Like most kids of his age, Gabby fancies McDonald’s Happy Meals and the toys that come with it.

Meet his new found friends :

Brogan, Shrek and the Little Wooden Puppet of Shrek Forever After collection.

I don’t remember owning a McDonald’s Happy Meal toy until my college days when I started enjoying my cheeseburger meal with those cute dogs from 101 Dalmatian collectibles. These toys that come in every box of meal make fast food dining more pleasurable to kids and kid at hearts.

Sure, these funky toys come with foods that are  high in calories and often excess in saturated fats and salt that if taken abundantly might just lead to obesity.–Don’t ask me now about calorie counter but the rule of thumb that I observe is ‘everything should be in moderation’. Parents, of course, should always take responsible steps in feeding their kids.

Gabby’s favorite Happy Meal is crunchy chicken-McDo with rice + he loads it with at least 2 servings of buttery gravy. Yum!  Seriously, I think it would not hurt if  he enjoys his meal that comes with his preferred toy once in a while particularly when we balance it by providing him healthy food choices at home.

Just so you know, Gabby appreciates some veggies; he even liked them earlier than I did when I was his age.  He eats Guinisang Monggo, sayote in Chicken Tinola, potatoes and carrots in Menudo and other veggies without force and coercion, hehehe! 🙂  So it’s a simple pleasure for him whenever his wish of having a toy+Happy Meal is granted.

While these McDonald’s  Happy Meal  toys are the current source of joy of our kid, his smiles and giggles remain our simple bliss. 🙂



  1. Shrek is one animation I really enjoyed watching and I’m excited to see this last installment. I just don’t like the way 3D presents the movie to me so I wish they have it on 2D. Mas mura pa, may pang popcorn.

  2. .. i think kids shouldn’t be deprived of fastfood dining, yun nga lang as you have mentioned, it should be taken in moderation – maybe thrice a week? hehe.

  3. I have some mcdonalds toy collections. Mali ko lang inaaraw araw ko para lang ma complete kagad. Kaya pag nag burp ako amoy burger hahaha. Those were the days 🙂

    Cute ng shrek collection parang I want to have that too. 🙂

  4. Child obesity is a huge problem in the US and partly to blame for this is fast food consumption (besides lack of activity). I do agree that parents should be responsible and know when enough is enough for their kids.

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