I am home now!  😀  I had to cut my Tokyo trip shorter to a couple of weeks instead of 30 days because of an internal problem that I’m not in control and I cannot share publicly.  I never failed any training because there was none for me to begin with.  Nonetheless,  I have experienced the worse and the best of Tokyo and will continue to share them here on the coming days.

TOKYO DISNEYSEA will be my next post so be sure to visit my site again.  To my kind readers, I’ll swing to your blog soon.

For now, I’m sharing you the things that happened yesterday…

Tina herself, did the  rescheduling of my flight with PAL last Sunday in less than 5 minutes.  I had enjoyed my 1-hour trip from Tokyo to Narita Airport terminal 2 via the very efficient Narita Express.  Ticket from Shinagawa to the airport costs Y3,310 (PhP  1,655).

Some people told me that flights are fully booked until April but these pictures will speak for themselves…

It’s Holy Week and time to reflect on things so I’ll try to avoid rants…Moving on..

My meal at 36,000 feet before heading home…

Beef stew with blanched carrots and okra;  served with Japanese noodle soup, bread and butter and mung bread; orange juice and coffee.

The flight went OK except for bumpy descent and hassle of an hour of waiting for my luggage at the NAIA terminal 2.  To PAL : improvement is much needed!

Traffic at EDSA was minimal so I reached our place in Quezon City in less time I expected.  I just dropped off my luggage and bags at home and headed straight to Gabby’s big day…

I can’t imagine myself missing this moment.  I brought to the graduation venue Gabby’s most requested pasalubong; PSP with 4 gig memory stick which I bought from AKIHABARA ELECTRIC TOWN.  A 3rd honorable mention-Kindergarten graduate and a very adorable son deserves more than this.

After the event, we had simple dinner at KKK in SM Cubao… I was craving for Pinoy food for 2 weeks and these were very comforting…

The smart kid requested for Halo-halo…

We shared Nilagang Bulalo, Buko Pandan Juice, Halo-Halo Mestiza, Kaning Puti and Kare-Kareng Baka ng KKK…

Nothing beats the comfort of being HOME. 😀

Time to avoid meat...Have a blessed Holy Week everyone!

Stay tuned for my next posts : TOKYO DISNEYSEA and so much more about Tokyo…


18 thoughts on “I’M HOME

  1. wow just in time for gabby’s big day!! hehe, your presence is definitely the best gift for gabby aside from the PSP! 🙂

  2. Doc, congrats kay Gabby and it’s good to hear from you that your trip went well. Natakam naman ako sa mga food na kinain nyo sa KKK? Saang lugar ba yun?? Sa Monumento? malapit kay Andres hehehe. Sana binili mo na rin si Gabby ng Nintendo DS XL hehehe (ang laki kaya nun, kakatuwa). Bitin naman yun trip mo? sayang pero ok na rin at least nakahabol ka sa graduation ni Gabby. I can’t wait to see your other posts, dami ko na ngang namiss eh.

  3. ang sweet! kala ko kugn anong emergency, ayun pala MAS IMPORTANTE pa sa kahit anong emergency.
    saludo ako!

    btw, dyanie and I are planning to eat at Dusit, this easter probably. 😀
    naconvinced ako ng entry mo.

  4. Bet Tina+Gabby are so glad to see you home! and you made it to his graduation.
    Congratulations Gabby for being in the honor roll! Keep up the good work.

  5. Good to know you’re safe back home. Give our regards to Gabby! Galing!
    Although your training was cut short, the good thing was that you were able to attend Gabby’s graduation. Awesome!
    Have a great Holy Week to you and your family!

  6. Wow, congrats kay Gabby! My sis received an award too, top 1! 🙂 Masarap ba sa KKK? I always pass by this restau sa SM North Annex.

  7. Nothing could be sweeter than being at home again. And being at home just in time for your son’s very important event. Hope the Holy Week brings you and your family plenty of time for reconnection and reflection.

  8. I really have to read your posts for March 2010, Doc Gelo! That was the time na busy talaga ako sa lipat-bahay at lipat-workplace kaya na-miss ko ang adventures niyo sa Japan! Whew!

    I like your statement saying about the ‘comfort of home’! Local time 6pm dito, nagutom tuloy ako nakita ko ang mga foods ng KKK!

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