It may not be apparent in my posts but honestly, I’ve been going through my most trying times that only my family and a couple of friends know.  Despite life’s extra-challenges, I thank the Lord for they’ve been so supportive emotionally, financially and most importantly- spiritually. 

Admittedly, I’m not that religious but I maintain a constant communication with my Creator.  And it’s only during Sunday Masses that my family and I attend where I find peace of mind and solace.  

Last Sunday, even Tina, Gabby and I were a bit late at Greenbelt Chapel for the 12 noon Mass and found the church expectedly packed, I still appreciated the fact that we still managed to listen until the last words.  There was a guest speaker who happened to be a seminarian; spoke of a parable that you may have been familiar with :

“When the pig and the chicken thought of a surprise birthday gift to their master who owns the farm, the chicken suggested for them to prepare a breakfast in bed.  The pig asked the chicken of what to cook, the latter proposed the former, ham and eggs. 

The pig felt it was unfair for him because the chicken will just lay and donate her eggs while for him it means a self-sacrifice.”

Then the seminarian asked the faithfuls if they consider themselves as chickens who know how to give and donate or are they pigs who are willing to offer themselves entirely.  

I say it’s a tough one to be a ‘pig’. 

At this point, I’d like to solicit prayers from you, my kind readers that I may endure life’s challenges and for me to be able to bounce back.  Thank you! 

I’m so grateful for my family and friends.

I’m thankful for blogging that became my outlet and an extension of my social life even virtually.

I appreciate you, my blogger friends that through your visits and comments you keep me company.

On a lighter note, I may not be a ‘pig’ now who can do unthinkable offerings but I have a few piglets in my barn in farmville, now I’m laughing out loud! 

Gabby has his own too; but he’s more preoccupied with Plants vs Zombies while on a summer break from school. 

Tina is also busy tending her hacienda…

Seriously, my family and friends keep me sane by reminding me that life is indeed beautiful. It isn’t perfect and sometimes unfair, but it’s still damn good. 

I pray for strength, health, happiness.   


30 thoughts on “ARE YOU A PIG OR A CHICKEN ?

  1. hehehe kala ko its about food.

    seriously speaking, there will always be sacrifices that will come our way and it’s just a test on how strong our faith with HIM. I know you can handle it.

    on the lighter side, naks ang yaman nyo pala 3 hacienda nyo hehehe.

  2. My family and I are not rich pero most of the time we are like pigs to our relatives who we think needs more than we do. We believe that God will always provide for us 🙂

  3. hHAHA, serious sa umpisa ah, tapos biglang nag Farmville, wahaha… Nice one doc. I’ll keep you company with my comments doc. Take care, God is always around.

  4. A very sweet and thoughtful post, Doc Gelo! 😀

    I don’t even go to mass anymore and I’m not even religious as I’m more of a realist, I don’t have much faith. But then there are times when I just want solace and a peace of mind. To listen sa mga teachings. Dati rin ako nagsisimba with family sa Greenbelt.

    BOO, unfair yung chicken. Mautak! LOL!

    I hope things would get better, Doc. Papasiyahin naman kayo ng pamilya mo. 😀

  5. I’ll definitely add you in my prayers. We in the blogging community get support from each other, even tho’ we really don’t know each other personally.

    That’s a good sermon. Pig versus chicken. One that would need meditation.

  6. aaww, i miss attending mass at GB. galing ng pari dun. dami ko natutunan sa kanya, my favorite is about daffodils in holland.

    Doc, this too shall pass, right? God Bless. Ü

  7. do you wanna hear the story?

    “…There’s this man who always wanted to go to Italy. This is his ultimate goal. So all his life, he saved for money to live there. He also studied the language, the culture and everything about Italy.

    Finally, the day came. He packed his things and get ready for the flight. He was so excited to see Italy, and finally eat an authentic Italian Pizza and Pasta.

    Upon landing, the stewardess announced “Welcome to Holland!”
    The man was surprised he said “No, I booked for Italy.”
    But he couldnt do a thing but to accept to live in Holland. He was so disappointed for he has done everything just to go in Italy.

    Of course the man is dissapointed at first. But at everyday he noticed something great in that place. He learned that there were no tulips, no windmills, and no rembrandts in Italy. There are really things you cannot see if you’re too focused on your disappointments and what ifs. He now enjoys and appreciates Holland…”

    Aspiring is good but appreciating what you have is better! Ü

  8. mas masarap kaya ang pig kaysa chicken! lechon na lang e panalo na!

    whenever I go through challenges myself, I ask God for some guidance. I pray why He gave me those challenges. And God would always tell me “To bring you much closer to Me and guide you to find your Peace”.

    You and your family are in my prayers.

  9. talaga namang laughter is the best antidote to problems! 🙂

    i’ll lift a prayer for you docgelo…that’s all i can do. be strong! 🙂

  10. You are a medical doctor, any TRYING time you are having is picnic! Look at the rest of the world and you’ll feel good because of what you are and what you have.

  11. We will include you and your family in our prayers. As a man, when problems come, it has been hardwired into our core to try to solve it. So we pray for wisdom and guidance so that you will be enlightened on how to best approach these difficult times. We also pray for His hand of protection upon you and your family so no more distress will come.
    He takes care of His people. Ask and believe.

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