The other day I was so inspired to post about gratitude.  My wife and I, even our little one, are thankful for a lot of things – big and small; and forever we’ll be.

However, things are different when your surrounding gets scary and disturbing.  You become more conscious of everything and extra-caring for your family and friends–here and abroad.

😦 Headlines about that raging volcano in Iceland with a name I cannot pronounce.

😦 A CNN news video that I’ve viewed this afternoon with a title that says IS MANILA READY FOR AN EARTHQUAKE?

😦 Scorching Summer Heat…  I left Tokyo last March 30 with a temperature of 2 degrees Celsius; arrived in Manila after more than 3 hours of flight with nearly 36 degrees. … Para akong nasa fridge tapos pumasok sa oven! 😀

😦 Annoying loud campaign jingles of local candidates trying to win your vote even if you’re a registered else where! LOL! 😀

😦 And yes, Tina and I are also concerned of our electric bill that soared highest this month. Regardless of the fact that I understood that the raise in the generation charges from power suppliers and the increase in customer’s consumption are the 2 contributory factors; still our main concern is to settle the bill before March 29, that reads PhP 4,520. 75 from usage of 359 total kWh;  way above our last month’s P2,900 statement.  What about you?  How are you dealing with yours?

Luckily, Tina and I got a real bundle of joy…

Gabby : Daddy, ano yang hawak mo?

Me :  Meralco bill natin, anak… Tumaas… sobra!

Gabby : Ahhhh… Starbucks na lang tayo, I want Choco-frap! 😀

I & Tina thought : *nice idea!* 

….And since Starbucks in the Philippines offers PhP 40 off on all coffee blends on dates April 22 -23, 2010 in celebration of  40th Anniversary of Earth Day for patrons who’ll use TUMBLERS instead of paper and plastic cups, we hurried to our favorite coffee shop to forget about those irksome issues even for a while and re-focused on family bonding…

Gabby’s absolutely right; we need to breathe and chill out… Our 5-year-old son’s presence always reminds us that we  appreciate simple things like coffee breaks even on top of overwhelming hassles.

And so Tina had her Expresso frap, and our little one had his Choco-frap and I ordered Java chip frap double blended; all on our tumblers 😀   

My worries about the environment, politics, money matters and whatnot were all forgotten when I dunked my fork into these heavenly goodies…


It’s our first time to taste these  Top Pot Doughnuts which are now offered at Starbucks :  Glazed Old Fashioned Doughnut, Chocolate Old Fashioned Doughnut, Top Pot Apple Fritter.  We all shared and tried them all 😀 I like them all, actually. The Apple Fritter has a hint of cinnamon while the 2 other Top Pot doughnuts have sublime flavors that are far from being irritatingly sweet. 😀  

Tina and I thought that they’re better paired with hot blends rather than frappuccinos.  Anyway, there’s always a next time., haha! 

🙂 Have you tried these Top Pot Doughnuts?  Which one is your favorite? 

🙂 How do you deal with daily stressors like mentioned above?   We may not be saints but the 3 of us always pray together, with Gabby as our usual prayer leader. 🙂

🙂 Oh btw, don’t forget to recycle, reduce and reuse for Mother Earth. We’re trying our best to do that too. HAPPY EARTH DAY EVERYONE!  Let’s pray and be easy on stress, OK? haha! 🙂

Oops, did I already tell you that Gabby also had a slice of this Oreo Cheesecake?  🙂

He finished the entire plate!



  1. kami din nag-avail ng P40 off kanina! bukas ulit.

    sayang yung food trip sa Makati naman this time, wala ako this weekend… out of town.
    walang ibang dates? i wanna come pa naman.. Ü

    1. hail to starbucks! hehehe (obvious bang coffee addicts kami ni tina?)

      and chyng will be out of town again! i really envy you for being adventurous.
      i always ask myself where was i when i was your age? what med school have done to me? LOL!

  2. Happy Earth Day doc.

    Hay naku kahit saan ka electric bills are high. Sa ganyang sobrang init jan sa atin sana noon pa the govt have relied on solar energy. Alternative/renewable sources are the way to go, kelangan lang may magsimula.

    Eniwei, di ako mahilig sa donut eh. Pero dati type na type ko dunkin donuts. Yun lang ang brand na gusto ko.

    Heto energy bill namin last month $180 (xP44 is 7920)- wala aircon, wala heater, wala electric fan. Di ba mas lugi ako 😀

    1. solar energy? i have no words for a government that is insensitive to its people’s needs much more to their complaints. good thing that the hope to change the people in authority here is within reach in a few weeks time.

      ang mahal din ng kuryente mo dyan sa US ha.

  3. I will go easy on the stress of course, but not on the sweets…that Oreo cheesecake is a must-try, if only Starbucks would want to invest in Gensan City.

    1. “I will go easy on the stress of course, but not on the sweets…” –> “LIKE”

      rustan’s coffee is the sole franchise owner of starbucks philippines; i hope they’ve read your wish, sheng. 🙂

  4. hay naku dumoble din ang electric bill namin. from P2k eh P4k na ngayon! nakakaloka!

    sa totoo lang namahalan ako sa donuts ng SB. I tried the chocolate. parang regular lang naman tapos P55 na kagad. mag KK nalang ako haha.

    doc, masarap din ang oreo cheesecake ng coffee bean! 🙂

    1. i also like KK doughnuts and coffee bean & tea leaf’s cakes, pastries & sandwiches. kaya lang sa kape, biased kami ni tina sa starbucks. but we like other brands too. kahit nga 3 in 1 OK na din e. LOL! 🙂

  5. hayyy i dont like to worry about those things hindi ko kayang solusyunan. Sobrang init no choice but to open the aircon especially if you have kids. sympre tataas ang bill hayyyyy kabit kabit sila.

    tama si Gabby, lets drink to that na lang 🙂 we went to starbucks yesterday and today and availed their 40 off. sayang hindi pa available yung donut na yan sa branch nila sa amin. next week pa daw. but i tried their apple cheesecake oh my talaga ang lasa. super. cya. it’s like eating apple pie na cheesecake 🙂

  6. Hehehehe… Gabby knows what to say after a Meralco bill ! 🙂

    I don’t understand what Meralco is doing…this increase is just scandalously high!

  7. How I deal with stress? Now that I am retired, I do not have any that I cannot handle by simply going to sleep and forgetting about it LOL. When I was working, my stressed buddies and I usually stop by a topless bottomless joint and have a few drinks. Btw, I’ll probably still be drinking (and out of a job)if I were the one who approved the safety systems at that Louisiana rig and it exploded after I left the site.

    1. i LOL when i read about what you do during stressful times during your working years. doon ba yun sa mga patay-sindi ang ilaw at may mga gumigiling? LOL! 🙂

      i read that worse rig incident in US too the other day.

  8. I am actually thinking to count all the ‘smileys’ in this post! Masaya talaga kayo, Doc Gelo.

    I smiled when I read your statement about that volcano in Iceland, it reminded me of an FM station here in S.A. whose DJ was asking/interacting with his listeners last Tuesday… the topic: renaming that volcano. o”,)

    I like cold coffee… bakit kaya nag PhP40 off ang Starbucks? Last 2008 nagsara ang 61 of the 84 Starbucks shops across Australia, including the only one we have in Adelaide City.

    I’ll count my blessings, as well. I am so lucky I don’t have to worry about my accommodation, including the water and electric bills here in Au. U

    1. some of the emoticons are not smiley, doc rj; they’re in fact sad or frowney (if there such a term).

      sbux philippines gave PhP40 off on all blends for 2 days to celebrate 40 YEARS of EARTH DAY.

      lucky you, if your electril bills and accomodation and others are provided and paid by your employer. the best things in life, doc are still FREE! 🙂

  9. lucky gabby, he ate all those sweets in a day 🙂

    matagal na nga rin siguro akong hindi nakakadalaw sa starbucks. im not familiar with the doughnuts but i’ll check it out sometime. this is a good recommend though. anyways, hindi kayo nagiisa. sobrang taas din bigla ng meralco bill namin. i hope the rates go lower as the rainy days kick in

    have a good day!


  10. you’re so lucky of having a kid like Gabby 🙂

    Happy Earth Day!!

    I agree, we should be thankful of small blessings that come our way despite all the problems around us. I guess God is just testing how strong we are and this is also a constant reminder for us to never forget to call on him! 🙂

  11. Back from hibernation! I have not tried those donuts yet. Thanks for this at least I have something new to look forward to at Starbucks. Nag-38 daw last Friday ang temperature sa Manila? Oh well, we all need a break once in a while. Our electric bill costs more than yours and it rose nang doble. I don’t really understand why. I want to understand though. I am willing to listen to an explanation for it aside from the possibility that we used what our bill dictates. Pero everyone’s bill eh nagmahal lahat.

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