In this day and age, observance of frugality and prudence is absolutely important or at least for our family.  Stretching our domestic budget has always been an effort between my wife and I; we cut on other expenses but we don’t compromise food.  We always prioritize Gabby’s fortified powdered milk, his chocolate drink, multivitamins, sometimes his favorite cereals too. We don’t dine out as frequent as before and if we do, we choose affordable and family-friendly food places. We always try to seek value-for-money.

There were 2 new things we experienced last Sunday.   First was attending mass at 6 in the evening; we always hear mid-morning masses except last week.  Both Tina and I had to do household chores in the morning and stuffs she had to finish for work,  so we opted to skip our routine and decided to go to Christ the King Church in E. Rodriguez  Avenue, Quezon City at dusk.  Then after the Mass, it was also our first time to eat at KING BEE Chinese Food.

We’ve been seeing its newly opened branch right across that church for some time now but haven’t tried it until last Sunday.  I’ve already heard raves about King Bee from my dad who already tried their Antipolo Branch with my aunts and uncles early this year.  Tina and I thought it was like another Chinese fast food but we only knew that it is not when we’re already inside ordering our dinner.

When the waiter handed us the menu, we found out that prices are within reached; and because entrees come in sizes- S, M, & L, it’s even more reasonable than other long-established Chinese restaurants that we frequent.  Plus it’s nice that they still offer Opening Promo of 20% off on all of their dimsums at 8 in the evening.  We came almost an hour before 8 but the staff told us that we can already avail of the discount.

Look at how we maximized our PhP 547 (net, inclusive of tax) with dimsums, seafood fried noodle dish and a glass of sago and black gulaman.

In a glimpse :  DIMSUMS that we savored 🙂

In toto :


I’m lost for words to express how delightful this dimsum is!

PORK SIOMAI…tasteful!

HAKAO…it’s a must whenever we dine Chinese!

Gabby liked the shrimp dumpling or hakao. He just loved forking those plump and juicy shrimps! Delicious! Certainly, a personal favorite! 🙂


The buns are the softest! Its filling has unique taste compared to usual Asado siopao. Yummy!

What’s dimsum and dumplings without chili + soy + calamansi ?

Usual Chinese resto freebie :  house tea…aids in digestion, of course and saves you on ordering beverages 🙂


We only had the small order (you can opt for medium or large) but surprisingly came with generous ingredients!

mix it up, and voila!

Gabby enjoyed a glass of SAGO & BLACK GULAMAN…

Can you blame me if I fell in love and will forever love these killer smiles?  Love ko ‘to :

Thank you Lord for all the blessingsbig and small! 🙂

Tina and I agreed that King Bee Chinese Food is authentic in taste; affordable in price; quick and polite in service with casual ambiance. It’s like eating in Manila Chinatown without the hassles of traffic! We’ll definitely try their other dishes on our future visits.

For menu, price, branches and other details of King Bee, click –> THIS.



  1. wow.. parang ang sarap!!! 😀 We go to mass at Christ the King too everytime my parents are in Manila during the weekends.. I shall recommend this place next time. 😀

    1. wow, ang aga ng comment ni cza, thanks! try king bee (as if this is a paid ad; of course, it’s not! hehe) and let me know if we have the same taste buds, hehehe. we might bump into each other at church soon. 🙂

  2. you know im not a fan of chinese food, pero kakainis, after reading this – once again Im convinced to give it another shot.. Ü

  3. oh i like the concept of having a choice on the size of the entrees. some restos are giving you either full or half serving/order (which i noticed only on italian places so far)but while there is a huge diff in amount of food the pricing isn’t that much of a difference. sometimes half serving is only 2 bucks off, but the amount of food is half off 😀 So there’s no value there right?

    I love siopao right now! I’m currently doing a three-day very very low carb diet and that siopao and pancit are killing me:D

    1. we always go for taste+value whenever we eat out. the same goes here, sbarro for instance, a well-loved italian fastfood offers half and full servings giving the diners options. it’s like eating in carinderia where you can avail of the same servings. haha!

      we like siopao–doesn’t matter if it’s asado or bola-bola.

  4. Doc gelo, we’re actually in the same situation now, we always have to stretch our budget but never compromising on my kids’ health and food. It’s a good thing hubby and I don’t have much liking with going out and dining out, we consider more healthy home-cooked meals. And i f ever we dine out, it’s during really special occasions or during immediate “i-don’t-wanna-cook-na” situations!

    The good thing with the food above is that, it made me hungry and it’s breakfast time, dadamihan ko ang kain ko! Tocino, you want?

  5. doc gelo, nagutom ako bigla! hehe mukhanng masarap lahat gusto ko din try yan kaso malayo lang samen..wala bang branch near makati area? 🙂

      1. me and my friends tried it na doc! sarap!… it reminds of me a dimsum place in the states where my family usually eats after going to church.

        they still have the opening promo, 20% on dimsum, but its 40% off after 8PM.. plus the service is quick and good.. thanks again doc for the review. we’ll go back there for sure =))

  6. doc!! waaah chinese food! and there’s our fave! hakao!!! sana may branch din yan dito sa south! in fairness, affordable nga sya. 🙂

  7. okay sige gutom na talga ako. few minutes more at lunch time na rin…hehehe.

    i love asian dishes. Korean be the first and chinese is tha last on my list. I find ma msg pero ganun pa man masarap pa din. Paborit ko ang hakkao.

  8. ang happy ng may S, M and L na choices! =)

    gusto ko ng L na crispy noodles! nyamnyamnyam! and sagot’t gulaman… dapat makunat yung sago! ooh-lala!

  9. Doc, layo naman nito sa lugar ko. I’m from the south kasi at napakalayo na sa akin ng Greenhills. haha! Di bale, hahanap ako ng kasama para pumunta dito 😀

  10. we always pass by at their main branch in cavite every now and then and yet i have no idea na King Bee is delicious and authentic; i will put this resto on my list. thanks for sharing this docgelo 🙂

  11. Naku parang na enganyo akong dumaan sa Chinatown para mamili nito! Sarap! I am salivating now! At very reasonable ang mga presyo, mura pa!

  12. i just had my dimsum at luk yuen last night and looking at this makes me crave for another bite. wow mura cya. i, too, loves the houese tea of any chinese resto hehehe tipid sa drinks :p

    btw, your wife looks like karen davila 🙂

    1. we like luk yuen too! i’ve blogged about it before and the experience was a delight as well.

      natawa si tina when she read your compliment. 🙂 level up sya sa look-a-like; before she was compared to assunta de rossi; valerie concepcion and now the karen davila we admired, thanks! hehehe!

  13. your consistency of featuring food doc has been impressive. now becomes one of my favorite food blog matched with a family bond. i want to dine with you one day.

  14. docgelo.. have you trie MeyLin! their hand pulled noodles are so good 😀 i know you like chinese food..

    1. we haven’t although i’ve seen it’s branches in malls and tomas morato.
      so many restaurants, so little time! hahaha! thanks for recommending.

      1. no prob 😀 their hand pulled noodles are so good. yeah they have a branch in MOA and Trinoma.. not sure though where the others are.. but MOA’s service is better compared to Trinoma. LOL.

  15. Bilang tiga-Cavite, we frequent to King Bee, Manggahan.
    This is where my daughter tried her first chopsticks. I love their dim-sum and spring rolls. But, to me, nothing beats wai ying for chicken feet. heheh (wai ying pa rin???)

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