Dear kind readers,

Here’s a word from Ms. Tess Songco, owner of Gelatone in Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati City…

It’s time to give back! Gelatone continues to celebrate it’s upcoming 3rd year anniversary this April by hosting a charity event this Saturday! Proceeds of every scoop of gelato sold from 12NN to 4PM will be shared with Top of Your Head to buy books for the AHON Foundation. How cool is that! A yummy scoop of gelato to promote reading for the young in public schools! That’s Saturday, March 13, 2010, 12NN to 4PM.

It’s for a worthy cause so I am all for it.  I will appreciate if you can spread the word to your friends, families, colleagues and the entire universe. 😀 Thanks!

PS : Ms. Tess, Thanks for the e-mail. My flight to Tokyo is on Tuesday so we will try our best to drop by but in case I’ll be busy preparing for my trip, at least my blogger-friends can help you out with this charity event. Good luck and continue to spread God’s love with more activites like this and thanks for providing us one of the most delicious gelati in town!


    1. op kors, kg! i will update my blog whenever i’ve time. i just wish my accomodation is wi-fi ready (balita ko bilis ng net sa tokyo) and hope to explore the city at night and on sundays.

    1. hello, justine. welcome to my blog and thanks for the visit and kind words.
      sure, i’ll try to navigate tokyo during my free time and will definitely share my experiences. 🙂

  1. wow, malapit na pala ang alis mo, ilang tulog na lang.

    good luck, try to absorb every stimulus and always react with a smile on your face. take a ton of photos too. all the best.

  2. Have a pleasant adventure in Tokyo! Tokyo was the first foreign place I visited. I stayed in Japan for 6 months on training as well, and it is, to this day, a pleasant memory safely stored in the harddrive of my mind. Enjoy your stay!

  3. wow doc lapit ka na palang pumunta dito sa Japan sayang malayo kami sa Tokyo eh di sana makikipag EB ako sayo hahaha, hey doc don’t forget to take a lot of pictures huh! and try to go to harajuku during weekend ha….teka are you the owner of gelatone?? kasi parang “gelo” e hehehe, happy trip ha pag may tanong ka let me know naks naman parang marami akong alam sa Tokyo LOL

  4. TOKYO, here I come! lol! lapit na pala ang alis nyo, Doc.
    Update us whenever you can, will ya? 🙂 Have a safe flight and good wishes on your training!

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