I have a confession to make.

This may disappoint most of you but Tina and I are not fond of going to the beach during Summer. We prefer to soak under cold shower (together? that’s another story that does not deserve a blog post! LOL!)  rather than bathe and immerse on water under the scorching heat of Philippine Sun. 


Other than budget consideration during peak season, we enjoy sand, water and what beauty that nature has to offer when it’s not thickly populated.  As you may know, my family’s recent beach adventure was last week of October 2009  when BORACAY was in its quiescence…

Tranquility echoed every morning during our days in the island…

Ah, Boracay! When do we get to enjoy your crystal turquoise water and powdery sand again ?  It’s not only the beach that’s glorious in this island but digestive feasts too. Summer heat reminds me of spoonful cold treats we had from Boracay’s HALOWICH.

And since we’re not hitting the beach anytime soon, you may now have a clue of how we define SUMMER in our own way…

Yesterday, Tina, Gabby and I went to Iceberg in their Timog Ave. branch to have bowls of Halo-Halo. 

What’s a Summer in Manila without it? 

For only PhP 98, I enjoyed macapuno balls, slice of peach, sweet plantain, corn kernels, corn flakes, jackfruit strips, ube jam, gulaman on shaved ice topped with ube and strawberry-flavored ice cream!    

While Tina and Gabby chose to savor Caramel Flan with Mangoes and Vanilla Ice Cream. Yum! 🙂

Summer for us, is a great excuse to devour on these cold gastronomic pleasures.  🙂

What’s your favorite food fit for Summer?

How are you spending your Summer?  I bet most of you are busy treading on most shores of this archipelago. 

Have fun!  😀


21 thoughts on “MUCH ADO ABOUT SUMMER

  1. we were in Boracay 2 years ago too, and we had fun. And what do you know, we were there in October too, no peak season for Boracay. My family is really not fond of the beach, instead our fondness for water can easily be satiated by nearby pool and spring resorts. Budget constraints during summer is due to the future payables to the tune of tuition and book fees come June. Enjoy the summer! And yes doc, halo-halo too is a favorite!

  2. Beaches here are always crowded especially when the temps are high; so, I shy away from those places during those days.

    Your halo-halo makes me drool. LOL I miss halo-halo. The best places to get them here is about 25 miles away. Ugh! Too far to drive to eat a bowl of it.

    1. how’s california, mari? i remember we’ve been to malibu and redondo beach there before and it wasn’t even summer, it was spring when we went there and people were going crazy heading to those beaches when sun shone its brightest.

      that halo-halo store you have there is too far from your place; you must have been missing it a lot. 🙂

  3. I love halo-halo too but I don’t like it with beans!! love fresh fruit shakes too.. sooo refreshing 🙂 sometimes, we make our own mais con yelo or saba con yelo at home.

  4. ako din docgelo…di pa din maka alis! gosh! and yes, i often go away on off-season times. ayoko ng maraming tao pag umaalis.

    super init ngayon grabe! halo halo? sarap nyan!

  5. I like the beach too when it’s not populated. I don’t know how to swim , I prefer to just enjoy nature. And tama ka, sobrang init tapos tatapat sa araw. Hindi ko gustong kasing itim ng Liempo pagkatapos.

    Ang sarap, salamat sa pagpapagutom. LOL. Syempre Halo-halo rin ako at Mais Con Yelo. Naiinis lang ako kasi picky ako, favorite ko Mais Con Yelo pero yung mga nagtitinda dito around sa amin hindi mineral water ang gamit. Yaaaak!

    Syempre alam mo naman pumunta akong Tagaytay. Haha! Saka ewan, nagbasa lang ako nitong bakasyon, basta dito lang ako sa bahay at minsan gumigimik. Nakakatamad kumilos dahil sa init. Sa Mapua, wala naman masyadong bakasyon, kaya ngayon may pasok na ulit ako.

  6. ice cream and razons halo halo will do. i prefer my ice cream to be plain.

    my cousins and i went to the beach in batangas. will be posting it soon. i’m not a water person too (ayaw kong umitim eh hehehe) that’s why when i was in bora i never got the chance to swim though i enjoyed the place.

  7. I try to avoid the beaches altogether… I once went to Boracay… I came back as red as a lobster… burned to death… :-0
    Give me a halo-halo instead ! 🙂

  8. It’s halo halo season here now too, especially since the weather has started to heat up. Unfortunately for us we have no Razons. I do like the one from ChowKing – that’s what we have here.

    1. so chowking already penetrated your place in US, ewok1993? great!
      i just wish they’ve learned to serve finely shaved ice instead of crushed.

  9. ako naman fave season ko ang summer! its the time of the year when the sea is calm at kayang kaya kong mag bangka haha. afraid kasi ako sa mga bangkaan portion e haha.

  10. summer is one of the best time of the year! vacations, outings, etc! love the heat of the sun on the beach! 😀


    1. Amazing photos. I love all your shots. Thank you for posting these much beautiful photos and views of Boracay. White sand beach, delicious dishes and a lot of beautiful stuffs perfect for your travel collection can be experience here! Keep on posting and inspiring.

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