More than a couple of weeks ago, I’m already done taking down our Christmas tree and some decors.  But to our delight, the fridge has still few traces of the recent holiday season…

Although personally, I favor 2 local brands : Purefood’s Fiesta Ham and Excelente Chinese Cooked Ham which I think can only be bought from their store in Quiapo, Manila ( have you tasted Excelente Ham?)  my wife, Tina and I couldn’t say NO to this HUGE blessing….

Not to mention that we’re extra frugal these days so this leftover is actually a life saver! 😀

It was hand carried by my dad-in-law from San Leandro, Ca when he came home few days before the year turns 2010.  Believe it or not it almost weighs 9kg!  I can still remember my reaction when my in-law asked me to put it in the fridge from his duffle bag; I said, “Whoa!”  I was truly surprised with its humongous size! Plus, what made it different from the local cooked hams that I am familiar with, it’s already spliced in spiral from its core.

It has that usual ham-taste but with distinct tenderness.  I want it just fried without brown sugar glaze that comes in package.  

Sliced to and around the bone, FARMER JOHN® Premium Spiral Sliced Whole Hams are ready to serve hot or cold for any occasion and season. Slow-cooked for ideal tenderness and consistently sliced every time. Comes with a special spice packet for excellent color and robust flavor.

😀  Do you like ham?  What is/are your favorite brand/s ?

😀  Do you still have fruitcake leftovers from Christmas?

I’m craving now for a double decker ham sandwich with generous spread of mayo! 😀

19 thoughts on “HOLIDAY LEFTOVERS

  1. we still have 2 kgs of Festival Ham, which I got at the office before the holidays and a large container of real mayo from my cousin. I am planning to make an apple potato salad over the weekend to make use of it 🙂

  2. Hi, doc. While I am just as crazy about Christmas ham as everyone else, I’m a major queso de bola fan. But there’s so much of it here at home that I’ve had to be creative with it. Speaking of which, I just posted one of the “creative things” on my blog: homemade macaroni and cheese!

  3. after you cook this according to the package, i find that after a few days, heating it up in a dry pan before eating is really good. the glaze becomes a yummy coating then, hindi nakakasawa.

    i’m really not a fan of ham though, unless it’s the whole pata that we cook in 7-up or beer.

  4. like you we still have holiday left overs.

    we love excelente ham… per expensive na sila, 850/kg all meat and 1300/kg bone-in.

    we use the leftover ham to make yang chow fried rice and ham sandwich. 🙂

    speaking of which, i’m making myself some ham sandwich. great post doc gelo.

  5. hahaha i also have a left over ham. Just this monday, i cooked pasta with white sauce and some ham on it. MY cousin gifted my mom a ham which she bought at Earls and i find it good.

  6. …generous spread of mayo then may dalawang slices ng cheese! Masarap din kapag may lettuce. U

    Hindi ba salty ang ham from California? Doc ang nandito sa Au binababad ko pa sa honey, sugar at pineapple juice kasi kulang sa sugar ang timpla ng ham dito.

    Philippine Bureau of Customs is very lenient, kung sa Australia yan hindi makakapasok ang ham. It’s a veterinary concern, kaya maraming diseases ang livestock natin dyan. Hindi tuloy tayo basta maka-export (bukod sa kulang pa nga sa atin ang napu-produce nating meat).

    Just wondering, pwede kayang magpapasok ng Philippine ham sa CA?

  7. Farmer John is the best brand, and I would prefer the regular one not the premium and spiral cut. The reason is the meat doesn’t get too dry. The fat makes it moist (hehehehe). I cook it differently, simmering it in Pineapple Juice and bake it with brown sugar and cloves poked on the meat. For the glaze that I use on the side, I add brown sugar to the left over juice and reduce it until it becomes sticky.

    I remember when I was growing up, we would indulge with King Sue (not sure if this is the brand) Chinese Ham only on Christmas time.

    Please see how I garnish my ham here: Farmer John Ham.

    P.S. Believe me it is heavy and I have brought home one ham already cooked and I would not do it again. Hahaha!

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