Dear Tina and Gabby,

It was last Sunday, March 28 when our group rode Yamanote Train line from Gotanda to Tokyo and hopped off from Tokyo Station to Disneysea.  Yup, it’s only in Japan where one can find and enjoy DISNEYSEA.  😀  Remember I told you that we availed of their promo rates of Y10,000 (PhP 5K) for both DISNEYLAND  and DisneySea on 2 consecutive days?  (One park entrance fee on regular rates costs Y5,800 or PhP 2,900). We’re glad to grab the chance because it was all worth the fun!

From the Disney Resort’s main entrance, we paid Y250 (PhP 125) for one-way-Disney Train-ride and off we went to the other happiest place on Earth.

SM Mall of Asia ?  Naaaah… Tokyo DisneySea Plaza…

There were those tiny and colorful petals near the entry gates that were so attractive that I cannot resist but to capture… It’s the start of the Spring season in Tokyo when I left.  Imagine these plants a few more days from now; they’ll be in full bloom!

Welcome to Tokyo DisneySea…sana kasama ko kayo dito! There’s always a next time… someday!

Tokyo DisneySea’s tag line is : Where Adventure and Imagination Set Sail… It’s true that we sailed into its 7 beautiful themed ports of call starting with MEDITERRANEAN  HARBOR…

MEDITERRANEAN HARBOR has the ambience of Southern European port where one can even take a ride on a gondola!

We’ll ride those gondolas in Venice one day (libre naman mangarap di ba?).

One of the features of Mediterranean Harbor is the FORTRESS EXPLORATIONS…

It’s an interactive fun at the Fortress and Galleon…

We all lined up for the LEONARDO CHALLENGE but was dumbfounded that the “mission” on the map given to us by the staff and its clues and directions were all in Japanese! LOL 😀  We were all smiling when  our “lost in translation” episodes in Tokyo continues…

There’s something about boats, ships and galleons that I like; perhaps, I’m a sailor in my past life, LOL. 😀

The Japanese made an amazing job putting up all these… It’s just fantastic!

After Mediterranean Harbor comes AMERICAN  WATERFRONT

TOWER of TERROR is one of American Waterfront thrilling attractions. It’s a tour of an old, abandoned hotel to explore its treasures and mysteries. Supernatural phenomena and spine-tingling climax await visitors.

According to Tokyo DisneySea’s map, in American Waterfront, one can find both the excitement of the big city and the charms of a New England fishing village in this vibrant themed port.


Our group had a leisure trip around the park via the DisneySea Transit Steamer Line.  After which, our feet led us all to PORT DISCOVERY

People get to visit the scientists of the Center for Weather Control in this themed port located across the horizon of time.

Attractions at Port Discovery include Storm Rider (a movie shown inside a theater) and AQUATOPIA, a twirling ride with watercrafts that spin wildly through a maze of fountains, rock formations and whirlpools.

After Port Discovery, Mount Prometheus greeted us at MYSTERIOUS  ISLAND…

Captain Nemo has created this secret base for his explorations into the depths of the Earth and beneath the waves.

Don’t you wish to explore the abyss with that submarine?  I think it’s only for display.

All of the attractions in Disneyland and DisneySea have posted time of waiting on queue. In Mysterious Island, there’s that JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH  (inspired by Brendan Fraser movie) ride aboard fantastic vehicles designed by Captain Nemo.  And guess what?  Waiting time : 3 LONG HOURS!  Some of the doctors who took the ride told us that the wait was worth it.  Sulit daw;  Sayang di kami sumakay!

Moving on…


The ruins of an ancient  Central American civilization await visitors deep within the remote jungles of this themed port.

One of biggest attractions in Lost River Delta is INDIANA JONES ADVENTURE : TEMPLE OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL.  Another is RAGING SPIRIT for those daredevils who wanted to try roller coaster ride with 360-degree loop.

MERMAID LAGOON is one of the most colorful features of Tokyo DisneySea…

The world of Ariel, the little mermaid, and her aquatic friends is filled with fun for kids of all ages.

Inside the Mermaid Lagoon are attractions like Flounder’s Flying Fish Coaster, Scuttle Scooters,Ariel’s Greeting Grotto, Mermaid Lagoon Theater, Jumping Jellyfish, Blowfish Balloon Race,  The Whirlpool and Ariel’s Playground.

Then the last area we’ve explored for several minutes was the ARABIAN COAST

We set sail for an adventure ride at SINBAD’S STORYBOOK VOYAGE.  The tour inside the theater on board a water-floating seats was meant for kids but nevertheless also fascinated me; except for the songs of Sinbad in Nihonggo. After Sinbad’s Storybook, we had hot cups of coffee which were so soothing…(read : it was a single-digit-degree-celsius again that day in Tokyo).

These are the pillars of the cafe where we had our coffee…

Other than Sinbad’s StoryBook Voyage, the Genie from the Disney classic film, Aladdin has created this themed port full of magic and mystery. There’s an entire garden devoted to Jasmine. 🙂

With Tokyo DisneySea, I thought I was touring the world; I almost forgot I am in Japan! 😀

Even creeping grass were made to be fascinating…

At late afternoon, we headed to Mediterranean Harbor again near the main entrance;  we got time to shop for pasalubong (I’ll have another posts for pasalubong soon) and ate early dinner…

I chose this lunch/dinner set of ham & turkey sandwich with muffin (that I gave to nurse Ruth), strawberry panna cotta and coffee.

I like it even if it was Y1480 (PhP 740); quite pricey but I know nothing comes cheap in Tokyo and secondly, this set came with lunch box with Tokyo DisneySea characters and logo on it.  Of course, Gabby the lunch box is for you, anak for you to use this coming June in school! 😀

Our day at Tokyo DisneySea was capped by BRAVISEA MO! a show of waters and fireballs (read : Disneyland has fireworks, DisneySea has fireballs!) over the Mediterranean Harbor.  The night came more alive with the miraculous tale of love between Bellisea, the spirit of water and Prometeo, the spirit of fire. It’s a must-see, magnificent and spectacular show of fire and water!  A perfect show to end the day.

The Lord knows how I wished that I have enjoyed  Tokyo Disney Resorts with you, ‘ney and Gabby.  I’ll just hope that  one day, I’ll get to bring you there and savor these wonderful themed parks together.

Two days are not enough for these 2 wonderful attractions in Tokyo.

Although most of them say that Disneyland and DisneySea are the happiest places on Earth,  I say it’s still HOME! 😀

I love you Tina and Gabby!

So glad to be home.

😀  Tatay-doc.


Dear Kind Readers,

After viewing my posts on TOKYO DISNEYLAND  and TOKYO DISNEYSEA, which do you want to experience ASAP one day ?  Which park do you think is far better than the other ? Take your pick.

I’ve got more posts on Tokyo coming up!  Thanks for following and may the good Lord bless us all always. Stay safe, healthy and happy, everyone!  Advance Happy Easter!

😀 -gelo.

*note : most descriptions of the park’s attraction written in italics were sourced from the Tokyo DisneySea October 2009 –March 2010 Guide Map.   



  1. I’ve been to both Disney resorts in Anaheim and Orlando some years ago but the Disneysea concept is something I didn’t see there. I’d be happy to experience this myself except taking another ride at the Tower of Terror which really terrorized me in Orlando hahaha!

    1. hi dennis! i’ve been to anaheim too and hk but never to disneyworld in florida. gusto ko din sana sa disney paris someday. 😀 make sure to spend a day or two at tokyo disneysea whenever you get a chance to visit japan.

    1. saya dun, sheng! kaya lang we need to work harder for those trips and vacation with the kid/s. yup, you’re right; kids will surely favor disneyland but kids at heart like us will enjoy disneysea more. 🙂

  2. I’ve been to disneyland and i liked it; but the disneysea is something i would like to experience. You featured a lot of photographic subjects I’m itching to snap myself.

  3. oh my, ang ganda, parang ok ang DisneySea. hehehe it’s a whole new world ika nga hehehe. and kala ko talaga hindi cya sa Japan lang. ang galing ng pagkakagawa.

    1. i had the same feeling when i first saw it. hindi ko kasi sya ni-research sa net so i was in awe when we went there. it was really fantastic! a must-see for anyone who’s traveling to tokyo.

      i promised myself that i will bring tina+gabby there someday. (libre naman mangarap di ba?) 😀

  4. Parang napunta na rin ako sa Disneysea sa coverage mo. Thanks!

    We have Disneyworld and Disneyland in the US but a Disneysea planned in the Long Beach area years ago did not go beyond the planning stage. Sayang.

    1. thanks for viewing, bert. sana ituloy nila ang disneysea sa long beach and other places. it’s a fantastic themed park. it caters more to kids-at-heart.

  5. hi doc, i only got to go to Disney land when i visited japan but didn’t get the chance to go to Disney sea, thanx for the the photo! it was so touching when you mentioned in your other post that Disney is one of the happiest place in the world but home is still the happiest for you =)

    1. oh wow! you’ve been to tokyo disneyland too. saya ano? 😀
      i know you’ll agree, doc mitzi that wherever we go, there’s nothing like home. and yes, it’s still the happiest!

  6. ang ganda din! i would love to see disney sea. parang unique sya! and yes, it’s like going around the world! 🙂

    ang ganda talaga ng flowers dyan sa japan! di ako maka move on! 🙂

    1. tokyo disneysea is really one of its kind. i wish they’ll put up such themed park in other countries (including ours, hehehe)too, for the many to enjoy.

      you like more flowers from tokyo? sige i’ll post more but not too soon; siguro in time for mom’s day next month. my mom loves flowers too, even just weeds with colors.

  7. Wow ang ganda ng mga pics mo Doc! Ang sabi nga nila…Disney Tokyo daw ang pinaka maganda sa lahat ng Disney’s..At ngayon ko nakita sa mga pics mo na totoo nga…ingat lagi!

    1. so far, i have been to disneyland in anaheim california, hong kong and tokyo but disneySEA in tokyo is my favorite; their disneyland in japan too is more special, i don’t know, perhaps the height of the castle and the electrical dream lights parade which wasn’t presented in the 2 disneylands ive been to was really something! i don’t know with disney world in orlando and disneyland in paris–those 2 are yet to be explored hopefully in this lifetime, LOL! thanks, dennis for visiting my blog once more.

  8. Doc, we’ll definitely go back to DisneySea this coming June and will visit Disneyland for the first time in Japan. We’ve been to Anaheim CA that’s why we didn’t try Disneyland but I guess both are nice to visit, it depends on the crowd or people’s best interest. My son didn’t enjoy DisneySea much so we’ll going back to Tokyo to try Disneyland. I have some photos of DisneySea too on my other blog but not as many as yours hehehe (so lazy to upload). It’s a bit gloomy when you went there huh? Sayang di mo rin pala nasakyan yun sa Mystery Island, I didn’t have the chance to ride that too it was 3 hour waiting time too when we were there. You should visit that place again with Gabby and Tina, mas masaya pag family talaga.

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