Dear Tina+Gabby,

On my first break , my 2 Japanese trainers who are younger than me treated me for lunch across our work place at Yurakucho.

They’ve asked my favorite Japanese food and what else would that be but…

SUKIYAKI ! I was overwhelmed with joy, hahaha šŸ™‚

After loooong hours at the center, I kept my first dinner in Tokyo simple yet another favorite…


Then on my second day, I’ve been missing you more so I dwell on my homesickness by finding another set of comfort food…

My colleagues brought me to a restaurant that the name escaped my memory but the taste and the authentic experience remained remarkable… It’s a lunch set that’s composed of a salad bar, soup and an entree of choice; plus dessert –all for the price range of Y850–950 (PhP 425 –475).

If only for food, I’m loving Tokyo now.


My first meals could have been more satisfying if you’re here.

I miss you ‘ney and Gabby.

I love you.

Till my next letter;

šŸ™‚ tatay-doc.



  1. Hi Doc. Your there na pala. I know how you feel. Ganyan din ako on my first week here then what is worst pa, ang internet dito is a bit pricey at per data and charge. Pero I dont care about the price basta important for me, I can communicate with hubz and the rest of the family with webcam hehehe!!!

    I love sukiyaki. Meron din yan dito pero havent tried pa. That one looks so yummy. Sarap ng food yumm yum

    Enjoy your stay there Doc. Remember…malapit na tau umuwi!!!yehey!!!

    1. hi jeanny, good thing that even if our place of accomodation is smaller than expected, the broadband net connection per room is free and fast! šŸ˜€

      …will post more food tripping pictures soon…
      thanks for the kind words; enjoy sidney too..

  2. glad to see you’re starting to settle in. the food looks really good. i have been going over and over my brain today trying to pinpoint what food i am craving for – then i realized after reading this post that i am salivating for sushi and tempura.

    enjoy your stay in japan.

  3. penge ako nung assorted tempura! looks like you’ll enjoy your stay there docgelo. pagkain pa lang solve ka na! he he!

    1. solve? too easy to say..perhaps half way there; haven’t explored most of tokyo’s gustatory stimuli yet. but i so agree that my meals so far are delicious!

  4. food tastes much better if it is shared with family. But in the meantime, enjoy your stay in Japan. i bet sa uber busy with the training, you wont notice how time flies. hang in there. šŸ™‚

    PS OMG! look at that fish roe! yummy!

  5. hi doc! nagyon lang ako nakapag comment sa mga posts mo panu nire-read ata as spam yung mga comments ko pag sa office ako nag co-comment kaya sa bahay pa ko nag iinternet. hehe šŸ˜‰

    waaaah tempura! genuine tempura na yan doc kasi japan na talaga! drool drool haha!

    kapit lang doc! kaya mo yan! one month lang dba? enoy the ride! and kayang kaya mo ang training! kaw pa! šŸ™‚

    1. doc Z, i usually take warm and long baths after a day here in my own tub; so it saves me a lot going to somewhere relaxing. thanks for the visit.

  6. I am partially reliving my first time experience in a foreign country (Japan also) as a Colombo Plan trainee through your blog! I’ll be following your “Letters From Tokyo” keenly.
    Enjoy your stay there! I did! Immensely.

    1. hello, elna. mura lang yan, i got it for Y800+ (PhP 400) on my first night in Tokyo. But I was more amazed when I found out from my colleagues that a certain department store named Remy which is near our place here, sells these types of sushi for Y500–Y900 at a 30–50% off whenever the clock strikes 8:3PM. isn’t it a better deal? šŸ™‚

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