Dear Tina+Gabby,

I’ve finally started enjoying my stay in Tokyo bit by bit.   I still miss you especially you Gabby; thanks to technology we’ve been enjoying free internet connection, YM voice call and webcam, mobile roaming and whatnot.

Anak, I know you requested for a pasalubong which I’ve already spotted in one of the huge stores in the area we went last night (what matters now is tatay-doc’s budget!).   After the training day at the center, we went to the electric town of Tokyo which is a  few stations away from the place of our accomodation.

Akihabara (秋葉原?) (“Field of Autumn Leaves”), also known as Akihabara Electric Town (秋葉原電気街, Akihabara Denki Gai?), is an area of Tokyo, Japan. It is located less than five minutes by rail from Tokyo station. Its name is frequently shortened to Akiba?) in Japan. (アキバ)

Akihabara is a major shopping area for electronic, computer, anime, and otaku (people with obsessive interests) goods, including new and used items. New items are mostly to be found on the main street.  First-hand parts for PC-building are readily available from a variety of stores. Tools, electrical parts, wires, microsized cameras and similar items are found in the cramped passageways of Soto Kanda 1-chōme (near the station). Akihabara gained some fame through being home to one of the first stores devoted to personal robots and robotics. Sourced via : Wiki

I know if you’re here with me, you’ll definitely love Akihabara too.  It’s hard not to appreciate the neon light forest of this Tokyo district; not to forget at those drool-worthy DSLRs, computers, cell phones and more.  Someone should hold me from shopping!  *afraid gumastos*

One of the biggest stores of brand new electronic gadgets in Akihabara is Yodobashi-Akiba.  It houses all of the latest techie-person’s indulgences…And did I already tell you that once a foreigner’s passport is presented, Japanese tax of 5% is waived upon purchase/s?   Now, that’s sweet!

Collectors’ items range from the most expensive cartoon and movie figures to new and second-hand cool gadgets…

At this early, I know I and my newly-found friends and colleagues will revisit Akihabara soon for more sight-seeing, window shopping, literally shopping (probably them and not me, for I know all the angels and saints will lead me not into temptation; hahaha!) and just to chill out. The place is so inviting, is it not?  Actually, one of the the DSLRs was winking at me! 🙂 Naaahh….

See my doing-the-tourist-thing photo on the left?  Do I look enjoying or not? hahahaha…

Not even the lure of this heaven can replace the fact that I still miss you ‘ney and Gabby.

I love you.

Till my next letter;

:) tatay-doc.



    1. it was overwhelming; long story…
      my family and i religiously communicate via ym voice mail/webcam every night from the start of my day1 here. technology has been soooo useful.

  1. Hi Doc! Finally, I was able to catch up from letters 1 to 4, but will leave my comments here. =)

    I can imagine your excitement when you saw the sukiyaki. Iba talaga when it’ll be served to you in Japan ‘no? It’s like my experience of my first taste of authentic shawarma. 😉

    I love the neon lights. How’s the weather over there? Whenever I want my dose of Japanese peeks, I do watch Lost in Translation.

  2. common doc buy the DSLR now LOL…. but the problem is it’s hard to read instructions they’re all in Japanese hehehe just buy the SD card or memory sticks na lang hahaha

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