With those crooked lines and untidy sheet, this may be the most imperfect Valentine’s card to you but isn’t it LOVE when you see perfection in little things that are not ?

Never mind if the message was only copied from a teacher’s writing on the board; who would not appreciate LOVE this ?

I LOVE YOU GABBY & TINA (or Tina and Gabby). 😀

Enjoy your Hearts’ Day everyone!  😀

19 thoughts on “WE LOVE HIM SO

  1. It is love emanating sincerely from those copied note. And the red heart which he painstakingly cut using his little hands, oh, it is but the sincerest of LOVE from children that make us all teary-eyed each time we experience it..

  2. Nothing compares to the love of a child. Gabby is a wonderful child and he’s fortunate to have wonderful parents like you. Happy Valentines Day, Doc, Tina, and Gabby!

  3. even if it is just copied and instructed by the teacher to prepare one, you know that while he is writing that note, he is sincere in it and that he loves you too.

    Happy Hearts Day Doc,

    Happy Chinese New Year too 🙂

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