“Daddy, gusto ko ng kalaro, kailan po ako magkakaroon ng kapatid ?”

When we’re blessed with Gabby almost 10 months after we got married (just so you know, he’s a honeymoon-baby),  I and Tina thought of having our second child after our first reaches the age of five.  Gabby is almost six in few months time and admittedly, we’re not ready yet to have his sibling/s.  There are a lot of things to do; we have a ton of hopes to accomplish and more importantly, we’re still enjoying Gabby.  God willing, if and when we welcome another addition to our family, we wanted to be more ready with everything if not, at least the basics. We wish to give the same attention, love and care to our future kid/s similar to what we’re providing Gabby.

I replied with a smile to our son and saw Tina smiling too. I told him he’ll have his little brother/s and/or little sister/s in God’s time.

We’re proud of our son. His innocent query implies he has healthy mind and body.

Now, it’s another story when he’d ask about the birds and the bees!

Like batteries, we have to be ever ready. 🙂


10 thoughts on “GABBY ASKED

  1. hahaha first comment 🙂

    yeah, everything will happen in His time.

    i feel for Gabby, i was an only child for 7 years so when my sister was born i was excited and sad. excited coz there’s a baby but sad because i wasn’t the center of attention anymore.

  2. I’m actually ready when the kid asked me about the birds and the bees, hahaha, what i was not ready is the way he was reading them on his books, he comes asking about terms more compicated than i expected.

  3. hehe i remember the day when i asked my mom about ‘flowers & birds’ (well, that was the term i literally used back then) i was 6 (senior kinder) and my mom answered me with direct/full detailed explanation (she being in the med field) feeling ko pagpasok ko sa school ang tali-talino ko, i explained everything to my classmates 😀 ayun yung teacher kong madre (mount carmel) di ko alam kung nahihimatay o natatawa sa’min ehh 😀

    hmmm, i also feel for gabby. kasi 11 years ang tanda ko with my sister and promise habang tumatagal yung excitement parang napapaltaltan ng contentment and then when you guys break the news na magkakaron nako (or si gab) ng kapatid, jealousy and envy and resentment yung naramdaman ko. sanay kasi ako na ako lang. but then again gab is different to me. iba din yung upbringing nyo sa kanya. and i also learned to love my sister very much as if she is my baby. she means everything to me. i gave her everything she wants and she is like my bestfriend.

  4. so nice doc to share this. i get a preview of my future. hahaha… gabby is extra blessed to have good parents who loves food trip. that’s the punchline.

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