Truth is, we went to Legazpi Village in Makati just across Greenbelt 5 to try a colleague’s suggestion –for us to subject Gabby to a VTR in a talent/modelling agency for TVC (read : TV commercials).  Oops, let me clear that out :  Gabby only had his photos taken and did a VTR; no casting calls yet, people! 😀  Of course we’ll let you know if he’ll be doing something beyond ordinary. (Well, you know for Tina and I, he’ll always be our GREATEST KID!) We just took a chance; brought him in and we’re glad that our little boy liked it!  He told us he was asked in the VTR room to smile, turn right, then left, turn the camera and smile, state his name, school and age and smile again.  If there would be no calls for a go-see or whatnot, then there’s no harm, just plain fun! 😀

After few more steps from the agency, Tina, Gabby and I with one of our friends found ourselves seated comfortably here…


Who says you cannot eat breakfast in the afternoon?  In Mr. Jones, some of our favorite morning starters are served all day! (Wala lang yatang tuyo, tinapa, danggit at itlog na pula’t kamatis, hehehe)

It was our first time to try Mr. Jones, a considerably newer food place  an upscale diner at Greenbelt 5 that’s  related  to Museum Cafe (also in Greenbelt), Chelsea Market Cafe (in Serendra) and Momo Cafe (Eastwood Mall and Robinson’s Place).  According to the wait staff, Mr. Jones serves breakfast-all-day beginning 11AM.

So at around 3PM, I was enjoying one of the most delicious TAPA in town…


U.S. BEEF RIBCAP “TAPA & GARLIC OVERLOAD” , Php 295+.  Servings in Mr. Jones are HUGE!  Sharing is inevitable! 😀 Take my word on it : it’s one of the yummiest breakfast plate I had 😀 The beef tapa were sliced as thin as bacon strips, so flavorful that it can still stimulate your palate sans vinegar and achara(pickled papaya)!  But the achara and a little-sweet vinegar also add up to the experience!  That tapa and garlic overload rests on a bed of garlic rice… Ahhhhhh…  ang SARAP!  😀 

The eggs can be cooked the way-you-want. I asked the smiley waitress what’s best, and she recommended scrambled. Actually, I don’t mind whether it’s sunny-side-up or scrambled. But it seemed like the staff really knows their stuffs. 😀


Surely, it deserves a second try on our future visits! It’s that good! 😀

For our commercial model-to-be  cute kid, he enjoyed sipping heavenly milkshakes from a tall glass and a canister…

CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKE, PhP 175+ This tasted like blended chocolate ice cream and we liked it! Gabby loved it.  What we liked about it? They serve you even the extra-blended shake in a canister if the glass is already full.  It felt like you had 2 for the price of 1. 😀 

Tina and our friend shared  a huge plate of….

MAC N CHEESE, PhP 350+. We noticed the use of 3 different pasta : rigatoni, penne and macaroni all fused into one dish; creamy and cheesy with bacon bits and mushroom.  It was OK but would not sky-rocket you to outer space. 😦 

Just look at the evidence that Mr. Jones’ Tapa and Garlic overload is really a must-try :

Whether Gabby will soon nail a bit player part in a TVC or NOT, we’re considering going back to Mr. Jones whenever possible if only for that tapa and to try their other breakfast-all-day menu! 😀


😀  What are your favorite breakfast meals ?

23 thoughts on “MONDAY : WE HAD BREAKFAST AT 3PM

  1. oh my! gusto ko tuloy ng tapa!!!

    dream ko yan kay wendy, na maging commercial star sya. kaya lang mahiyain yun. di yun uubra sa mga audition audition na yan! he! he!

  2. I like places that serve all-day breakfast fares. I love to have two eggs scrambled with two pieces of bacon, a couple of sausage links, and a huge serving of hash brown.

    Back in PI noon, the almusal we had was pandesal with cheese most of the time, so I never really learned to have tapsilog and the rest 😦

  3. Good luck to Gabby. You might wnat to try other agencies as well. You never know hindi ba?
    I’m salivating over the milkshakes! Mukhang masarap nga!

    1. for now, we just gave in to the suggestion of my colleague. subok lang muna.
      sakaling may kumuha, then we’ll see. kung wala, ok lang. ’twas all for fun! 😀

  4. .. best of luck to my godson, potpot!

    .. my fave “agahan” meal would be danggit, tuyo or daing w/ fried garlic rice and sunny side up eggs. 😀

  5. wow sana maging commercial kid na si gabby! 😛

    ay doc, sister resto nya yung chelsea and momo and m cafe? dami ko nga nababasa na masarap nga daw food nila pero medyo pricey nga. and sabi masarap daw milkshake nila eh. i need to try that soon waaah! 😛

    1. we’ve tried the chocolate milkshake -it was damn good, dyanie!
      also available in vanilla and strawberry.
      i saw the waiter holding an arce dairy ice cream tub; i’m just clueless if those were used to make the shakes. lasang blended ice cream; really delightful!

  6. Actually pwede nang maging endorser si Gabby ng Mr. Jones!

    With that size of tapa over garlic rice with egg, siguro tatlong ganyan ang u-orderin ko. The serving looks so small (o siguro malakas lang talaga akong kumain?)!

    Good luck kay Gab. o”,)

  7. I just ate here! Ang sarap ng chocolate milkshake, right? And they give you pa the extra that came from the blender. One of the best I’ve tasted. Was happy I got to try the resto at last. The dishes we ordered- Superman Burger and Steak & Eggs were also delish. Good service too. 😀

  8. Hey, I was just blog hoppin’ and I came across this entry. Been meaning to try the Mr. Jones tapa. I’ve always been a fan of Grams Diner tapa, but maybe one of these days I’ll try Mr. Jones’s 😉

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