Dear Gabby,

Although I immensely enjoyed my Sunday morning and afternoon with my co-bloggers in Binondo (which I will narrate to you here soon),  still nothing beats  spending Valentine’s with you and your mom, naks! 😀 

Your mom and I are so glad with your choice of movie; how many of your age would have interest in Zeus, Poseidon, Athena and the rest of Mount Olympus? 🙂 I myself have almost forgotten my Greek Mythology and haven’t found it more fascinating than this.

It was fantastic! My  Our kind of movie–no heavy stuffs,  just plain fun.  You know how your mom and I are both kid-at-hearts. 😀  The story line about Gods, Goddesses and Demigods didn’t bore me from beginning to end. It actually drew me to the scenes that I almost forgot my biggest problem to date; it’s so effectively entertaining! (at least for us, LOL).  How can you go wrong with the director of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone?  To cut it short, it was amazing watching the film with you and Tina as usual. Sarap ulitin sa Gateway Mall dibidi (joke!). 😀

I know your mom will less appreciate it (than dining) but I still insisted  managed to buy her official Valentine veggies from Rustan’s.

If Percy Jackson was magical, our dinner was a champion! 😀

We skipped starters and immediately ordered one of our family’s favorite pizzas…

It has been a while since we last tried this. You know it’s one of our comfort foods! 😀 

salmon + caviar on pizza =  Yum!


When you told us you’d liked to have a glass of iced tea, we never thought twice in ordering this for you…

TE PESCA, P98+  Peach flavored Iced Tea, refreshingly good!

And since your mom wanted to try other pasta and pass on our usual order of Rigatoni All Alfonso, how did you like this ?

Don’t you just like those bow tie or butterfly- shaped pasta called farfalle ?  ’twas your first time to try it, right?

Cibo really knows how to pamper our eyes and palates so well…

FARFALLE ALLA VENEZIANA, LA FAMIGLIA, PhP 455+. Sauteed bits of seafoods in cream + parsley + butterfly pasta

Your choice of dessert was also commendable!  Even if at first you’re torn between Mango Panna Cotta and a Chocolate slice; but we ended up having another old time favorite…

TIRAMISU.   It was nice you enjoyed it sharing with me and your mom. 😀

With Cibo’s absolutely delicious food, nice and edgy ambiance, almost flawless service  and watching that adventure-fantasy movie, we really had another fun start of the week.

Thanks, anak for making our Valentine’s this year memorable and complete. 😀

We love you.

Daddy Gelo (formerly Tatay-doc)

PS : BTW Gabby, who’s your crush in school ? *grin*


😀  How was your V-day? Did you celebrate Valentine’s Day or Single Awareness Day ? Is the acronym for that, SAD?  *peace*

22 thoughts on “GABBY’S V-DAY 2010

  1. You did all this + Binondo with fellow bloggers all in one day?
    Yes…too bad we did not meet during Chinese New Year but I went to Binondo on Saturday to avoid the crowd and be able to enjoy a romantic Valentine’s Day on Sunday.

    1. yup, i call it pure talent in multi-tasking, LOL!
      i joined dong ho’s ka-eskapo sa binondo before lunch time and we part ways at past 4pm (i’ll post it soon) then refreshed myself for an early dinner date with you-know-who at gateway mall; finally ended the day at the movie. 😀

  2. .. uy, cibo! i’m sure gabby enjoyed his v-day with you and tina. sino naman kaya yung crush nya sa school? haha.

    .. my v-day? it was a typical 12-hour work day!

    1. he has his crush and told us he heard 2 of his girl-classmates were talking about him as their crush too. kinder, concerned about crushes? hahaha!
      …will tell you more when you arrive home, ninong rob.

  3. belated greetings doc and family. you had a good one i see.

    we’re not big on V day. we spent the day pulling weeds (a dry weekend after weeks of rain) and ended the day with the $5 footlong Subway sandwich and a bottle of vino 😀

  4. A very unique way of [a couple (Doc Gelo & Ms Tina) in] celebrating Valentine’s Day! I need not to remind myself that Gabby is the fruit of your love for each other!

    I bet blow out din ito kay Gabby dahil second honor s’ya sa 3rd quarter. U

  5. I’ve only tried Cibo once with this girl I dated very briefly. Pricey for me hehe but I’m sure they serve it the healthy way since their ingredients are organic, right? That pizza looks delicious.

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