After an afternoon at the zoo, my wife suggested for us to have an early dinner in a restaurant an eatery in Ongpin last weekend;  I was too weak to resist! 😀  

We went first to Sta Cruz Church, said our prayers and crossed the street.  It’s hard not to appreciate the beauty of Carriedo fountain (note to self : keep on dreaming for Europe).  However, just like Manila Zoo, I heard it’s also wailing for some maintenance and preservation.

Then we strolled from Sta Cruz Church to Manila Chinatown and  finally reached a hole-in-the-wall-Chinese fastfood.  Thank Heavens, we immediately spotted an empty table; an unusual sight at this very busy eatery.

Since our heartbeats increased after walking, first thing we ordered was something to chill us down. This fastfood’s version of Hong Kong Iced Tea is a champion! 😀  It has finely shaved ice with thin slices of lemons that made it tasteful.  At PhP 50, it’s so refreshingly good and affordable too that I almost ordered another glass.   Tina reminded me that we’re observing utmost prudence on the budget, so I settled with the hot tea on the house; I smiled and did not complain. 

We saw chinky-eyed customers flocking in non stop;  a strong indication that this food place really serves best-tasting Chinese treats.  We didn’t waste time and told the wait staff our orders… And voila, less than 10 minutes, they arrived on our tables…

SIOMAI .   One of the best, if not the best-tasting siomai I’ve tasted!. It’s gloriously delicious.

Amen! 😀

BOLA-BOLA SIOPAO is one of our common favorites.  Tina’s biased with Kowloon’s; I can’t blame her. But even Gabby liked the soft white bun of this fastfood’s siopao! The filling is its edge in contrast to other versions.  It has salted egg, strips of mushrooms, and a giant meat ball that’s so flavorful.

While we’re happy to try those 2 dimsums at its finest tastes, the next dishes suffered comparison from our favorite Chinese food places.


SHRIMP CHEONG CHONG FAN.  Tina and I had our initial taste bud’s exposure to this shrimp rice rolls 5 years ago in NZ.  Since then, it became our favorite. We usually order it whenever we eat Chinese. We love the version from LE CHING’S TEA HOUSE in Greenhills Shopesville and TirNoma and Shrimp Cheong fan from EMERALD GARDEN CHINESE RESTAURANT  in Roxas Blvd.  And because we’re used to generous servings of plump shrimps and its thick rice rolls from Le Ching, we’re a bit disappointed with this fastfood’s Cheong Chong fan. 

We barely tasted the shrimps because they were too small for bites; the rice rolls were too limp and thin, like the fountain and the zoo begging for improvement. 😀  The saving glory was its sweet and salty soy sauce.

We also ordered rice toppings…


“Lasang Tinola” , my wife commented. 😦  Tina, Gabby and I love Chicken Mushroom Rice, but again, our reference  was that of Le Ching’s so we find it quite different; gingery to be exact.  But I must state that their chicken serving is more generous.

I had the Spareribs Rice Toppings; ’twas fine. I was satisfied. 😀 I may order it again next time we visit…

It would be unfair if we won’t visit WAI YING again in Binondo to try their other yummies. I know a few more dine-in here would lead to its inclusion to the list of our favorites.  

😀 Have you tried Wai Ying ? What’s your favorite from their menu?

😀 Do you have plans already to celebrate this year’s CHINESE NEW YEAR VALENTINE’S ?

Last year, we had a blast; view HERE! and  HERE (you want to click it, don’t you? LOL)

For this year, I already have something in mind but we’ll keep it cheap simple; we’re CELEBRATING LOVE everyday anyway! 😀 


WAI YING,927 Benavidez Street, Binondo Manila (From Sta Cruz’ Church go straight to Ongpin then turn right to Salazar Street (where President’s Tea House is located, then right again to Benavidez St).



    1. i think everyone should be involved in preservation of the parks and fountains here.
      authorities can do as much but if everyday passers-by wouldn’t cooperate, efforts will be futile.

    1. i’m not sure with their quezon blvd branch but the one in aurora blvd cubao already closed years ago. ’twas also a date-place of my parents before. sarap nga daw dun.

    1. nope! last time i ate addidas was when we had dinner buffet in crustasia in shangri la mall. it was only my second time to eat it; first was 5 years ago in nz. it’s just not my type; but crustasia’s version is yum! but still hate the bony parts.

      let’s spread love to everyoone everyday! 😀

    1. hmmm, we’ve only tried chinatown’s restaurant in banawe, qc; north park in triNoma.
      i’ll remember your word whenever we pass by banawe. thanks.

  1. mayroon pa bang kowloon? i really was a fan of the bola bola siopao, it was the best.

    i’m big on dim sum too – i can’t wait to sample ongpin’s fare.

  2. sayang i don’t drink tea [hot or cold]. anyway, if i did, with the way you described the hong kong iced tea, baka napainom na ako. 🙂

    the chicken mushroom rice and spareribs look so pale! kaya pala, pati lasa pale. he! he!

  3. I live within a Chinese neighborhood (considered NYC’s second Chinatown) and your post just made me hanker for Chinese dishes. Now that their new year is fast approaching, I’m certainly going for a feast with my not-so-Chinese friends. How I miss bola-bola siopao!

  4. The spareribs, Doc Gelo, were they spiced (with garlic and black pepper) and steamed? It’s my favorite, I’m always ordering this in a Chinese Restaurant in Chinatown-Adelaide.

    The sculpture and the fountain reminds me of Dan Brown’s Angles and Demons. Maganda.

    1. yup, that spareribs rice is mildly spiced with pepper + garlic. ’twas ok but other restos’ versions are a bit better.

      glad you have an eye too for fountains! dream kong madala ang pamilya ko sa rome and the rest of europe one day, doc rj. sayang nga lang mga fountains sa pinas, kulang sa maintenance.

  5. yummy. near lang pala cya Masuki. dun din cya sa may Benavides. i haven’t been to that resto. dami talagang masarap na resto around binondo area. sarap mag food trip.

  6. I am a huge fan of Wai Ying.=) Is this the smaller Wai Ying in Ongpin? My favorites are the congees, noodles and dimsum. Their dimsum are the best. Try the Hakao and Fried spring rolls next time. You must also try the asado siopao and the chicken feet. Also the pork and liver congee and roasted duck noodles. You’re right with your observation about the rice toppings. For me, Le Ching wins for the spareribs rice.=) I never had luck in trying the rice toppings from Wai Ying. They always left me wanting more. But apart from the rice toppings, everything here is really good. Also try their milk tea.=)

  7. For my husband and I, Waiying is the Chinese resto to go to whenever we’re in the area. Bribe ko sa kanya yun whenever I would ask him to drive me to Divisoria, lol! We always order Roast Duck Rice for me and Beef Curry Rice for him, plus Hakao and of course their iced tea. May bitbit pang Thai Pao and Roast duck noodles pag uwi 🙂

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