Sometimes, things we do unplanned turns out to be a pleasant one. 😀

Last Sunday morning, immediately after we heard mass, Gabby asked Tina and I if we can go straight to grocery.  Since it wasn’t scheduled, we asked him why.  He only wanted us to buy him a box of his favorite cereals.  How can you say NO to an innocent request ?  So we went to Landmark supermarket in TriNoma to buy his cereals and some supplies for our fridge.

As I was pushing our grocery cart, Tina spotted this…

Despite the fact that we still have our stocks of chocolates in our fridge that mostly came from our relatives abroad as their pasalubong last Yuletide season, Tina still thought I’ll like it; for I am a sucker for Dark Chocolates.  She kiddingly told me that it’s already her early Valentine’s Day gift for me. I took her statement in a jiffy and smiled my widest. 😀  I also asked her to get one for herself; I know other than the love for chocolates, she also likes tin cans. Yes, she casually collects tin cans. In a heartbeat, she also got this from the grocery shelf…

Packaging was so nice! It’s a slide-on tin can with embossed illustration of what to expect inside…

Luscious chocolate pearls!  How can you go wrong with Hershey’s ?  For only around PhP 80 per pocket-sized tin can that has approximately 20 -30 choco-pearls, it’s definitely easy on the budget! 😀

Heavenly sweet! 🙂

Oh, and we didn’t forget to buy Gabby his request. 😀 

Do you like chocolates have sweet tooth too ?

What’s your latest grocery finds ?

27 thoughts on “CHOCOLATES ARE LOVE

  1. Alam mo, kapag time na mag-grocery, hindi ako sinasama ni misis (katulad kahapon). Maghintay na lang daw ako sa labas. I usually get “other stuff,” thus ruining her budget. 🙂
    But I think we’ve got to try this. Nice packaging ha!

    1. one has to push the embossed choco pearls design to open the lid, nice packaging talaga, very handy pa; can give anyone a sugar rush anytime! 😀

      with regard to my family, i handle the budget (i know it’s atypical but wifey likes it that way, moreso i do of course!) but grocery shopping is a family affair to us; bonding time na din kasi 🙂

  2. my oh my! we’re due to have our grocery this week and i’m adding this to the list! naku sira na naman ang diet ko… nice post doc gelo. 🙂

  3. Doc! Dare I invite you, Tina, and Gabby to Heavenly Chocolates this Saturday? HC proprietor/chief choco-vangelist Benjie Pedro will be holding a sampling of Japanese chocolates at 4:00 PM.

    Heavenly Chocolates is next to Taste of LA near the corner of Roces Ave. and T. Morato, QC.

  4. naku doc ako n+aman super chocolates+ice cream last weekend kaya ang ending eh may sore throat ako now + ubo + sipon haha! note to self: kelangan ng gumaling! hehe 😛

  5. i love chocolates too. but not the dark ones. i prefer milk chocolates with nuts and fruits.

    naku ganyan ako pag nasa supermarket. i have all the things in mind of what to buy, kaso pag may nakita ako na bago sa paningin ko hehehe, buy ako agad.

    1. you’re like my son + wife; you all love the milk chocolates.
      i prefer dark 😀

      we usually bring a list of things to buy; or even write it on our cp’s draft and we never leave home without a calculator (read : we’re budget-conscious particularly these days, hehehe)

  6. wow the chocolates look delish! 😀 uber love dark choco!!!!

    latest grocery find– Post Selects Banana Nut cereal.. since i don’t eat cereals w/ milk, sarap lang sya papakin! 😀 try Post Honey Bunches of Oats cereal too.. love the one with choco clusters, pecans or almonds!!

    what’s gabby’s fave cereal?

  7. Nakakalimutan ni Ms. Tina ang prudence sa budget kapag dark chocolates at si Doc Gelo ang pag-uusapan. o”,) …sa bagay, PhP80 lang naman.

    I agree, the container of the new Hershey’s is nice. A ‘must have’ for collectors.

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