Before we honor moms tomorrow and cast our sacred votes on Monday as dutiful Filipinos, allow me to celebrate my blog anniversary today…

Believe me, I hate Math, but I honestly appreciate these numbers…

  • >100,000  hits on my wordpress blog stat counter.
  • 500  posts
  • 1 of the 8 nominees  finalists in 2009 Philippine Blog Awards under Family and Living Category

(sana this year ulit!) 😀

  • 3 years of blogging about FAMILY, FOOD and FUN!

My warmest  THANK YOU to the following readers and blogger-friends who took time to join my little blog anniversary contest . I am ecstatic with YOUR  ANSWERS !  Maraming Salamat po!  (the order was based on the date of their participation).

  1. HalfCrazy  of  An Ardent Cosmic Journey
  2. Ewok1993  of   Frankly My Dear
  3. Sheng   of  Anything Goes
  4. Josh / Shattershards of  Organized Chaos
  5. KG  of  Ang Bahay ni Kumareng Grace
  6. Dyanie  of  Princess Dyanie
  7. Marian / Upto6only of
  8. Joe Ann Agan of  Stories & Photographs / My Frame of Life
  9. Jeanny of  Startin’ A New Life
  10. Chyng  of  No Spam, No Virus, No Kiddin’ !
  11. Cza  of  Little Miss Wanderlust
  12. Rico of  Buhay Bahay-Bahayan (Mga Kwento Ni Mister)
  13. Dennis of  The Nomadic Pinoy
  14. Midge  of  Sybaritic Diversions
  15. Ann  of  Chic & Cheaps
  16. Dashashash  of  Pieces of A Wunderkind’s Mind
  17. Dyosa / B’ley  of  Blogalag 
  18. Reena of  Reena’s Thoughts
  19. Bing  of  Warmstone  (chose not to join but thank you for taking time to answer).

Other than those names and blogs mentioned above,  I’d also like to express my gratitude to the following bloggers and readers who have been tirelessly leaving comments on my posts not once, not twice but more that I lost count, LOL!  Salamat!  All of your comments never fail to inspire and amuse me.

  1. Annevdns (Anne, you’re my very first commenter when I started putting tags on my posts last year)
  2. Aubrey
  3. BertN,
  4. Carla
  5. Cher
  6. Dennis Villegas,
  7. Doc RJ,
  8. Dong Ho / Dom ,
  9. Ebie
  10. eRLyn
  11. Fine Life Folk / Karl,
  12. Ingrid,
  13. Iya
  14. January / Elna,
  15. JP,
  16. Lainee
  17. Mari
  18. Meg Jones
  19. Mel
  20. Mrs Lavendula / Doc Mitzi,
  21. Nance
  22. Rob,
  23. Romel ,
  24. Sardonyx /Missy,
  25. Sidney Snoeck,
  26. Subterfuge
  27. Tutubi ,
  28. u8mypinkcookies,
  29. Witsandnuts
  30. Z / The Babaylan / Doc Z
  31. and those 19 contest participants, THANK YOU!

*Please let me know if I missed to include your name/blog if you’ve been one of my frequent commenters. Maraming Salamat po!  

I had fun going through all the entries but choosing the winner wasn’t easy. ALL  ANSWERS  are truly unique and fascinating!  But like other contests, there’s always one on top.  Because I value your comments, you know that there are NO losers here; however, there’s only one who can own those Tokyo chopsticks.  And with this, I’d like to share the winner’s answers :

1. Usual family bonding is done on weekends, and they start with a hearty breakfast for the kids, some household chores done together, and in the extra time, we put banig sa sala, and play whatever card games we think of, mostly UNO Wild Cards, Uno Stack-O, Master Mind. Pag bored na, we get to insert some DVDs over the player and start tiring our eyes. Of course may meryenda, we are super mababaw ang ligaya so ok na kami sa nilagang saging, nilagang mais, buttered loaf breads, or at times may konting spaghetti or pancit canton being the family’s favorite. And we share the same interest naman kasi ng mga kids – BOOKS, so we crowd in a room and I read to my two kiddos.

2. If given the chance to eat my last favorite meal, it will be sweet and sour shrimps, crabs and pakbet. They are my super love. Ipagpapalit ko tong tatlong to sa kahit ano, wag lang sa pamilya ko. (LOL)

3.The best ang blog na to because it speaks of family, it tells experiences of a doc juggling a family and a life very much worth living. The food, the trips, the daily experiences, not to mention the no-holds barred rants about resto(s) and their kapalpakan. It also features whatever good is worth blogging. And what I love most in this blog is that, the love for family comes first. Gabby and Tina, congratulations for having Doc Gelo! And doc, happy blogoversary!

SHENG of  Anything Goes from General Santos City, Congratulations! (applause! applause!)

Once again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH to everyone who visits and reads this blog!  Expect more interesting posts about FAMILY, FOOD and FUN in the coming years.  God bless us all! 🙂


34 thoughts on “AT ANG NAGWAGI AY SI…

  1. Now that the winner has been announced (congrats), can you please cut the cake already? Naglalaway na ako dito eh!

    Happy anniversary again to beyond toxicity.

    Have a fabulous Mother’s Day. Treat her superspecial Doc.

    1. hi ewok1993 (i think you better give me your nickname soon), i know the cake looks delicious! i myself drooled over it when i spotted at chefimage website.

      thanks for the greetings and continue to frequent this humble site, ok? salamat!

    1. rob, you know you inspired me to blog here in wordpress, and of course alam mo how grateful i am to you and lg. hey, update your blog regularly ok?

    1. sure! pag may okasyon, birthday siguro, christmas… pag may budget! haha..
      kaw din, chyng; i know conducting blog contest is one of your to-do list this year, di ba?

  2. Woohooo! Thank you Doc Gelo! Unang kita ko pa lang sa chopsticks naglaway na ako, hehe. Salamat ng marami! I just want to let you know na, aside from the obvious of you having a wholesome blog, i feel attached to the stories you share, especially if they are of the family. It’s good to read about other family’s interesting circumstances, kung anong nangyayari sa ibang pamilya and how you handle them. I may not live as luxuriously as you do, di ko kaya sweldo mo eh, haha. But I always make sure that like you, family comes first and I give the best for my kids.

    For a fact, you make my mouth water with those delicious foodies you share, and I believe na yan ang stress-reliever ninyo.

    Hey, looking forward to meet you too! Haha, of course I do. Maybe soon? I don’t have a scheduled trip to Luzon yet, as we have a lot books that need polishing pa, hindi pwedeng iwan, so the next time I visit Manila, i hope to see you, KG and Rico. Si Dyanie and Jeanny, madaling hugutin yan…hehe. Thanks again Doc.

    Happy Blogoversary! Happy 3rd Birthday Beyond Toxicity!

    1. salamat, rico. your answers were fine too! OK yung choice of last meal mo; the best talaga pag luto ni misis. join again the next time i’ll throw a blog contest. saya pala nito! 😀

      1. Haha, natatawa ako kay Rico, may kwento kasi yan doc eh, kwento ko sa yo sa susunod, haha. Uy Rico, this time naman, hindi na yung nagpapanalo sa akin ha, hehehe. Congrats ulit Doc!

  3. Woohoo!! Happy Birthday Blog! Yey daming hits and comments! 🙂 Hope to meet you soon Doc, Tina and Gabby. Wag ka magsasawa mag invite. Alam mo na yun. 🙂

  4. hi doc g! happy, happy third anniversary to your blog. sana more blogging years to come 🙂
    I just saw your comment(s) on my blog. sorry about that, I moderated my blog comments so it doesn’t show up right away hehe…

    Anyway, yep, I’m back in Cebu na but I’ve been following your blog through RSS feeds kasi bawal ung blogs sa office. Glad to know you enjoyed Japan a lot. I haven’t even gone to some of the places you blogged about!

    1. hey lainee, how’s cebu? this blog misses you, haha! thanks for swinging back again. 🙂
      oh yeah, i love tokyo and enjoyed it so much! got to bring my wife+kid there someday!
      good luck on your participation in cebu bloggers camp!

  5. Congratulations uli! What a feat, and good statistics! Although I have only known you, hmmm, the past couple of weeks, I feel at home. More power and good luck to the next nomination! Keep up the good work!

    1. thank you, ebie, for such sweet words! it is because of my family and readers like you that i am inspired to blog. happy mother’s day, ms. ebie!

  6. i have ‘discovered’ this site through random clickings and bloghopping and then i stayed and i think i will stick to frequenting this site as long as i blog. it inspires me to be a better person. not the ‘inggit’ type but to see life in a more positive way. thanks doc gelo for sharing a piece of you to us your followers.

    God Bless you and your beautiful wife & son always!

    keep on blogging and inspiring and lets all salivate together!hahaha
    (see you @ NBC tent on may 14 — hehe)

    happy blogsarry!

    1. hey, sub thank you so much! i’m blushing with your flattery! 😀
      seriously, salamat!

      but i’m afraid i’ll be absent again on ultimate taste test 4.0 on friday. 😦
      i’ll just visit your post for that much needed updates. thanks again!

    1. hello aubrey! thanks and good luck on your med schooling soon! 🙂
      with you being a nursing licensure 4th topnotcher, an nclex-rn passer, no doubt you will ace through med school; just an unsolicited advice from a mentor : keep your feet on the ground always to inspire others. God bless!

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