I give the credit to my wife, Tina who suggested we bring our son, Gabby back to a place that’s perhaps so familiar to you and me; feels like our relatives do exist there (pun intended)  hehehe 😀

No, we did not go mall-hopping last weekend but instead revisited creatures that can remind us of our childhood.

The picture below can tell you that Gabby was too uneasy with the claws of this colorful feathered friend on his left shoulder, nevertheless still managed to smile for the cam (read : no coercion was done for him to smile, *wink*). 😀

It has been years since we first brought him to KINDER ZOO –an interactive (read : guests can touch animals with guidance of zoo keepers) and it’s a more colorful zoo inside Manila Zoological and Botanical Park  a.k.a. the good old Manila Zoo that has been existing for more than 50 years, would you believe ? 🙂  When was your last visit to the zoo ?

Kinder Zoo is a smaller scale but with a higher rate of PhP 65 compared to the Manila Zoo’s entrance fee of PhP 40/adult and PhP 20/child below  4ft.  The 2 fees should be paid if you want to experience both and expect to see what your money’s worth.

For a family like us who have been fortunate to experience a few parks abroad, Manila Zoo suffered another comparison. 😦 Yes, we’re grateful that it is still on operations for more kids will be exposed to “most living things” quite up close, but a little more improvement and a huge reform on maintenance and cleanliness definitely won’t hurt.

Anyway, inside the Kinder Zoo, non living things like original Lego structures are installed…

Even Pooh, Piglet and Tigger can pose with you without a flicker, LOL! 😀

Even Tortoise knows how to smile…

Manila Zoo still has its one and only large mammal…

Yes, she’s the same elephant you probably saw during your educational fieldtrips or ordinary visits to this zoo during your wonder years.


Apparently, the zoo has improved through the years, but further development can be done to enhance it more. 

I know ecological balance can’t be totally observe in a zoo with cages and all but it’s a responsibility in a way for parents and adults like us to teach our kids about nature and get them exposed to it as close as possible.



23 thoughts on “ANOTHER VISIT

  1. natuloy na din kayo sa Manila Zoo. tama ka separate pa ang bayad to enter the kinder zoo. although interactive nga cya. sana nga lang ma-improve cya gaya ng avilon zoo.

  2. seeing the series of legos and as i was browsing down, at a glimpse i thought the turtle was also a lego. hahaha… great bonding time. looking forward to our binondo food wok this sunday.

    1. we only stayed for an hour or so in the zoo; enough for gabby to experience again being with other living things 😀 nonetheless, ’twas another bonding time for our family.

      see you on sunday, dom.

  3. I visited the Manila zoo a few years ago… I should go back.
    I am happy we have such a zoo in Manila but I agree…it could be improved a little. I thought that elephant died already :-0

  4. akala ko namatay na yung elephant na yun?

    the last time i was in manila zoo was perhaps 5 years ago. and i was saddened by its condition, especially of the animals. some of their habitats were dirty and smelly. at di na sya ganun kaganda. sana maayos ulit.

    1. manila zoo is still stinky, kg. quite depressing especially in contrast with other similar facilities abroad which are well-taken cared of. but kinder zoo is a little OK but also needs further improvement.

  5. Wow! Yan din yun? Galing ah, pero parang mukha syang kawawa.
    Anyway, dapat talaga ng massive makeover yang Manila Zoo. Sana more animals, better cages and handlers, more shows and ads para lalong puntahan ng mga tao, thus more revenue. Kasi kung the same lang yung makikita, people won’t go back. They have to have something new every now and then.

  6. I didn’t know Manila Zoo has been renamed. It must have been back in the 90’s when I last visited it! It’s a pity that the zoo couldn’t even come to par with its neighbors in Singapore or Thailand. If this a government property I wouldn’t be surprised.

    1. no, dennis. it’s the exact name of manila zoo (manila zoological and botanical gardens -sans the flowers, lol) kinder zoo is just an additional attraction inside where visitors can touch and feed the animals for another fee.

  7. Anong ‘gustong maging’ ni Gabby paglaki niya, Doc? Kapag sabihin niyang zoo veterinarian ayos lang po ba sa inyo? o”,)

    December 9, 1996 ako una at huling nakadalaw sa Manila Zoo. It was my first time to see African animals. Cool! Sana tulad ng fountain, aayusin din ang Manila Zoo.

    1. he’ll only be 6 y/o this october but as early as now, he dreams of becoming a chef one day; perhaps because of his exposure to food, restaurants and few hotel buffets we’ve been to, and his habit of watching asian food network other than cartoons.

      if he wanted to become a vet like you one day, we’ll not oppose. he’ll be what he wanted to be, naks! 😀

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