His mom went to her morning shift in the Operating Room today with her Nursing students and will be out by 2PM.  I was left to accompany our son, Gabby to his preschool to attend to a brief parent-teacher-meeting and claim his report card.  And to my surprise, their teacher’s aide greeted us at the school’s gate, “Congratulations poTop 2 si Gabby!”  😀 

Wow! Even it was so anticlimactic, certainly I cannot complain. It was ecstatic to hear those words so early in the morning! 🙂

Gabby and I sat in his room with other parents and kids. We shortly waited for our turn and when it came, the teacher prepared and handed me this…  

Sweet! 😀  It was only last November when Gabby made it to SIXTH PLACE ON SECOND QUARTER  out of 30 Kindergarten students in his class and now he sky rocketed to SECOND HONORS!  I cannot help but to have PPS (read: Proud Parent Syndrome) again. 🙂

I heard from his teacher while talking to other parents that the basic problem of the previous members of the honors list (excluding Gabby) was failure to follow exam directions. It really pays to follow rules.  When it’s asked to encircle, you never underline. 

Inspite of difficult and advanced preschool curriculum, Tina and I are proud that Gabby is picking up something from his 4-hour-a-day-schooling.  I will make a post of what kids of his generation study in school soon.

The teacher commented that Gabby was the only one in the class who knew one particular VERB (remember your action words?) and its SYNONYM. 

Teacher :  “Daddy, si Gabby lang po ang may alam ng synonym ng HUNGRY!  What’s your answer Gabby?”

My son :  “STARVING!”

Daddy Gelo :  (note to self :  You’re son’s  really a foodie at a young age!) 😀


21 thoughts on “A PLEASANT SURPRISE

  1. this post reminds me of wendy’y exam before, where she got bokya on part of her exam [diba sa exam, iba iba, may multiple choice, true or false, etc] kasi not following directions! he! he! she learned her lesson then…always read the directions! ganyan din ako dato. he! he!

    congrats to Gabby! galing! 🙂

    1. yup,ninong rob! hindi lang synonyms at antonyms ang lectures, sa math they already have proper and improper fractions! i’ll make a post about it soon. galing ng inaanak mo! sulit 😀

  2. good job Gabby! Keep up the great work! My hats off to doc Gelo and ms Tina for guiding Gabby in his studies. Doc Gelo, you have shown Gabby that learning is not confined in school but in family adventures as well. 🙂

  3. May pinagmanahan, and alam ko kung saan niya nakuha yung synonym ng hungry. It may be because you always say you’re starving when you feel like eating, na-pick up ni Gabby. Congrats doc.

  4. congratulations sa mga parents! galing galing ah! pero dito ako natuwa>>> Daddy Gelo : (note to self : You’re son’s really a foodie at a young age!) hahaha… sanay sa food trip.

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