Dear Gabby,

Today is a historic day for all Pinoys for we’re given a chance to observe suffrage using PCOS (Precinct Count Optical Scan) machines. You’ve been hearing these stuffs from local news on TV, right?  You even uttered such acronym first before I knew what it means, haha!

Since I am registered with your lolo and uncles in Pasig City, and your mom, Tina is a voter of Quezon City, I left the house this morning while you’re still sleeping to be early in the polling place. Excited is an understatement to describe how I felt to vote via this very expensive automated election. It’s the first time to be done in our country, anak! Like your mom and the rest of the voting public, I am eager to know how efficient those machines are and how organize the flow of everything in voting places.

I arrived in our house in Pasig around 7AM to meet your Lolo Ben, then off we went to Manggahan Elementary School.  My excitement diminished when we found out that the school was still closed at 7:20AM when in fact voting should have started exactly at 7.  Look at the scenario a while ago…

Then several minutes after, the gates of the school finally opened…

Thank God there was no stampede!

Our polling precinct was at the fourth floor of this school; imagine the effort of those geriatric population including your Lolo Ben with this disorganized election.

When we reached fourth floor, someone distributed numbered cards from 1 to 100; I got # 76, your Lolo Ben had 60+… He and other senior citizens were asked to vote first; irregardless of their numbers.  There was a holding room beside the precinct but it lacked someone who should govern the public who waited more than several hours…

I nearly went ballistic with the lack of system; more than 2 hours of waiting without a required queue was so unbearable and unexpected!

Because I am prepared of who to vote and how to shade my ballot, it only took me less than 5 minutes inside the voting room.  My experience with PCOS machine was effortless, however don’t we all deserve discipline, systematic, smooth and honest election?  Every inch of the process still screams IMPROVEMENT!

By the way, I did a little good deed this morning before I left the gates of that school. I noticed a young lady about the age of mid-20s who became nearly unconscious and was being carried by her mom. I pulled a chair, positioned her comfortably and asked her mom if her daughter was pregnant. I got a negative answer and next things I did were to request the mom to buy her anything sweet–juice or softdrink while I checked her daughter’s pulse.  I suspect hypoglycemia, if not electrolyte imbalance. Some people with radios were calling for an ambulance to no immediate avail; luckily for the patient, she suddenly became alert again after sipping soda.  A kind lady who were also helping out offered her sandwich. I left them when I knew that the patient was already OK.  Things like these are inevitable when it’s too crowded and authorities aren’t ready with people-support like paramedics who should be stationed nearby.

This is the day, Gabby, that I am proud of my “DIRTY FINGER”….This one’s for you, anak!

You will have to wait for 3 more terms or 12 years before you cast your own.


Tatay-doc 😀


Kind readers,  how’s your own experience ?



  1. It took me and my siblings a good two and a half hours before we could cast our votes here in Muntinlupa, but the experience was definitely worth it. I don’t care if my right index fingernail is going to be purple for the next few days, but at least I know that I was able to have my say in our nation’s history.

    My only complaint in this part of Muntinlupa, however, was the fact that people weren’t informed that they had to take a number before voting. It took a whole hour to make that point clear. Otherwise, kudos to the COMELEC for being prudent enough to prioritize senior citizens and handicapped individuals. Every voice counts!

  2. wow ang bilis ng post for the election! 🙂

    it took my fam 3 hours and john took about an hour to vote (we have a different precinct)

    my sole criticism with the process is that they did the thumb printing first before the giving the ballot which is sensitive with regards to markings.

    1. you beat my waiting hours! sobra, 3 hours? parang nanood ng ng isa’t kalahating dibididibidi ano? 🙂

      the thing was too obvious; the ballot should be kept clean without markings and creases; teachers in your precinct should know that in an instant.

  3. three hours in the queue but yeah it was all worth it! 🙂 and im proud of my dirty finger to! hehe! look doc, ive done good things too! (read mo nlang sa post ko hehe)

  4. A dirty finger indeed for a good purpose – but I pray all votes will count toward the real deserving winners. It’s just sad to see from your experience how the voting process got to a chaotic start.

    1. majority of the voters here experienced the same chaotic procedure; one voter was even reported on tv news died of myocardial infarction while on his queue.

      prayers from pinoys all over the globe like you, dennis, are much appreciated.

  5. Two to three hours of wait time before one can vote! Siguro sa umpisa lang ito, later in the day there were probably less people and shorter queue at the polling places. I wonder how it went in the provinces? How long will it take to find out who the winners are? May the ones good for the country wins.

    1. i was surprise that my waiting time in my polling precinct this morning was even shorter compared to 4 to 6 hours for some! imagine the agony of being on a chaotic line without food and water; worse, humidity and noise from the other voters.

      news on local tv said almost the same scenario was seen in most voting places nationwide. the major problem that was identified by one of the abs-cbn (channel 2) reporters, ina reformina, was the clustering of voters per classroom by comelec. according to her,
      comelec had packed like clusters A to H (with more than 100-200 voters per cluster) in one precinct; meaning 1 classroom with only 3 to 5 teachers was expected to accomodate 800-1000++ voters in 12 hour period(7am to extended time of 7pm). how systematic was that?

      they said it will only take 2 days to finish the counting with this very first automated election in PI. however, with more precincts down south were already declared to have failure of elections, everyone is now left as clueless.

      God bless PI.

  6. the crowd – while a hassle to this crowd-phobic – signifies that the filipino is aware of the importance of this election and that they are ready to make a change. hopefully, the right candidate wins the seat.

  7. I really hope more people this time went out and exercised their right. Whomever they voted for, let’s hope they were honest with their choice.

    Norwich Daily Photo is back online. Sorry I’ve been away so long. I look forward to your visit and your comments. See you soon!

    1. i think pinoy voters now, particularly the new generation have learned from mistakes of the past. however the issue of being politically matured is another story. unless we begin to settle each others’ differences and work for the common good, automated election is just another product of technology and won’t serve its purpose.

      hey, joy i miss your wonderful shots. glad you’re active again on line! welcome back! 🙂

  8. Good for you Doc, I waited for the darnest 6 hours of my life to have my vote casted. I was almost in tears while i dropped my vote. You’re right, it is for the children, and maybe for our children’s children.

    1. as i’ve commented in your fb, katumbas na ng 3 dibidi-dibidi iyong anim na oras mo sa pila; but i’m sure every drop of sweat was worth it.

  9. my brother and I waited for 3.5 hours to vote but we’re so happy because both of us are first time voters :)yey congratulations to us lol

  10. hay naku docgelo, yung iba sa amin, 4 hours! grabe! sana sa next elections mas efficient na!

    i also have a dirty finger docgelo! 🙂

    1. despite we had the very first automated election, glitches were inevitable; but like you, i hope everyone will strive hard for us to experience flawless (God help us!) suffrage in the coming years.

      aren’t we all proud of our dirty fingers?
      voting is a sort of social equalizer, right?

  11. me, i waited for 2hours and voted for 5mins. ok lang kahit na pumila ako ng matagal. at least i have expressed my right. and 6yrs ang kapalit nito. 😛 till now, meron pa din akong ink haha

    1. we really have to be happy dyanie that our inked fingers were really applied with indelible ink and not that easy-to-remove pandaya-ink. hehe.

  12. I thought we already had it worst waiting for 3 hours, but it seems others had to endure ‘graver’ conditions. A proud first time voter here Doc Gelo. 🙂

  13. was not able to vote as my family had been delisted due to not voting for 2 consecutive elections. oh well i wont be able to vote as well din as with the heat last monday, my had a migrane 😦 hearing the outcome of the election at first was really disappointing. the defranchising and everything matched with the heat hayyy. good thing when they started counting or should i say started transmitting the returns and they were already announcing the results, i felt happy as in a span of hours, we can already see the turn-out of the votes that we casted.

  14. our family was color coded that day. 3 of us wore red, 2 wore black, and 2 wore yellow.
    we arrived at 9am, lined up for 1 hour to get a number. we were adviced by the BEI to just return at 1.30pm. ok lang para makapaglunch muna. we came back at 1am and we finished voting for 10mins only. cool yung PCOS! Ü

  15. yeah. im also proud with my dirty finger here. 3 hours akong nakapila and i almost give up dahil sa haba ng pila. pero nagtiis ako para sa future ng anak ko, para sa future ng pamilya ko at sa future nating lahat.


  16. Let’s all hope that all the glitches and issues will get addressed in the next elections. Because this is the first time, things like these are expected. Good to know that you and those around you kept their cool and patiently waited despite the heat.

  17. I too got my forefinger stained for the good of it. It is a good day to vote with a new and credible system. Filipinos finally got the respect of its neighbours.

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