really have to watch it

    1. hello sards! syempre, i don’t spill out everything; some readers don’t like spoilers.
      although the movie has been running here for 2 weeks now, it’s still a big hit!

      you & your family will surely like it. kamusta kaya yan kung sakaling i-dub sa nihonggo in your place? hehehe…

      happy weekend! 🙂

    1. hello ianthecool, welcome to my blog and thanks for leaving a comment.

      at few times while watching the film, i looked at my 6-year-old son on how he reacts with whatever is shown on screen. and during that specific near-incarceration scene, his eyes were really glued and i guess regardless of our ages, everyone who has seen the movie was really affected. i took everything positively and give my 2-thumbs up for all the people behind toy story 3. 🙂

  2. great movie! I wasn’t able to watch the first two movies but my friend said this is the best toy story movie they produced. nakakaiyak yung huling part! 😀

  3. we haven’t seen it! but we wish to bring Peewee with us when we see this. People who I have talked to said they cried and I was surprised `coz I asked 3 grown up men. Can’t wait to see it, just need to clear some scheds. 🙂

    BTW, Doc Gelo how young did Gabby was when he watched his first movie? Peewee is 2Y4M now, medjo short pa ang attention span BUT he watches Toy Story 2 in one sitting.

    1. i highly recommend this film, ingrid. i just don’t know how you’re son will react to this. he might like it as well because it’s really a fun kiddie film.

      gabby first watched a movie on a cinema when he’s almost 3 y/o. it was in eastwood cinemas and the movie was fantastic four which wasn’t as good as toy story in my opinion.

      i had a post about my son’s first movie here : https://docgelo.wordpress.com/2007/06/18/fantastic-sunday/

  4. wendy also loved the movie, although i have yet to see it. baka sa dvd na lang. 🙂

    i’ve heard so many good reviews about the movie, more specifically about the storyline [not much for the 3D part though]. i have got to see this! 🙂

    1. take it from your daughter, grace; the movie’s one of the greatest film of the year (animated or not).

      we didn’t see it though on a 3D for my wife easily gets dizzy wearing those 3D glasses.

  5. i love the movie!!! tawa rin ako ng tawa. then yes, kakaiyak nga ung last few scenes i think the entire moviehouse went silent during those scenes eh.

  6. i haven’t watched the movie. a friend has been actually nagging me that we watch it in 3D, and i told her that we’ll just wait to borrow a dibididibidi and watch it at home para tipid. LOL i’m glad you and your family had a great bonding moment watching this movie.

    1. my wife & i are actually thankful for our son who insisted for us to watch the film together. it was another simple yet fun-filled bonding moment for us.
      have a great week ahead, luna.
      thanks for the visit! 🙂

  7. I haven’t watched it if only because it’s in 3D. I had to wait 3 weeks after I watched Shrek’s latest and last installment. Maybe watching Toy Story 3 will take me a week more. Yes, I’m holding out as long as I can. It’s nice, though, that your kid loves the movie. Kids are the best moviegoers. They can make us feel old because they appreciate every movie we take them to see (as long as it’s for kids and it’s really good) except if the movie just doesn’t appeal to kids. Coraline, for instance, will not be that enjoyable if my little gremlin cousins get to screen it on DVD or HBO.

    1. we didn’t watch it on 3D either. my wife prefers movies to be seen on regular screening for she has vertigo and easily gets dizzy with 3D glasses on.

      good thing that shang cineplex has it on regular screening too last sunday, so we enjoyed it despite my lack of sleep. scenes of the movie were enough to keep me awake and entertained.

  8. hindi ko na muna binasa hindi ko pa to napapanood. pero kagabi nung dumating yung pamangkin ko dami niyang kinukwento. hindi ko masyadong pinakikinggan. hahaha…

    1. i can’t agree with you more, dennis.
      at least gabby’s choice of movie was enough to keep me awake during its screening.
      scenes were amazing and yes, it could have been more fun with a venti of starbucks. 🙂

  9. yes I have watched it. I like the 1st and 2nd installments more.
    lalo na yung storyline ngayon, it’s like Jessie’s story sa TY2.nagdalaga yugn owner nya.

    btw, I was starstrucked at BuzzLightyear when I saw him in Disneyland too. Parang bata ako ulit! Ü

    and yes please share with me the secrets para di ako malasing. haha

  10. havnt seen it kasi i opted for Letters for Juliet yesterday. im not a Toy Story fan actually, mas gusto ko yung The Incredibles (and chronicles of narnia,happy feet, and monsters inc. among all the kid flicks ive seen) Ive seen the first two installments yeah its good so im sure matutuwa din ako sa third, hehe..ill try this week. im actually raving for ‘the last airbender’ and ‘eclipse’

  11. i have never seen a toy story movie. pero sobrang daming kilala ko (including you guys!) na raving about toy story 3, so parang kelangan ko na yata panoorin. 🙂

    1. it isn’t too late for you to appreciate toy story especially this 3rd installment which for me, is the best among its sequels. it’s more than fun; it’s insightful, iya.

  12. It’s extra challenge to go inside a moviehouse when we don’t have enough sleep. I think the movie is good enough that it kept you awake. I am yet to see this. Unfortunately, we got a late playdate. But it is fine, it gives me enough time to phase from The Karate Kid to this.

  13. Hubz and I watched the movie on its first week of showing on 3d. Hindi ko na appreciate yung 3d nya kasi naman walang masyadong effect the movie itself, kung transformer pa sya baka na appreciate ko pa hehehe.

    Anyway, I love the movie. Like what I said in my Toy Story 3 entry, isa ito sa mga movies na inaabangan ko at sinusubaybayan since HS/College days pa 🙂

    1. hello jeanny! hindi kami fans ng 3D kasi as said on my previous replies to other readers, tina has vertigo and easily gets dizzy on those 3D glasses.

      glad you love toy story 3! isn’t it great to be a kid at heart? 🙂

  14. Sigh! I have not seen this yet, and probably will not, because my 26 year old kid has seen this in 3D first day!!!! When she came home, she have raving reviews!

  15. mallit pa sa gabby sa hongkong pic. hehe!
    toy story is a good movie not just for kids but for frown ups too 🙂

    BTW, The Daily Blah has moved! It is now located at http://thedailyblah.co.cc please update your feed subscriptions and linkbacks accordingly. THANKS!

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