This is a quick post about something I really want to share (aren’t all my entries intended for public viewing? LOL).   So allow me to cut my usual blogging about my wife, Tina our son, Gabby and I  on family, food, family, food, family with this little something.

May I ask you ? 

🙂 What do Kris Aquino….

🙂 Boy Abunda

🙂 Coco Martin

🙂 Derek Ramsay

And 🙂 ME have in common ?

N-O-T-H-I-N-G !


My humble post (like the others that aren’t sponsored) about my experience as a one-time-judge in a bloggers cook-off conducted by Century Corned Tuna which can be read  HERE, was published with consent in the company’s newsletter.

BTW, that’s blindfolded-me=in-black  in a game called “Guess the ingredients/condiments” during the event last year held at The Stock Market at BHS, The Fort, Taguig City.

Being invited to grace that occasion was already a big thing for my blogging but I was so glad to receive requests via e-mail for my blog entry about it  to be publish as one of the articles in their newsletter.  Imagine, almost all bloggers present there had shared their experiences in their respective sites but only one was chosen to be part of the paper. *grinning* 

They even delivered a printed copy to my doorsteps. 😀

To the people behind this magazine and to their company, thank you so much and more power!

16 thoughts on “LEVEL UP!

  1. that just goes to saying that you are way ahead of the trend before the ‘artista’ came along. their in it for endoserment but they will never have the passion. you don’t even realize that by blogging you’re touching minds in a way a prescribed drug can’t remedy but I bet you already knew that!

  2. @ everyone : thanks for those sweet words but i’m no celebrity and as of present (who knows what future brings? lol) have no intentions of becoming one as i understand the demands of their status, lol. 😀

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