Tina, Gabby and I were treated to dinner by 2 of our best friends of 17 years yesterday;  they’re Rob and LG, dutiful godparents of Gabby actually.  It’s our usual bonding session whenever Rob comes home for a few-week-vacation every 3 months from his paramedic-work abroad.  LG on the other hand, just arrived from his 1-week-Bangkok-vacation few hours before our early dinner.  A lot of catching up were done in between these tummy-fillers…

CHEESE STICKS (PhP 165+) and CLAM CHOWDER (PhP 70+) for starters…

Gabby liked the super-sized Cheese Sticks; he even requested for a second order that we didn’t avail.  We had 3 orders of the Clam Chowder but it’s a huge let down! It was thin and was not creamy at all!  😦


The Yummy Fish N Fries was OK; a common fish and chips-nothing to rave about.  The same word goes to the plates of pasta we sampled…


OCEAN TREASURE (PhP 899+), almost saved the night with its quite impressive presentation; was served as flambe!

This to-share-order was nearly a great hit if properly served with condiments and/or sauces.  Our sponsor even had to ask from the wait staff some bottles of ketchup and hot sauce. 😦

The ambiance was fine; place cozy lit; with nicely interiored western appeal.


You might think why we didn’t try their steaks, it’s because one of our friends doesn’t eat red meat and it’s not a problem to us; we all like seafoods anyway.

*Our attention was drawn when Tina politely complained to the staff that she saw Gabby’s second glass of  chocolate milkshake called COWPOKES (PhP 85+/tall glass) was not properly prepared.  My wife actually saw in less than a meter from our table, the staff who made the milkshake as she put down her spoon on top of UNSTERILE stainless counter; then she used the same spoon to taste what she’s blending; repeated her actions several times over.
Tina didn’t let the chance pass to correct the untidy preparation of our child’s drink. She’s a professional nurse, a customer and a mother to begin with.  I admired my wife for holding her temper; she was so composed while talking to the staff who was apologetic and rightfully replaced Gabby’s glass.  Although we were not sure if they’ve called the attention of the female crew who did the unsightly incident.     
I was even a bit eager to try this restaurant last night to compare how it rates to another similar-name-forgettable-food place in TriNoma that we tried last year (view HERE).
Can you blame us if we become skeptical to try another meal from…

Nevertheless, our biggest thanks for Rob and LG’s company. 😀   





  1. “the staff who made the milkshake as she put down her spoon on top of UNSTERILE stainless counter; then she used the same spoon to taste what she’s blending; repeated her actions several times over”

    Holy Cow…this is unacceptable !
    For our appetite… its better that we don’t know what is going on in many kitchens…

    1. i know tina did the right thing but i also reminded her of the cliche, ‘what we don’t know won’t hurt us.’ haha! but seriously, the thought of it was disgusting! to think that the drink was for gabby.

  2. it’s a good thing your wife saw that otherwise no one will know how the staff prepares the food to the customers. did you informed the manager? the staff should know proper hygene and etiquette when preparing food.

    1. i was busy talking to our friends when it happened but if i have witnessed the scenario, i could have been more assertive than my wife and probably have looked for and ( yelled at) talked to the manager. tina only talked to 2 staffs who in all fairness, were deeply sorry and instantly offered to replace the glass of chocolate milkshake. however, it was already gabby’s second glass; we didn’t know if the same thing was done on his first order; neither to our food… perhaps, it’s a first-time-last-time for us on that resto.

  3. I’m glad your wife saw it and did speak up. If no one will, that same disgusting practice will remain uncorrected. But then, that’s the problem everywhere, we hardly see what goes on behind restaurant kitchens. Ewww…

  4. hhmm, mejo matagal pa service jan. food was pricey. pero I liked their ribs, very tender. yung shrimp so-so. yung potato balls masarap!

    nasa pinas ka pa ba?

    1. i arrived last march 30, chyng! (nasa pinas na po, nag megamall na nga e, hehehe! biro lang!)

      yup, you’re absolutely right; SERVICE IS SLOW! thank you for reminding me and pointing it out. galing mo, chyng!

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