Dear Tina+Gabby,

Other than numerous vendo machines at every corners and sidewalks, another noticeable features of Tokyo are the presence of the Metro railway stations and some bike parks proving that train and bicycles are the ways to get you into places around the city.

One has to have a map at hand to know where to go or get off.

I found the Tokyo Metro Rail System too efficient.

I like the scenes at the stations where people who are neatly dress for their jobs are rushing in and out of the the trains.

Look at the scene at Shinagawa Central Station at 8 in the morning…

How I wish we have winter season too and we get to wear these clothes casually.

Some trains are labeled as ‘local’ that means they stop at stations; while those tagged as ‘limited’ are something like express that only travels from pole to pole.

How I wish Pinoys will be as disciplined as Japanese who keep their lips sealed during the rides that even a pin drop would be heard inside the train.

I wish you’re here.  I  think my daily morning train rides will be better if you’re with me. 😦

I miss you ‘ney and Gabby.

I love you.

Till my next letter;

🙂 tatay-doc.



  1. and how i wish too that we had an efficient railway system the same as those in other countries! para kahit magcommute, madali lang!

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