Granting a request of a preschooler son and apparently trying to stretch the moments of family bonding few days before I submerged myself into serious 30-day-medical training in Tokyo, we watched Alice in Wonderland.

Our experience of seeing this movie wasn’t as spectacular as the other movies we love like UP, Harry Potter Series, Chronicles of Narnia and Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy to name a few.  My family and I watched it yesterday in Gateway Mall, Araneta Center but casually went home and talked nothing about the movie which I thought was uncommon for us.

Sure, it was visually stunning.  Costumes, make-up, set design and graphics are all fantastic but the entire movie fell a little flat for our taste.  Despite the fancy production and genius imagination of its director, I consider that the only reasons why the movie is worth watching are the humor and amazing presence of  Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp on screen. They were in their best elements! Their characters –the Red Queen and Mad Hatter respectively, stole the entire wonderland movie from Alice.  The other/s  who also caught our attention were Tweedledee and Tweedledum played by Matt Lucas. Being a Tim Burton movie, it’s a little dark – figuratively and literally. The one who played Alice failed to work her charm on us;  or perhaps, it might be just us.  

The Big Reveal :  It was the first time we watched a full-length movie on 3D.  (We only saw Avatar on dibididibidi during Gabby’s field trip).  The last time Tina, Gabby and I saw short film on 3D was in HK Disneyland’s Mickey’s Philhar Magic Theater back in New Year of 2007.   The reason why we try to avoid watching movies on 3D is the fact that my wife’s eyes aren’t 20/20; (so are mine). She has vertigo too and easily gets dizzy when triggered so she found those 3D glasses less appealing plus Gabby thought that they’re unusual.  At any rate, I will surely miss watching movies with them soon.  

🙂 Do you like movies on 3D ?

🙂 Have you watched Alice in Wonderland?  How did you find it ?

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22 thoughts on “TO WONDERLAND AND BACK

  1. My wife, 11 year old daughter and I saw the movie at Trinoma yesterday-I thought there were some wonderful visual effects in the movie-we thought is was maybe 1/2 as good a movie as Avatar-some of the scenes went on too long-over all I would say an ok movie and it is always great to see Johnny Deep in a movie

    1. hi mel, thanks for sharing your thoughts on the movie.
      after edward scissorhands and pirates of the caribbean series, my wife and i have become 2 of johnny depp’s millions of followers. although we think he’s more effective in those offbeat roles; he have grown much as an actor.
      have a great week ahead!

    1. perhaps, i just expected too much of the movie. but it was entertaining though, wasn’t as good as the others. acting wise from depp & carter, ’twas superb!
      pero parang letdown movie, ganoon… sorry.
      note to self : leave expectations at home next time.

  2. just came from a blog that also just gave a dismal review to this movie. sayang naman coz alice in wonderland is such a captivating story! 🙂

    1. i suggest for you to watch the movie whenever possible, if you like just to see for yourself; who knows you may like it. it isn’t that dismal but it just lacks something we want in an entertaining film. as i’ve stated, carter and depp really owns the movie!

  3. Still haven’t watched that. Don’t have the time (and money) yet.

    About the 3D question: I think the technology is a brilliant idea, not to mention a good way to destroy your eyesight, but in the end, one will miss the good old days of 2D. There’s nothing like being in the comfort of your seat, relaxing and NOT feeling dizzy. 3D kinda requires your whole senses to function, but that’s just me.

  4. I’m sure you know my thoughts already about the film. =) Ang weird nga eh, although I had no expectations hindi pa rin ako ganong nagandahan sa movie. Buti na lang medyo naaliw ako kay Red Queen.

      1. hi doc! ako na sasagot in behalf of jeanny. hihi 😛 (the bf lives in aussie kasi eh kaya napag kwentuhan namin) regular cinema daw is AUD17. hindi pa yan 3D ha! mahal dba! 😛

  5. I guess I’m now outdated when it comes to new movies, di ko alam meron na palang Alice in Wonderland hehehe. It’s so expensive here to watch a movie, my first and last time I watched movie here sa Japan was the AVATAR in 3D, I paid around $70 for 4 of us, mahal na sa US ang movie mas mahal pa pala sa Japan. We have a movie theater sa loob ng US base and it only costs like $4.50/person pero lagi 2 weeks late yun movie pero at least mas mura hehehe….natawa ako sa dibidi dibidi mo when I read it may accent pa ako nang binasa ko yan hahaha, the GIs (US militaries) who were stationed there in Zamboanga know that “dibididibidi” na yan and they know how to say it. By the way, di ko na lang papanoorin yan movie na yan, if ever sa “dibididibidi” na lang din hehehe

  6. i haven’t watched Alice in Wonderland but having watched a lot of Burton’s films it is expected that its a bit dark and not everyone will like it. I believe Burton’s version of Alice in Wonderland is supposed to focus on Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts because the original story has been done and redone before. Even though its an unconventional take on a classic children’s literature i would like to watch this. I just need someone to babysit the Little One. 🙂

  7. just as i expected it very similar to willy wonka. he actually make it look so weird. but im still watching it kaya hindi ko na tinapos sa pagbasa ng post na to.

  8. I hear people are less enthused after seeing this movie. Must be the fact that story is well known and has been interpreted so many many times.

    Nope, I don’t like 3-D. I watched Avatar half of the time without the glasses.

  9. same sentiments here. i couldn’t pass it up, but I won’t promote it so much. and my eyes easily hurt which is why 3D movie watching is not really enjoyable for me. i just happen to love depp and bonham-carter’s tandem. plus, I always try to see burton’s works.

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