FRIDAY –After my office handed me my passport+visa and allowances, I went to SM Megamall to buy things that I’ll need for my month-long training in Tokyo.  Before shopping, I had my late lunch alone…

Although Buco Pandan Shake, Max’s Fiesta Plate and Halo-halo literally filled my tummy, I still felt half empty without Tina+Gabby on the table with me. 😦

That’s why last…

SATURDAY — As I tried my best to stretch our weekend family bonding 3 days before my trip, we found ourselves in this all-day-breakfast restaurant once more…

Gabby had that milkshake again; this time he tasted what they called BLACK  and WHITE… sarap!

(at Mr. Jones, the entire volume of their blender is served; excess on a canister)

I had to thank my wife for her suggestion to have our Saturday lunch at Mr. Jones again.:)

A relaxed and casual ambiance is coupled with great tasting food in huge servings at Mr. Jones. It was only our second time to dine there but we declared it’s officially included in the list of our favorites!

We started with a warm bowl of CLAM CHOWDER.

We usually favor thick soup and Mr. Jones’ Clam Chowder is otherwise; but since it’s so flavorful and creamy, we still give our two-thumbs up!

The first time we were there, Tina enjoyed Mac and Cheese.  Last Saturday, she opted to try another entree from the menu. She passed on the pasta choices and had FISH and CHIPS...

Surprisingly, it’s bland fish fillet but there’s always that salt and pepper on the table to spice it up a bit and its 3 dips of vinegar, mayo and ketchup also did the trick. It wasn’t that oily; was only OK for our taste.

I thought of ordering US BEEF RIBCAP & TAPA GARLIC OVERLOAD which I had last time (it’s one of the great-tasting tapa!) but opted to try SUPERMAN BURGER instead…

Did I like Mr. Jones 350 grams Superman Burger ?  It stimulated my palate so well; I was so overwhelmed!  The ham on top with caramelized onions is so tender and tasteful too!  This plate is another must-try from Mr. Jones.

We left our seats and went off from Mr. Jones with to-go of our leftovers; I told you, the servings are huge enough to share or for take-home.

For desserts, we had scoops of gelati from GELATONE!

It was nice to partake in their fund raising that afternoon to help out donate books via foundation to less fortunate kids. A portion of their income from 12noon to 4pm that Saturday for every scoop of gelato sold is given as donation. What a way to enjoy italian ice cream for a worthy cause.

We had Mango (for Gabby), Ferrero Rocher (for me) and Frutti de Bosco (for Tina).  Tina’s choice is my favorite from Gelatone; it’s a mixed berry-flavored sorbet.

Ms. Tess, the owner herself met us inside her resto and offered us free samples of freshly made Pistacchio gelato. She pointed out that there’s a lot difference in the taste of frozen gelato compared to the newly prepared one; the latter is tastier of course.

Kudos to Gelatone for being kid-friendly establishment! 🙂

Outside the store last Saturday, children’s books -in Filipino and English were sold at a discounted price due to the charity event. We bought Gabby 2 story books that he took home with a smile.

SUNDAY came and we headed off to church. It’s usual for our family to visit Antipolo Shrine (Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage Cathedral) and hear mass before going on a trip.

Our late Sunday lunch was at Goldilocks, Sta Lucia East mall.(Yup, we went places last weekend–from Makati to Antipolo!). We had Halo-halo again ( isn’t it a staple every summer?) and some of our favorites…

Kare-Kare and Pancit Malabon…

Beef Kaldereta and Fresh Lumpia…

Thank you Lord, for all the blessings! 🙂

Next post hopefully, will be about you know where. *wink*


  1. grabe, nabusog ako sa post mo hehehe, I’m on a diet pero tataba ako sa blog mo hahaha, now I miss halo-halo so much! but it’s still cold here to eat ice cream and halo-halo hehehe, doc happy trip ha at ikiss mo ako kay “hachiko” hehehe sana wala ng lindol dito we had it 3x yesterday with 6.6 magnitude the strongest one, bon voyage! and don’t forget to buy pokemon stuff to Gabby 😉

  2. Isn’t halo-halo just perfect for summer? I love it! 🙂 And since it’s El Nino too.. I’ll make mine a special. Hehe.

  3. hi doc g! it’s been a while since I visited here…
    anyway, dami na nangyari. you in Tokyo already? hope you had a safe trip. enjoy the sights and sounds of upcoming spring, and I’m sure you’ll be enjoying the authentic Japanese food everywhere!
    here’s a little suggestion if nobody else mentioned it yet: if you manage to drop by Akihabara or Harajuku, try eating at the Kyuushuu Jangara ramen shop. And if you want the best sushi, go to Tsukiji early in the morning 🙂

  4. hi doc g! it’s been a while since I came here, limited na internet.
    you’re probably in Tokyo na by now. here’s a little suggestion if wala pang nag suggest: if you find yourself in Akihabara or Harajuku, do try the ramen at the Kyuushuu Jangara shop. for the best sushi daw, go to Tsukiji fish market at dawn or early morning.
    meanwhile, enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of springtime there 🙂

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