Dear Gabby,

Sometimes I wanted a quick escape from hassles of daily living in a nearby province where fresh air and tranquility are common.

I envy your Lolo Ben, Tito Mac &  Ninong Melton and 2 of their friends for what they did last Sunday.  While we’re lazy spending the first day of the week at home, they went to Wawa Dam in Rodriguez, Rizal, the province formerly known as Montalban.  It’s the town that comes after San Mateo, Rizal, Marikina  and Quezon Cities.  Your Tito Mac is generous to share his photos taken from their trip.

The provincial welcome sign has the dam’s replica on top…

No, they didn’t go there via four-wheeled vehicle but by bikes. You know how your 60-year-old Lolo Ben is still very groovy as he continuously joins cycling events like Tour of the Fireflies with your uncles..Look how he’s geared to the form that day! Japorms ang tatay ko, ano? 🙂

While your Tito Mac was in his usual cheerful self…

It’s amazing they’ve reached the place after long hours of bicycling…Your Tito Mac and Ninong Melton’s second time to be there; and first for Daddy or your Lolo Ben…

The scenes at Wawa Dam are simply inviting …

Rock-filled stream…

lush greens…

crystal waters…

They went to market to buy something to grill…

At the area near the stream, they parked their bikes.

Then they grilled these…

and had a fun picnic…

I can just imagine how relaxing the atmosphere in that part of Rizal…

perfect spot to doze off…

beside a river that runs through it...

Kiapo or water cabbages (where the name of Quiapo, Manila was rooted) are also abundant.  Nice!

I think this is the must-see-spot in Wawa Dam : the two great rocks where Bernardo Carpio , being of great strength, was believed to be trapped.  When you study Philippine folklores in years to come, you’ll learn that  some say he is keeping the mountains from crashing into each other (similar to the Greek titan Atlas holding up the sky), and some versions say he is trapped and trying to break free. When Bernardo Carpio shrugs his shoulder, an earthquake occurs.  (Sourced via Wiki).

The merging of those streams underneath those legendary mountains is just awesome!  Who knows we might find time and go there someday too.

For now, enjoy your bike; you’ll have your own adventures when you grow up! 🙂

I love you, anak!

🙂 Tatay-doc


*photos except Gabby’s were taken by my brother, Mac. 🙂 Thanks, Mac!

29 thoughts on “WAWA

  1. Naku po tatay doc, tamang tama ang post, parang Tour of CA ang suot, pormang porma! At sarap naman ang mga pagkain, I am salivating lalo na sa manggang hilaw!
    Nakalimutan ko nang mg bike, kailanga yata may training wheels!

    P.S. Bago na ang “bahay” ko.

    Deranged Insanity.

    1. hi ms. ebie. the biker in porma isn’t me but my dad; gabby’s Lolo Ben.

      i’ve to update my link, thanks for the info. as usual, you got nothing but great photos and posts! 🙂 thanks for dropping by, ms. ebie!

  2. .. gelo, akala ko sinong ‘wawa’! wawa dam pala! those big rocks reminded me of mt. sembrano when we had our college thesis.

    1. our soil and vegetation analysis in mt. sembrano, jala-jala rizal? what’s the name of that barangay, rob? we’ll never forget that place… ang layo!

    1. let me turn the tables to you, chyng. your future kid/s will be definitely fun-loving as you! your countless adventures are just amazing!

  3. That’s a nice treat! Fresh air and the lush. But more importantly, I am jealous of all that gorgeous food! I shall soon have the same feast 😀

    Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again. How’s your week so far?

  4. akala ko nung una wowa as in yung wowa as show na agua bendita haha! wow biking! fyi – diyan din minsan nag bi-bike si john lloyd!

  5. Doc, I love this entry. So sweet and dating sa akin. Cool ni Lolo Ben ah. Astig ang porma. I now know where Gabby got his stunning looks. (ke lolo pala mana, hehehe)

    1. thank you, jeanny. and yes, it isn’t only you who said that gabby looks like his lolo ben, a lot of people already, actually. 🙂

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