It is Tina more than I do, who loves cereals and can enjoy it any time of the day!  I remember when we first had our buffet-breakfast in a hotel a few years ago, she immediately went to the spread with different cereals!  I can’t blame her; everyone knows how good these breakfast-starters to our nutrition particularly to our digestion for most of them, if not all are fiber-rich! 

You can just imagine how my wife was overwhelmed to try CEREALICIOUS at Shangri La Plaza Mall last Sunday. 

The interiors is impressive, dainty and attractive, likewise the menu.

How do you like your cereals served ? As Cashewblanca or The Karate Kit ?  You may want to try My Best Friend’s Pudding or I-Rone Man perhaps?

You might be fascinated with Bidget Jones’ DiaReese and Pirates of the Cadbury-ean!  Or may prefer Harry Butter Finger of Azkaban and/or Nutting Hill. 😀

Yes, the menu of Cerealicious is entirely named after famous blockbuster movies with a twist depending on the yummies on its cup or bowl. 😀

So the difficulty lies on choosing what to enjoy! Look at how my family was so engaged at the fantastic menu…


Tina and Gabby were so delighted to sample these…

JUMANGO. Cornflakes, Mango, Honey Crumble for Tina.

Roll the dice and go on a journey with exciting mix of Cornflakes, mangoes, honey crumble  and strawberry syrup. Your palate will go wild with this all-time hit. So in this game, can you guess my name?  Jumango!  

THE GUMMI RETURNS. Honey Stars, Gummi Bears, Marshmallows for Gabby.

Nothing quite like gummies to bring you back to life. You get a chest load of Honey Stars, Gummi Bears, Marshmallows to cast a spell of happiness not even Imothep can break.

At Cerealicious, there are also milkshakes, crepes, pancakes, oatmeal bowls, ice cream splits, cereal toppings tried and tested to be certified hits! 😀   And did I tell you already that their cereals are so easy on the pocket ? Trailer (small bowl) only costs PhP 60 and Blockbuster (big bowl) only costs PhP 110.

We heard mass that morning before grabbing a spoonfuls of cereals from Cerealicious.  Posts on our wonderful lunch and merienda to follow soon!  What a fine Sunday with family that was!

🙂 How was the start of your week ? 

🙂 Do you like cereals ?


CEREALICIOUS 2nd Level Shangri La Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong City.




    1. ako din, i’m not much a cereal fan, but i can’t say no to cerealicious. 😀
      i’m not sure if they have in makati area, but i know they have branches at robinson’s galleria, taft, and inside schools like ateneo, la salle, ust and in front of feu in manila.

    1. masarap jumango! and because i like mostly anything with ripe mangoes, i’ll try the K after tomorrow (special K, granola and mangoes) on our next visit. 🙂

  1. I love cereals though I never eat them with milk. I eat them as is.. parang chips! My favorites are POST HONEY BUNCHES OF OATS (with Pecans, Almonds, Cinnamon Clusters or Chocolate(, POST SELECTS BANANA NUT CRUNCH, REESE’S PUFFS and CINNABON CARAMEL PECAN CRUNCH! 😀

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