In a month or so, Gabby will be done with his classes.  And 6 years after we became first-time parents, Tina and I still cannot believe that our little boy has done Nursery and about to finish Kindergarten soon.  I guess all parents out there would agree that it’s a BIG accomplishment already; although we know there’s a looooooooooong way to go for the 3 of us. At least we’ve started the first few steps happily together. 😀 

Preschoolers nowadays study lessons that my generation had learned later in grade school.  We take it as an advantage for them of course.  But let me ask you, when did you learn your proper and improper fractions and how to add and subtract them ? What about mixed fractions -the ones with whole number and a fraction ?  Synonyms and antonyms ? Concepts of Greater than and Less than ?  Differences of Solid, Liquid and Gas ?  Were they taught to you as early as Kindergarten ? *grin* 

It’s not only the preschool syllabus that evolved and became, IMO, far advanced (–again, I’m not complaining) but also the extra-curricular activities.

Last week, we heard our son singing screaming :

“Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams,  for my love….will see you..through…”

My wife and I looked at each other with astonishment! Where in the world did Gabby learn a very old OPM song?  😀  I, myself haven’t heard of it in years!

Tina and I are children of the 80s.  And at 33, I can still recall our preschool activities and whatnot but  I do not remember singing these songs in school when I was Gabby’s age :

My Love Will See You Through  by Marco Sison

Thank You For The Music   by Abba

Somewhere Out There  by James Ingram + Linda Ronstadt  (I remember this from a late 80s movie)

Yesterdays Dream  by Donna Cruz 

Actually, it was nice and fun to hear and see a 5-year-old kid singing somewhat-matured songs! 😀  He even picks up his Jumbo pencil and assumes it as his microphone while singing at the top of his voice. 

Tina and I are just proud parents and are so glad to be in a world of restless and young! 😀

I wonder what’s on for their next week’s classes… hmmm… *excited*

Meanwhile, here’s what Gabby was singing when I’m writing this…

We are the world of the restless and young
And we need a hand to guide us
Helping each other, build each other
As long as we’re together you and me

For together we stand, divided we fall
Together we climb to the top of the world
We can be what we want for the world to see
That we are the children of yesterday’s dream


😀  Can you recall your preschool days ? 

😀  What are your fondest memories of those years ? 

😀   What songs were you singing then ?


  1. “although we know there’s a looooooooooong way to go for the 3 of us”

    Alas… no Doc… I still remember, like it was yesterday, when my son was born… and now he is 17 years old …almost as tall as me… :-0

    It was NOT a loooooooooong way… it was way too short… 😦

    Soon he will have his own life and family…

    Just keep enjoying every minute with your son… time is flying away… that is life… but sometimes you just want to go back in time…

    Believe an old man ;-(

  2. yes time flies indeed when you see your baby grows, im experiencing that too 😦

    about 2 years ago, I can carry my son in one arm, now i can’t in both arms.

    on a lighter note, saya pre school ko. i was a bit of a tomboy and got in trouble with the boys in class. was sent to the principal because the boys tried to get my chocolait tetra pack so i squirted the drink in their faces. my mom always tell this story to friends.

    1. glad to know that peewee is growing bigger too. gabby has grown taller but his weight went down a bit. perhaps it’s because his appetite on solid food particularly rice+viand isn’t that big for he’s still picky. but i know he’ll favor adult food soon.

      you, tomboyish during preschool? wow, that’s a big reveal! 🙂

  3. ang bilis nga ng araw! oo nga ang advanced nga mga lessons now. baka naman pagdating kina aleksei eh nag aalegbra na sila haha! 😛

    wow future singer na si gabby! weeee! 😛

    1. i’m not good in simple math, neither in algebra! basta may numero ayoko! 😀

      …at times, gabby likes to sing especially when he learns something new in school. yun nga lang, medyo pang “matured” din ang kanta nila sa school; i mean they’re not into most of kids’ songs but pop. ok lang for as long as it has meaning and fitted for children. 😀

  4. bilis ba niya lumaki? ganun yata pag growing boy na. sweet nga talaga ng tatay. thank you again for spending a part of the hearts day with us at least it ended up with your two sweet ones.

  5. priceless milestone. wish to have my own kid too in the future! Ü

    hhmm, i met my life long friends when i was in kinder. after 20 years, magkakasama pa din kami. kadiri na. haha

    1. hey chyng! if your long time friend is a “he”, he might be “it” *kidding*

      seriously, i’m sure with your adventurous and fun-loving attitude toward life itself, you’ll be a great mom someday.

  6. up to now i still get mixed up with , I cannot tell which is greater than and less than. and at work I am not the only one who gets confused.

    when kinder classes are teaching “advanced” lessons, that could only mean great news, right?

    1. it’s indeed a great news! i just can’t help but compare how kids are more forward now in everything than in my time 😀 it’s a sign of progress of course!

  7. agree ako docgelo, kids learn stuff in school nowadays way earlier than we did! as in! yang computer na yan? grade 4 na ata kami nagstart. ngayon, grade 1 pa lang meron na! and yes, yang math na yan, grade 1 pa lang multiplication and division na! kung bata ako ngayon, malamang dumugo ilong ko! 🙂

  8. same here. parang ang hirap ng i-explain sa bata ngayon in a very simple way how to subtract with 2 digit numbers, etc. what more pag tinuruan na sila ng trigo, calculus, waaaa kukuha na ako ng teacher hindi ko kakayanin yung mga subjects na yun :p

  9. .. kung ganyan na ang mga tinuturo sa classroom at ngayon ako nag kinder malamang kulelat ako sa class! my fondest memories nung kindergarten – my teacher and my thick eyeglasses!

  10. I remember my younger aunts helping me celebrate my sixth birthday in school. It was my Prep year in JASMS Manila, as I recall. Because my aunts were all active in their respective school theater groups and my dad was in his office chorale, I was singing Broadway showtunes like Memory from Cats!

    I don’t really think that fractions, synonyms, and antonyms are way over preschoolers’ heads because I found my old workbooks from my prep year (and that was 1982!) and we actually studied fractions and proper grammar. I think the use of Disney-licensed workbooks helped a great deal. 😀

  11. I remember singing It’s A Small World. Especially if there’s a United Nations celebration at school. That’s why when I heard it in HKG Disneyland, it brought a lot of memories.

    1. yup, i heard it’s one of the newest attractions in HK disneyland; although i and my family haven’t seen it for the last time we’ve been there was last days of 2006 till new year of 2007.

  12. nyay, meron na silang ganyan talaga ano? my kids are in the german school kaya they still dont have things like that. my preschooler’s enjoying playful teaching of numbers and letters pa lang. they dont sit and write and have schedules like in the real grade school, sa grade one pa yun. though i know that my grade one dont have fraction, too. ano ba yun… sobrang demanding naman school nga daw dito sa pinas e, pero kaya nga daw pag dinala kahit saan, kayang kaya. though iba kasi ang system that they follow sa europe, esp sa germany. in fact, they only receive grades on their third grade… but they are not really behind. so i guess, depende rin on the quality of education and the teachers.

    1. hello kengkay! thanks for the visit.
      i agree with you that regardless of the school (or even country), quality of education depends on the teachers and students themselves. of course as parents; we’re supposed to be the greatest guide to them. 🙂

    1. hehehe. he started with enfalac and then we shifted to nido (+1, +3) and now he’s drinking anchor choco-milk na fortified full cream.

      …there has been no calls from the modeling agency after a week he did his VTR. perhaps showbiz can wait, lol! 🙂

  13. I can’t even remember going through lessons just like what Gabby and his classmates went through. But I guess teaching has evolved in a way that younger kids are introduced much earlier to bigger concepts and ideas. Or is it perhaps that the current crop is more intelligent than us kids of the 80’s? Ang tanda ko na pala ha ha ha!

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