Inspite of the intermittent drizzle that signals the start of the rainy season and the likes of  arroz caldo, champorado + tuyo, coffee or hot chocolate warm the hungry tummies, there are moments that we still want to eat cold treats. Today wasn’t an exception.  Gabby was craving for McDonald’s Oreo McFlurry this late afternoon so  Tina and I allowed him to enjoy it with his favorite Chicken McDo. It spelled ‘kiddie happiness’.

Although I have been keeping a love affair with caramel sundae also from the same fastfood, I set it aside and deviated my craving to this delectable ice cream and bought a tub for my family.  This one spelled ‘simple indulgence’.

Imagine the goodness of one of Baguio’s must-buy-treats, the Good Shepherd’s Ube Jam combined with another Pinoy favorite dessert, Leche Flan in an ice cream tub on your dining table.

….Irresistibly delicious! 🙂

It’s also available in limited edition, Ube-Keso.

It has nice packaging too!

Excuse me as we enjoy Baguio in every scoop. 🙂


31 thoughts on “LIMITED EDITION

    1. bilis ng comment, dyan ha! thanks! 🙂

      try it soon and let me know if you like it too.

      tina loves selecta double dutch too! nahawa lang ako sa kanya.

    1. tikman sa july pag uwi mo. sarap!
      i know you want arce’s atis flavored ice cream too.
      for now, drown yourself with baskin there in the middle of your rig. 🙂

    1. kami din, chyng. panalo ang ube flavor sa daddy ko at mga kapatid ko. but this one has bigger bits of leche flan plus the flavor of good shepherd’s ube; sarap!

    1. oh yeah! even tina & gabby’s discriminating tastes approved to this flavor. we’ve almost stop buying magnolia in favor of selecta and well, on some days haagen-dazs but this one is really a must-try.

      sana hindi sya limited edition. am i right in thinking that it’s only in stores for a month if it’s a limited flavor?

  1. weee! thanks for the heads up for this doc. I’d love to try it and will look for it the next time I go grocery shopping. Sana nga lang may diet-friendly version to hehe, or at least a smaller tub size.

  2. wow!! i love ube and i miss the one from good shepherd! i think i’ll check that out in the grocery asap!

  3. I didn’t know they have this. will check this next time am in the supermarket. my kids (all kids!) love ice cream..rain or shine! 😀

  4. wow I miss ube now!! waaa doc naman pinapatakam mo na naman ako, aba ok yun partnership ng magnolia at Good Shepherd’s ube jam, pinopromote ang Baguio….I will try this once we visit Philippines this Sept, I can’t wait to go home na

    1. nice to know you’ll visit pinas again, sardz. but wait, are you in seattle already or still in misawa?

      i’m not sure if this limited edition flavor from magnolia will still be available until september; i wish they extend its selling period. kasi di ba pag limited edition, i think good for a month lang sa stores?

  5. My favourite thing to do is eat ice cream (preferably vegan because I am lactose intolerant) with chiffon cake! This ice cream – ube and leche flan – does sound really good. Even if it does rain in the Philippines, you can still enjoy ice cream because it will always be warm anyway. Everyday is ice cream weather day!

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