Dear Gabby,

Remember when I went home last Wednesday afternoon with a wide smile and a pasalubong for you and your mom?  It was after I went to Oakwood Premier Joy~Nostalg Center Manila located in Ortigas Center, Pasig City.  I had a pleasure of being invited to Oakwood’s  A Taste of Tuscany, Italian Wine and Food Festival Press Lunch.

I met gracious and wonderful people whom I even talked to about you dreaming of becoming a chef someday. 🙂

Like their Spanish Wine and Food Festival last April, what we recently had was a supreme indulgence!

I know you’ll enjoy looking at these pictures again, son…

Basket of amazingly delicious breads with olive oil and balsamic vinegar dip.

Believe me, Gabby, the photo cannot justify how good Oakroom’s breads are!  I’m sure you’ll like those soft and crunchy bread sticks or that herbed bread can surely stimulate your palate.

But of course, you understand that I cannot bring you to this event because those glorious foods were paired with finest Italian wines.  Time will come that you’ll mature and develop the appreciation for occasional drinking.  Who knows, other than being a chef that you wanted to be, you might become a wine connoisseur too!

Meanwhile, here’s ALBIZZIA, CHARDONNAY 2007, 2008.

*ALBIZZIA, TOSCANA : Flowers, apples and pears on the nose are followed by a palate of ripe peach and apricot.  Green apple notes at the finish make this a wine well balanced between fruit and acidity.  A light and appealing Chardonnay, with no oak.

This Chardonnay was paired with ZUPPETTA di LENTICCHIE con GAMBERONI e CORIANDOLO or  Lentil soup with king prawns and corriander…

You know your Daddy, anak. Anything with shrimps or prawns is delicious to me. 🙂  The texture and flavors infused into this soup were certainly new to me but I liked it as it was best complimented by that light and fruity Albizzia, Chardonnay.

PARMIGIANA di MELANZANE  e  ZUCCHINE or Aubergine and courgette parmigiana.

Tasteful!  It was paired with REMOLE, TOSCANA 2006. I learned that gone are the days of following hard rule of white wines should only be for white meat and red wines are only for red meat.  That afternoon, we had red wine paired with greens!

*REMOLE, TOSCANA is 85% Sangiovese (red wine) and 15% Cabernet Sauvignon but very lightly pressed, giving gentleness and subtlety. Fermentation and aging in stainless steel accentuates the fruit.  The aroma has violets, raspberries and red cherries.  The palate has red cherry, with hints of tobacco and leather before a soft finish.

Look how Oakwood Premier’s Executive Chef Jerome Cartailler prepared this eggplant dish to perfection…

Ultra-thin layers of eggplant were somewhat grilled for that much needed taste. Sarap!

Main entree was MEDAGLIONI di FILETTO di VITELLO con CARCIOFI LIMONE e PROVOLONE or Veal fillet medallions with artichokes, lemon and Provolone.

The required tenderness of the meat was there.  The risotto with provolone was one of the best rice dishes I’ve tasted.  This  delightful dish was greatly paired with CASTIGLIONI, CHIANTI 2007.

*CASTIGLIONI CHIANTI, awarded as “Oscar for value for money from Italy’s prestigious wine magazine, Gambero Rosso. A nose of cherries, red currants and raspberries, backed by cassis, leather and tobacco notes.  A palate of stone fruits (cherries, black plums and blackberries), with a long lasting, well-structured finish.

Another shot of that lovely plate.

What’s a great meal without dessert?  We’re almost satiated but can’t resist this temptation :

TIRAMISU ai FRAGOLA  or  Strawberry tiramisu…

Luscious!  I just dunked my spoon on this sweet treat, it exposed generous strawberry slices!

And we nicely capped that excellent lunch with espresso.

It’s such a beautiful experience, Gabby!  An exquisite Italian fare we enjoyed.  This proof  is only a slice to the fact that Oakwood Premier has been living up with its tag line of “Luxury defined by trust.”

I hope this inspires you more to pursue your dream of becoming an iron chef! 🙂

I and your Mommy Tina  love you, anak!

🙂 Tatay-doc.


“A Taste of Tuscany” at Oakroom is co-presented by Future Trade International, Inc., distributor of Frescobaldi and Danzante wines in the Philippines.  It runs from June 07 to 27, 2010.

For details and reservations, please call the Oakroom direct line at (63-2) 719-1160. Other phone lines : (63-2) 637-7888/ 910 8888 ext. 8118.  Oakroom is on the 6th level of Oakwood Premier Joy~Nostalg Center Manila, located at 17 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

Thank you, Ms. Genny Puno for the invite! 🙂

Regarding TASTING NOTES  for WINE APPRECIATION, visit my other blog –>DOCGELO’S  EYES .

19 thoughts on “A TASTE OF TUSCANY

  1. Veal dishes are so rare on Philippine restaurant menus, so the veal fillet featured here is a welcome choice.

    Oh, and that Chianti sounds interesting: all those red fruit notes!

  2. Oh yes! Italian food is the best! I love prawns myself, but it sounded a bit weird mixed with lentils. If you like risotto, try having one with tomato and mascarpone sauce. It’s gorgeous. It’s great to know a fellow foodie.

    Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again. Enjoy a fantastic weekend!

    1. i also found the shrimp soup unusual with lentils and let me add that it’s served a bit cold; very unlikely of the common hot soup but i welcomed it.

      i like risotto dishes too! 🙂

  3. I love wine, have been in many wine tastings, but never got to really identify the bouquet, the barrel, etc. However, I do know what my tongue likes when I drink/pair it with food. I think that’s good enough.

    I pair wine with everything including Mexican food 🙂 I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with that.

    Never heard of those brands, must check my local wine store para matikman.

    1. i smiled at the thought of gabby joining our playing field, dom.
      perhaps when he grows older. anyway, this site is heartily dedicated to him and his mom.

      hey, belated happy birthday to eskapo’s main man! cheers to more adventures, travels and whatnot! have a healthier days ahead, dom!

    1. hi elna, you and your friends might want to pay oakroom’s Italian food and wine fest a visit! …you’re luckier for winning on line contests here and there! i am green with envy with your tagaytay getaway freebie and your other GCs from those wonderful food places. continue enjoying the good life! 🙂

  4. Wow doc, you are multi-talented! Wine and food connoisseur, prof pa.

    I love how you journal your almost everyday life for Gabby to read in the future.

    Hehehehe, back sure you back up your blog.

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