I grew up on the quote from my parents and maternal grandparents that

‘”Education is the only thing that no one can take it away from you.”

It has been ringing in my head for more than 3 decades and now that I’m a parent myself, I and my wife take full responsibility in bringing our kid to school, despite the enormous challenges of doing so.  And we return the favor to our parents even if it isn’t obliged as we inculcate the same quote to our son as early as now.

As educators, my wife and I easily irk when our college students disregard their schooling but that’s another story.

Today, we enrolled Gabby on his last year in preschool–Preparatory.  Oh yes, it’s that season again of covering books with plastics, buying school essentials like bags and other school supplies. These are the days that remind me how glad I was during shopping of new school stuffs when I was in my younger years.  I guess, it’s innate with kids or with anyone to get ecstatic whenever we acquire new things, even the simplest ones.

These are his books and notebooks with 2 more books left undelivered. His teachers this morning told us that although it’s not a requirement, this is the stage when Gabby needs a stroller-bag that God forbid, may stress him and his fetcher (mostly me, Tina or his Lolo Ben depending on our schedules).  Why do young kids need to carry heavy loads to and from the school while the college ones do not even keep a pen in their pockets?

We’re just happy that Gabby is excited again to go back to school unlike other kids I know that force and coercion are needed for them to attend classes.

Tina and I only bought him 3 sets of uniforms and a new PE shirt just to cut a little on expenses; anyway, his old pairs are still wearable. We still need to shop for his school supplies just before he reports on June 17.

Time flies so fast. It seems like it was only yesterday when he attended his first day in Nursery…

Gabby and Tina on his first day in preschool as he attended his Nursery class June 17, 2008

Good luck and God bless you, anak on your schooling! Just enjoy everything and flash those smiles always! 🙂 Anong gusto mong baon, Gabby?


16 thoughts on “JUNE ONE

  1. We bought school supplies already, we have to wait for the books though. And my Tabebs is schooling for Kinder 1 too, It is amazing that she ie as excited as her kuya. Kinder 1 and Grade 4, boy, tumatanda na ako!

    1. hey sheng, sobra ka naman–kung matanda ka na, how do you call me, your lolo? hehehe! 🙂
      we don’t want to be caught in the shopping rush in national bookstore, so we’ll have it on a later date. june 17 pa naman pasok nila gabby eh.

      i envy you for having boy+girl kids; wish we can have a little girl….in God’s time.

    1. like, “edukasyon lang ang maipamamana namin sa inyo ma hindi pwedeng manakaw ninoman!” or something like that. 🙂

      that was gabby 2 years ago when he started schooling. taba ano? ngayon kasi he’s growing vertically. syempre, dyanie cute si gabby; mana sa amin ni tina, hehehe!

  2. ang cute naman ng uniform ni gabby kulay berde.

    ay naku doc i just heard on a radio talk show how college grads couldn’t find jobs here with the economy as it is. new lawyers carrying some 150,000 dollars in college loan couldn’t find jobs – and one of the new lawyers were interviewed and she said parents say go to college and get an education and the rest would be easier. in today’s economy she couldnt even get a job and she even receives more advise to go back to school.

    sorry i just heard the news today before i read this post.

    1. yup, their school uniform is in light green; at least not the usual white ones. 🙂

      that’s a sad news, ewok. what’s worse with it was the fact that even a first world like US has that problems on education when in fact it should be every country’s priority (next to health of course).

  3. .. summer vacation is over and back to school for my godson. i think ang gustong baon ni gabby – doughnuts and coffee frappe from starbucks!

    1. ninong, as of writing this, gabby still has 2 more weeks left; he’s savoring it by watching cartoons, playing computer games. his psp that i bought from tokyo can’t be modified yet here to be loaded with games until sometime in august; masyado daw advance yung nabili ko at wala pa dito. so he settles with borrowed psp games from his cousins and of course, plants vs zombies tournament kami ni tina, ako at inaanak mo.

      gabby’s usual baon are cookies and plain cold distilled water, hehe 🙂
      sobra ka naman, baon starbucks?! lol!

      1. .. ay oo nga, two weeks pa. starbucks kasi nga di ba, ‘bisyo’ ni gabby yun! haha. the last time we were in mega after we had dinner i was walking with him at ang tanong nya sa ‘kin: “ninong, starbucks?!”

  4. kakainggit naman kwentuhan nyo dito 🙂 i missed teaching sometimes lalo’t katulad ni gabby tuturuan ko nakaka-inspire! God Bless, gabby!

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