Still under the Subic sun, we queued to claim our lunch. As you know, amusement parks like Ocean Adventure prohibits patrons from bringing food inside; good thing that Gabby’s preschool had availed of the packed lunch inclusive of the tickets for all of us.

Breaded Chicken Fillet + Rice + Brownies = Not bad, actually…

But when we got in the bus, our baon prepared by my wife was so much better! 😀

While most of his classmates were holding forks with hotdogs, we’re eating unusual field trip baon. 😀

Home-cooked Kani Tempura was Gabby’s request; we even brought the entire bottle of tempura sauce! And it could have been a complete experience if we didn’t forget the chopsticks!  *grin*

Before we munched those crab sticks, the last feature we enjoyed at Ocean Adventure was their newest show called WALK ON THE WILD SIDE..

Rescued forest animals that serve as environment ambassadors are the main attractions shown in their newest venue ~ Eco-Theater.

My brother who’s a private pilot by profession had experienced Jungle Survival Course in Subic as part of their curriculum before he got licensed.  Now, Ocean Adventure had incorporated bits of that course in their show, Walk on the Wild Side….

Before animals and trainers were seen on stage, a true-blooded Aeta demonstrated the amazing ability to build and light a fire without matches but using only one grass : BAMBOO!  😀 

Can you do this ?

The indigenous Aeta named, Bruce (yes, Bruce!) also taught us how to boil rice and cook Sour Broth (Sinigang) using 2 different bamboo poles simultaneously prepared under one fire!  Kuya Bruce also showed how to make utensils out of what else but bamboo.

Then presentation went on with some of the animals that may be encountered in a jungle.  Winged creatures like owl, bats, and eagle were featured with reptile, cat, dog and some mice.

If there’s one important thing that I, Tina, Gabby and the rest of the kids, parents and other guests should always remember from Ocean Adventure trip, it’s the thought “LET’S MAKE EVERYDAY, EARTH DAY!” 😀

We left Subic at around 2PM and headed to Clark, Pampanga…

To be continued…

17 thoughts on “FIELD TRIP 2010 : PART 2

  1. oh my! is that guy actually holding a bat? cool!

    i bet most of the kids [and the parents] were impressed by the “fire starter”! i think that’s a nice skill to have.

  2. doc! sino yung may hawak na bat? parent din ba sya? hihihi 😛

    oo nga unique ang baon ni gabby. naaala ko palagi ko baon pag field trip eh tocino haha. maali kasi iprepare hehe 😉

      1. gabby doesn’t eat tocino (kami lang ni tina).. he likes kani tempura, fried and chicken adobo and some soups like sinigang and nilaga.

        hmmm, it seems you’re interested with the guy holding the bat, dyanie?! (click picture to enlarge!) actually, he also held the eagle, phython, dog and cat. and ladies – mommies swoon over him; after we got back in the bus, even gabby’s teacher was too obvious to have crush on this kuya monty.

  3. That is one fantastic field trip! I would not mind going there just to check out the place. Have you been telling Gabby that he is one lucky kid having you as parents?

  4. Great Subic trip! At panalo yung baon nyo. Anything home cooked sure beats those packed lunches. Mas masarap talaga! Great addition yang Walk on the Wild Side, people get entertained and become aware of the environment. I’m sure you all learned a lot!

  5. Ocean adventure really looks interesting to visit now because of you doc. It’s nice that they even have a walk on the wild side show, it’s pretty much the same show we watched in Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii where they showed how to create fire out of woods and also how to climb a coconut tree. They should do that too in Ocean adventure, I bet there are more experts in our country than in Hawaii hehehe. Sana mapaganda pa nila yun Subic. I’m proud of you doc, you’ve been a good model to your son…..sana pala may kasunod na si Gabby hehehe (biglang segway no hehehe).

  6. Instilling eco-awareness is great when it starts at a tender age, just like your son Gabby. I’m sure kids like him we’ll be more responsible in taking care of the planet in the future.

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