🙂 FAMILY + FEAST + FUN = Sundays never get better than this! 

Yesterday, January 24, just before the clock strikes 12 noon, my wife, Tina with our son Gabby and I were already at the venue to attend my paternal Lola Tentay’s 90th birthday celebration with almost all of our relatives from my dad’s side.

Yes, there was the queen of the Pinoy feasts ~ lechon (roasted pork), courtesy of my cousin, Dr. CSM from New Jersey and a simple lunch buffet to everyone’s delight.  Check out my glutton’s plate, lol 😀  (click photos to drool more  enlarge)

My dad got the lechon plate for us to share 😀  Nevermind the cholesterol content; a reunion like this doesn’t happen on a daily basis!

Our Tita/Ninang Glo with her husband, Tito George who both came home from LA, Ca sponsored and provided us color-coded T-shirts with embroidered logo for the occasion. Yellow for all apo (grandchildren) and mga apo sa tuhod (great-grandchildren) and red shirts for all of Inang Tentay’s children.  The venue :  Calumpang Gymnasium in Marikina City. 

Who would have thought that this gym was deluged few months ago by the unforgettable Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana)?  The Calumpang gymnasium is located literally along the Marikina River…

The simple spread was provided by a relative-caterer, Martha’s Plate.  The feast was unpretentious; nothing fancy but deliciously satisfying! 😀


There were Chicken-Shrimp Sotanghon, Fresh Lumpia, Fish Fillet, Chicken Pastel, Beef Morcon, and of course, a cake!  Everyone had Buco-Pandan for dessert (which I forgot to capture).

After lunch, our balikbayan-uncle hosted the program with more than greetings and well wishes for our Lola but fun parlor games too! There were games for everyone!  Even the guests participated and all had nothing but cheers and widest smiles!  BTW, Gabby had his share on stage with his 5-stanza poem that garnered applause. Tina and I are so proud of him! 😀


The reunion-birthday party could have been happier if all our love ones abroad could come home especially my mom in UAE; and our relatives whom we visited in NZ before but now all living more comfortably in Melbourne.  Nevertheless, it was indeed another family gathering to remember. 

We all went home with similar wishes for our good Lord to bless our Lola Tentay with more years to be with us.  

🙂 Aren’t you proud as a Filipino that we value family and family-ties?

Till our next family-bonding moments!

23 thoughts on “10 YEARS MORE TO A CENTURY

  1. Woaw! 90 ! Happy Birthday to your Lola !
    She still looks strong ! Bata pa ! 🙂

    I am sure she was happy to see all her children, grandchildren and grandgrand children around!

  2. Happy birthday to your Lola on her 90th! May she live beyond a century. Btw, pahingi naman ng kaunting litchon, pakidagdag ng maraming balat LOL.

  3. wow! my lola also turned 90years old this month and a grand reunion was held in bacolod. i though was not able to join. my parents and two of my brothers and their family attended. extend my late greetings to your lola.

  4. Doc ha nanggutom ka na naman hehehe sarap ng lechon yan ang wala dito e. You’re lucky that you still have Lola at 90 teka doc si Lola ba ang may ari ng Tentay patis? o kaname nya lang? Hehe nasan ang Dad mo sa picture?

    1. sarap ng lechon, ano? miss mo na ba, missy? i’m sure you cook even lechon-kawali or grilled liempo there in japan! …natawa naman ako sa tanong mo kung lola ko may ari ng tentay patis! 😀 hindi po. my lola’s name is vicenta so her nickname sounds like a fish sauce brand, lol.

      my dad? he’s the grooviest in red, leftmost picture of the kids este senior citizens, lol. seriously, i’m proud of my 60 years old dad.. imagine, in few weeks time, he’ll be claiming his sss pention! hhehehe.. 😀

  5. Your lola must be the happiest person to see all that’s part of her bloodline under one roof during her special day. I miss lechon: that would be the first on my plate!

  6. Huhmn, sino kaya ang magaling na manggagamot na nagmu-monitor and maintaining the health of Lola Tentay? o”,)

    Wow, ang buko pandan, i have been missing it! Buti nalang walang photo, otherwise I’ll be craving for it for a week.

    …it’s nice to know that Melbourne, AU can offer a more comfortable life than _____, NZ. It makes me feel I am in the right country. (,”o

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