I do. 🙂    I have been to the country’s summer capital several times since my growing up years and every Northern trip with family and friends has been always exciting.  

It’s February once more and it isn’t only the LOVE month that coincides with the Chinese New Year (Read : Binondo, here we come!) but Baguio City will be literally in full bloom again as it celebrates PANAGBENGA FESTIVAL, one of the most famous and visited fiesta in our country.  If Pasadena in the US has Tournament of Roses, Baguio has Panagbenga! 😀  And this month, the festivities are scheduled on 27th, Saturday, for the Grand Street Parade and the following day 28th, Sunday for the Grand Float Parade making that weekend the most colorful, extra-special and memorable to all. 

If  time and chance will only allow us, we wouldn’t hesitate to go to the City of Pines again just to experience its below 20 degree-celcius-climate and to witness its flower festival. Nevertheless, we’re  lucky enough to enjoyed it 2 years ago with my entire family. 🙂  Have you experienced Panagbenga?

And there’s more of Baguio than Panagbenga!  What do I miss about Baguio ? Praying at the Lourdes Grotto after counting the steps up to the upper most area;  the zigzag mountainous roads on way to Philippine Military Academy;  exploring Crystal Cave; afternoon at the Wright Park and picture-taking at the gates of the Mansion;  attending mass at the Baguio Cathedral early in the morning and sipping free-flowing brewed coffee and eating a delicious hearty breakfast at Zola restaurant at the foot of the Cathedral, just along Session Road;  the restaurants along Session Road and more…

What else do I miss ?  A lot more things!  Breathtaking view of Mines View Park; the freshest veggies and strawberry-picking direct from its fields in La Trinindad, Benguet; Botanical Garden, spending an entire day at Camp John Hay;  going to the Chinese Temple-Bell Church, window-shopping at Ibay’s silver shop and a lazy stroll at Burnham Park.

We may not attend this year’s Panagbenga and still uncertain if we’ll have summer break in this beautiful place, but definitely, Baguio City will always be one of my family’s favorite local vacation spots. 😀

What do you like most about Baguio ?

42 thoughts on “DON’T YOU MISS BAGUIO?

  1. I miss Baguio but I never experienced pinagbenga yet.. hmmm nt my idea of vacation..hehe I don’t like crowded places eh.. but I miss Baguio because of strawberries, veggies, tam awan village and a lot more.. I miss sipping hot coffee early in the morning in Baguio.. haays

  2. I’ve never witnessed Pinagbenga festival yet and neither the Pasadena (when we used to live in Southern CA for 8 yrs LOL)….but I miss Baguio! My last visit there was 1992, 18 yrs ago hehehe. I miss the whole city and their food! I remember when you buy oil it’s by block (bloke bloke) na kasi nga malamig hehehe. I wish we could visit Baguio this year and visit my nephews there.

  3. i really do miss baguio. The last time i was there was way..way..way back. I was so young then. i really do want to go there and watch the Pinagbenga. how i wish i could visit too.

  4. I was supposed to go there in baguio last October, but sadly, I have had apprehension since the Ondoy aftermath was still posing imminent danger.Arghhh.

  5. Of the things to see and do in Baguio, what I miss most is the food! So many restorants to try in so little time. They serve one of the best salads. Really fresh produce is the key.

  6. I’ve been to Baguio last Nov 2009 (first time and definitely not the last). I love the veggies and the cooooooool weather. Hmmm, It seems Panagbenga festival is a good time to visit the City of Pines. ^_^

  7. hi docgelo,
    I’m an avid reader of your blogsite..
    (keyword: AVID)
    ngayon lang ako nag comment. I am from baguio.
    Panagbenga is in the air na talaga.

  8. 10 things i love about Baguio…

    1. cold breeze
    2. fresh picks (roses, mums, sunflower)
    3. strawberry farm
    4. don henrico’s big lunch!
    5. ube jam from good sherpherd
    6. baguio cathedral
    7. stroll at Wright Park
    8. tiramisu from Sizzling Plate
    9. ibay’s
    10. ukay-ukay 🙂

    and Baguio Market, of course 🙂

    1. totally agree, elna!
      oh, and you remind me of the best ube jam from sisters of good shepherd!
      now, i’m craving.
      but wait, i also remember the SANSRIVAL from sizzling plate, baguio! *drool*

    1. sm dun rob, maliit lang. or am i used to sm megamall, makati and the block?
      remember when we went there with doc neal, lg from manang gina’s place in candon? biglaan at balikan to ilocos, lol 😀

  9. i’ve never experienced panagbenga but ive been to baguio thrice na din. i miss their ukay ukay haha! and SM na walang aircon kasi malamig na haha! i miss Good Shepherd’s ube and Romana’s peanut brittle! 🙂

    1. i’m really craving now for that good shepherd’s ube! wla kasi dito sa may qc branch nila, lapit pa naman namin dun. baguio lang talaga ata. can we find it commercially? i mean in grocery shelves here? wla ata ano? that makes it more drool-worthy and a reason to revisit baguio…

      romana’s peanut brittle was on top of my list too before, but my craving to it didn’t last long. 😦

  10. i miss Baguio too!! we usually stay in Baguio Country Club (yummy raisin bread, banana bread and sovital bread) ♥

    of course, i miss the choco flakes, ube jam and penaut brittle from good shepherd too.. and the tupig/ puto we buy in Calasiao, Pangasinan on our way back to Manila from Baguio.

  11. I’ve been to Baguio on several occasions but never experienced Panagbenga which is quite a colorful festival from what I see. From my last visit, I’ve seen Baguio bursting at the seams – I hope the local government will stop this over-development further.

  12. nice family 🙂

    I love going to Baguio but havent experience panagbenga. Madalas kami dyan pag May kasi anniv month namin 🙂

    Thanks for sharing those lovely shots

  13. i miss the weather, the sceneries, the food, the freshness of the vegetables and flowers and of course the panalong shopping!

    ang cute cute ni gabby dito 🙂 bata pa sya no? bilog na bilog pa 🙂

  14. Sad but true: I haven’t been to Baguio since I graduated from college! 😦

    But I miss the tempura-fried mushrooms paired with tapuy at the Cafe by the Ruins, sunflowers in full bloom at the Teachers’ Camp, and picking strawberries in La Trinidad. *sigh* Good memories…

  15. I love the cool climate in Baguio, a must list for me this year is to finally see BenCab museum and strawberry farm=)

  16. nice to read about goodshperd baguio. goodshepherd tagaytay also have some products of baguio. ube jam, strawberry jam, and others. come to visit it . malapit lng sa manila. 1hour trip to tagaytay city..-adress is Bahay Pastulan, maryridge lane Iruhin West Tagaytay City.

  17. There is no place like home.Commonly uttered words, but surely will always be spoken.Baguio is my hometown.I love Baguio.Iba ka Baguio….

  18. hello doc gelo…happy new year!

    may i ask where did you stay in baguio?
    were planning to go there this coming feb..thanks!!!

    1. to be honest, we’re loyal clients of venus hotel near burnham park.
      it’s my mom’s favorite; value-for-money, proximity to almost everything.
      have fun in baguio, ms. ronelie!

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