Last week, my wife, Tina along with her colleagues paid another co-worker a visit at her hospital bed.  One of her fellow clinical instructors has been fighting Breast Cancer and its complications for several years and is now admitted because of her terminal condition.  The sight, according to Tina was unbearable.  

At lunch time yesterday, my wife informed me via text that she and her colleague will drop by a Pediatric I.C.U.  after their work to visit another sick patient.  This time,  it’s a 2-month-old baby of  her colleague, who was admitted for several Congenital Heart Defects.

When she came home early evening, Tina described how she felt upon seeing the infant.  Being a nurse , she understands the pathology but as a mother, she was deeply affected by the condition of the baby.

We were talking over dinner last night how grateful we are to the Lord, that despite our own problems and struggles, Gabby, Tina and I remain healthy and hopeful.



  1. WE are all guilty of not thanking God for what we have. Sometimes, I focus more on what I NEED – according to me – than I already have.

    I lost a former co-worker to breast cancer last year. She had been battling it for four years before she succumbed to it. Another friend and co-worker discovered a cancerous cell in her breast so early that she was able to beat it, hopefully no recurrence.

    I work in a hospital and a few years ago I worked closely with this charismatic doctor. We worked well together and we only talk shop nothing about personal or philosophical matters. Until one day when I came to work haggard, tired and really feeling yucky, now I wonder why I even went to work in the first place. He asked how I was and I responded flippantly that I’d tell him after three cups of coffee. His reply was something I’ll never ever forget. I think it’s his legacy to me. He said:


    Amen. That changed my attitude.

      1. thanks Doc! naririnig ko din yang manipis yung hangin sa bundok, i just dont know exactly what does that mean or why it happens. hehe thanks sa info!

  2. I’ve been reading and hearing on the news about bc so much; and the number of women affected is 1 out of 6 nowadays. In the 60s it was 1 out of 20. The food we eat is no longer safe for us, since there are so many chemicals added to it. Going organic is the only safe way to go; but it’s hard to find them.

  3. tama yan docgelo! we have so many reasons to be thankful! it’s good to have a thankful outlook in life!

    i’ll pray for the people you mentioned.

    1. there’s a force within me that pushed me to post this;
      perhaps, somehow to remind myself also to be grateful of everything, despite and inspite of.

  4. I was having a bad day and I was terribly upset with myself, with everyone and everything, until I stopped by my ailing friend’s home. My friend was dying of cancer and he confided to me that there was no more medical intervention that can be done to prolong his life and he was ready to face the grim consequence as part of life or…of death. I looked at him for a long time without uttering a word. It shamed me to be in the presence of a man who kept his cool in the presence of the unthinkable and here I was, falling apart for nonsensical problems. He is gone now but he left me with with something I’ll value for the remainder of my life.

  5. tama tama! there are lot of reasons to be grateful for. minsan lang eh naooverpower tayo ng isang negative kaya nagiging nega tayo the whole day pero di dapat ganun. apir doc! 😛

  6. yan ang bagay na kung minsan nalilimutan natin pasalamatan. i also had a similar experience and saw a friend die from cancer too. kaya dapat alagaan ang kalusugan.

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