“There are four basic food groups: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and chocolate truffles” -Anonymous.  LOL! 😀

It’s a sin to think about and post this at almost midnight and I know that there’s more to life blog than chocolates but not right now, LOL! 😀 

One of the things I always welcome is receiving BOXES of SURPRISES.

In one of my voice calls via YM with Tina when I was in Tokyo few weeks ago, she told me she received a package in my behalf, delivered by a courier.  The box came from her aunt who works and resides in Europe.  I used to prescribe her aunt medication, so from time to time, she sends us chocolates without me asking her.  Sweet! 🙂

This was also the reason why I resisted temptation of buying ROYCE at Narita Airport near the PAL boarding gates even if ROYCE chocolates there are only sold for as low Y660 (PhP 330); cheaper than its cost in TriNoma and Greenbelt 5.

Forgive me, I can only share photos with you; you know I practice “Family-First Policy“, LOL 🙂

Just take a good look at them; they really melt in your eyes; err mouth! 😀

Forget your diet, LOL! 😀

Go ahead, indulge! 🙂

What are your favorite chocolates ?

Sweet dreams, everyone! 🙂


  1. nagdawalang isip ako bago ko iscroll down. then i did. sabi na nga ba dapat di ko tiningnan ang chocolates..

    another quote i love “I want to have a good body, but not as much as I want dessert. – Jason Love ♥

  2. Oh I’m one of those who loves chocolates. A few years ago I discovered the joys of dark chocolate and you know what they say: once you’ve gone black (chocolate that is), you’ll never go back.

    What a sweet aunt.

  3. I just got myself a huge box of package too from a blogger friend in Jeddah. He always comes to visit my blog then asked for my address. And voila, the package was filled with dates, chocolates and toys for the kids. He was just generous.

  4. Looks tempting !!! 😮
    Enjoy !

    My favorite chocolates… they are from Belgium…of course !
    We have the best chocolates in the world ! (even if the Swiss want to claim the first spot).

  5. ako din, one of the things i can’t do without is chocolates! talagang nakakalimutan ang diet pag may chocolates! yummiee!!!

  6. I especially love milk chocolate, nothing else. Chocolate Truffles on Ice Cream, have you tried that from Selecta? Haha! Go try it!

    I really like it when people do something I didn’t ask for. So thoughtful! I try hard to do the same too!

    Favorite ko Ferrero, Almonds and Nestle Crunch!

    1. i’ve tried that selecta gold flavor, halfcrazy; actually all four of those flavors -berry strawberry, choco truffles, vanilla almond and hazelnut brownie (or something)…
      sarap but my favorite among them is berry strawberry; second on my list is the brownies ice cream.

      your favorites are mine too.

  7. …Must…quell…impulse…for…guilt indulgence…okay I give up. Blame Doc Gelo. 😛
    I’m very much of a chocolate lover, does not do well for watching calories but hey we all deserve a treat or two sometimes. 🙂

  8. chocolates!!! nakakatakam naman ito doc gelo!! i can see my blood sugar going haywire just thinking about chocolates. any brand basta dark chocolate love ko. the more bitter the better! no grocery shopping is complete without chocolate in the cart, mapa ice cream or candy man.
    here are my faves:
    pag taghirap – nabisco chocolate biscuits at Goya dark chocolate
    pag may budget – hershey’s dark chocolate or cadbury gold
    feeling mag splurge – Valrhona cocoa nibs at leonidas truffles. 🙂

  9. wow nag crave tuloy ako ng chocolates. i prefer yung may nuts or fruits in it. kaya fave ko ang fruits and nuts ng cadbury if chocolates. i eat only plain ones pag white chocolate cya.

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