20 June 2010 –I left the house 20 minutes before 6 in the morning when my wife and kid were still curling up in bed. I can’t blame them; everyone deserves longer hours of sleep on a weekend.  But I had to leave even with an empty stomach because I gave my nod to a commitment to do clinics from 6AM to 10AM for a pharmaceutical company somewhere near our place. So even if it’s Father’s Day 2010, I didn’t pass on the chance to work even on a beautiful and sunny Sunday morning; after all, providing for family regardless of the value is one of the reasons for the occasion.

After that short but productive stint, I went to TriNoma mall to buy food for our lunch. I bought ingredients for pasta for Tina to cook.  I also bought a cake that Gabby and I have been meaning to try.

Because my almost 6-year-old son is still too young to give me presents except for his priceless hugs and kisses, I took the effort of bringing home what we would enjoy together…

We like Blizzard from Dairy Queen. Gabby likes Oreo, while both Tina and I like Chocolate Extreme served upside-down! 🙂  Ice cream never fails to delight us and having it as a cake is a huge plus!  We’re all excited when I came home yesterday with the box of DQ Cherry Chocolate Ice Cream Cake! Sarap! 😀

“Not your traditional cake. Made with thick and creamy DQ soft serve ice cream and layered with fudge, cookie crunch & chocolate and vanilla ice cream.”

Each slice was heavenly! Our sweet craving was absolutely satisfied.

I rememeber during my wonder years, my parents used to bring us 4 boys to a famous ice cream house along Aurora Blvd Extension in Quezon City to savor their cold treats and take home a box of ice cream cake. Sadly, this place that I’m sure, became a part of many Filipino childhood memories closed several years ago and we never had ice cream cakes since then.

Before dunking our forks to that wonderful dessert, Tina cooked pasta with two sauces to choose from- pesto and carbonara.

So while most families celebrated Daddy’s Day by dining out, we’re at the comforts of our own table, enjoying home-cooked meals and an ice cream cake that’s to-die-for! 🙂

To my own Daddy and fathers-in-law and to all dads out there, Mabuhay po, tayong mga tatay!

It’s always a great pleasure to be appreciated for all of our efforts.

How did you spend this year’s Father’s Day?

48 thoughts on “LOVE IN A BOX

  1. awww, that looks so yummy.. though i think I’ll choose a flavor w/o cherries coz I dont eat ’em 😛

    simple yet sweet celebration for you and your family. stay happy & god bless!!

    1. it is yummy! 🙂

      like you, we’re not also fond of cherries, in fact it was only yesterday that i got to eat them with a smile, haha… lasang antibiotic kasi, agree? haha…

      thanks for the kind words! God bless you too. 🙂

  2. doc gelo nagutom nanaman ako sa post mo! i love to try the DQ ice cream cake looks really yummy pero di ba sya kagad natutunaw?

    1. that’s really a concern, ai!

      the lady at the cashier in DQ TriNoma told me that the handling time should only be 1 hour and it should be placed immediately in a freezer. OK naman, walang traffic yesterday when i brought it home in good condition.

      the sad part is, it’s only packed in usual carton box. unlike ice cream of HAAGEN-DAZS; their packaging includes thermal lining and dry ice. katulad ng magnolia ice cream cakes before during my wonder years, may dry ice! DQ wala. nonetheless, sarap!

    1. thanks, jeanny.
      tina will be surely delighted with your comment.

      i’ve seen your paella for your husband via fb, looks very yummy too!
      paborito ko din paella, fyi. haha 🙂

  3. it’s been years since i’ve eaten ice cream cake. yummy!

    Happr father’s day docgelo! Gabby is truly blessed to have you as his father. 🙂

    PS: I ate lots of Haagen Dazs ice cream in the US (super cheap kasi), and I remembered you and your family then. 🙂

    1. welcome home, grace and thanks for the greeting!
      late or not, well wishes are always welcome. thanks, thanks!
      and i wouldn’t mind you associating my family with HD ice cream! dami ko kasing posts about it before, haha… sarap ano?! 😀

  4. How sweet! That’s certainly more preferable to sharing the day with a noisy crowd. Being with family and enjoying food that you all love is the best way to celebrate a special day. Good going!

    Sorry for my absence – as I was back home in Manila for two weeks.

    Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again. Have a great start to your week!

    1. you told me you’re drowned in baskin n robbins ice cream there in your place?
      bring home some tubs before they melt; as if you can send them via cargo, LOL!

      thanks for everything, rob! 🙂

  5. We like Blizzard from Dairy Queen. Gabby likes Oreo, while both Tina and I like Chocolate Extreme served upside-down!>>> it actually sound like the cake was really made for the three of you. sometimes some food i feel the same.

    sipag mo doc. pero kailangan din talaga magtrabaho kahit mga importanteng araw. buti na lang wala akong trabaho sa weekend.

  6. a belated father’s day greetings to you.

    parang coincidence naman ito – last wkend i was telling my hubby that we should try blizzard even though there isn’t any dq anywhere near where we live, because i’ve been reading blogs about the blizzard and i want a taste of it.

    in addition, we don’t have many of the american fastfoods/restos here that you have – say for instance kenny rogers. ang laking gulat ko ng i saw that in manila and my friends asked if i haven’t seen that resto before and why. huli kami dito or just that our area supports more hole in the walls and avoids chain as much as possible.

    1. thanks for the greetings! i wish you can grab yourself a cone of blizzard or at least any ice cream; really worth every scoop! haha.

      hole in the wall restos are sometimes quaint and usually offer irresistible yummies.

  7. wow ang sarap, fine dining at your own home with your loved ones. what could be nicer?

    happy father’s day doc!
    btw, gusto ko yung suggestion mong benjarong crossover with rob. hihi

    1. few weeks from now, rob will be home again from his paramedic duty in the middle of nowhere. he already told me where he’ll probably treat us. somewhere far from the metro but near his place. 😀

  8. Happy Father’s Day doc, kahit huli! Your act of being a thoughtful and caring dad makes you very special to your wife and kid!

    Sad today both my dad and FIL are not here anymore.

  9. celebrated fathers day at trinomas cut for tots where Tutubi, Jr. had his first haircut…no more curls and now pretty much looks like Mini-Me 😛

    1. uy, congratz to tutubi jr for having his first ever haircut!
      i know things like that are memorable for us, parents.
      did you save his curly locks?
      belated happy daddy’s day too to you, tutubi!
      always a pleasure having your comment on my posts. *starstruck*

  10. i love dq’s cakes! kahit bad mood ako biglang napapafantastic mood ako pag nakakain ko yan.

    one day early kami nagcelebrate ng father’s day. my parents went here in manila for a couples for christ celebration in antipolo (buti hindi sa luneta kami pumunta kasi bumaha). i accompanied them sa celebration and we had lunch and merienda together. happy naman si daddy kasi gusto talaga nilang nakakasama ako sa praise and worship.

    belated happy father’s day, doc gelo! *hugs*

    1. thanks for the greeting, iya!

      that was sweet of you to attend to your parents’ religious activity; i bet your dad and your mom are always happy whenever you spend time with them.

      uy, good girl pala si iya! *just teasing* 🙂

  11. Belated Happy Fathers’ Day to you, Doc! Ang sarap naman nung cake and pasta! I’m sure your Father’s Day, nothing beats good food with family!

  12. I like Dairy Queen. I am not sure if we have that here, but for ice cream cake I go to Baskin Robbins and Cold Stone when in the UAE. Belated greetings!

  13. What better way of celebrating Father’s Day than at home – in your very own turf surrounded by two most important people in your life. That’s what matter’s most for you, I’m sure.

  14. 😆 all the while i thought DQ are just for margarines! 😆 im so naive, tsk tsk sarap naman nyan doc. where else can i find DQ cakes esp. manila area? hmmm, when ba pwedeng sumama sa dine nyo doc? 😛

    anyway, doc you might want to try (a friend works there kasi and introduced me the site) register there and submit reviews since marami kana napuntahan (at nakainan) it wouldnt be tough work for you. you’ll get to win movie tickets pa 🙂 ive posted some reviews kaya lang wala kasi akong pics to back up my other reviews ehh.

    belated happy fathers day doc! *hugs*

  15. belated happy father’s day din pala sa inyo doc gelo! hehe
    ice cream cakes from DQ are a must try! medyo mahal lang at mahirap iuwi kasi malulusaw pero sulit!! sarap!! and a creamy pesto? mahilig ako sa pesto kahit ung McCormick lang, masarap din, hehe

    1. thanks for the greetings! 🙂
      i already tried that McCormick pesto pack. not bad actually. i just added all purpose cream et voila! yum!

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