🙂 Can you still recall your educational field trips during your growing-up years?  

🙂 Where did you go and what were your fondest memories ?

Last Friday, 15 January, Gabby accompanied Tina and I to our field trip to Subic and Clark.  Oops, of course it’s the other way around, LOL 😀  

The event was properly organized and went generally smooth except for some inevitable little hassles.  Fees of PhP 900 per pax were collected a month ago.  Memos were distributed a week before the date, requiring preschoolers to wear their P.E. uniforms and for companions to wear designated color of shirts.  There were 5 buses; we’re assigned at Bus No. 4 and were asked to wear Gabby’s favorite color : YELLOW! 😀

Others wore white, blue, red and green (I think color-coding is cool when joining a group tour for obvious reasons). 

Inside the bus, we were attended by Gabby’s Kindergarten teacher, her aide and a facilitator a.k.a. tour guide from the Tours company.  The tour-guide, Kuya Chris started his job for that day with bring-me-show-me-game complete with prizes for the kids.  Gabby won a couple of pencils and an ID tag to his delight. 😀 

As expected the guide educated the kids and the parents with trivia about those places we passed by.  Below are some things Tina and I learned from Kuya Chris :

1. EDSA or Epifanio de los Santos Avenue a.k.a. Highway 54 (called as such not because of its length in Km as found on the web but named after the number of engineers who worked on this avenue), Circumferential 4 or C4, has talks of soon to be re-named after the late President Cory Aquino owing to her contribution of what transpired along its streets.

2. The longest bridge in the Philippines isn’t San Juanico, a stretch between Samar and Leyte but Candaba Viaduct connecting Bulacan and Pampanga provinces.  Candaba Viaduct is actually longer than San Juanico Bridge but being a land bridge, crossing only a few streams and ponds, it’s not generally considered.  

3. One of the most prominent Pampangeno was President Diosdado Macapagal and incidentally, all the letters of his surname are found in the beginning of the names of the towns comprising his province.  

M- Mabalacat, Macabebe, Magalang, Masantol, Mexico,  Minalin

A- Apalit

C- Candaba

A- Arayat

P- Porac

A- santa Ana

G- Guagua

A- Angeles

L- Lubao

(Other municpalities are Floridablanca, San Luis, San Simon, Santa Rita, Sasmuan).  After an hour of bus-ride from Quezon City, we reached Pampanga.  Then we had a 10-minute-quick-stop to grab a bite  buy some quick bites and have a bladder break at this famous bus-stop called DOUBLE HAPPINESS.

Tina, Gabby and I had baon of course – 2 liters of distilled bottled water, Chips Ahoy, Mini Chips Delight and some chips and nuts (yes, mostly junkies!) but still I bought some burgers and hotdog sandwich from Double Happiness just to try them to know if the food really live up with the name.

I paid PhP 32 for each Cheeseburger and PhP 38 for the Hotdog sandwich.  Cheap but the name of this pit stop, based on the taste of the food, should not be such, because we felt short;  we only enjoyed one ~not double, LOL. 😀

🙂 Other interesting facts shared by our facilitator :  SUBIC  BAY also known as CUBI POINT which is a former American Naval Base in the Philippines was named after the phrases,

Can yoU Build It?”  

So yoU Built It, Congratulations!” 

uttered by someone whose name slips my memory, LOL.  Have you heard of these before ?

Then several minutes more, we arrived here..


We’ve been to Ocean Adventure a few times before.  We joined the field trip for Gabby to experience it. As parents, Tina and I also believe that learning should go beyond books and outside the four corners of classrooms. 

I know some of you would prefer animals to be living appropriately in their natural habitats ~ the wilderness, the ocean, etc. and not as captives in zoos, or performing in circus and amusement parks like this.  The staffs of Ocean Adventure explained that most of the dolphins, sea lion and rescued forest animals they feature are well-taken-cared of.  And in my opinion, being in these places is the most accessible way to teach our kid/s  about life itself and the value of preserving the environment.

We’ve been to Kelly Tarlton’s in Auckland, NZ; I’ve seen Shamu, the Killer Whale in Sea World in San Diego, Ca, and of course, the closest to Manila ~ Ocean Park in Hong Kong where dolphins also perform.  The difference isn’t only location but Subic’s Ocean Adventure has an open-sea “stage” unlike where most sea creatures are featured abroad.

Long before Manila Ocean Park opens,  Ocean Adventure has has been featuring collection of fishes found in Subic bay and nearby shores…

Environmental awareness was early instilled in the young minds of  kids who have seen this…

Meet Madison, not a seal but a sea lion… 😀  She’s a member of the Marine Patrol that emphasized the 3R in their performance…

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 😀

The rest of our field trip on my succeeding entries.

36 thoughts on “FIELD TRIP 2010 : PART 1

  1. i remember my first fieldtrip and that was in grade 5. My mom joined me then and one of the places that we went was the PAGASA weather station and Eat Bulaga.

  2. I remember one of our field trips in highschool: sa Megamall. Hahahaha. Dumaan dun after Fort Santiago, etc. Gabby must have enjoyed much the dolphins and sealions show. =)

    1. megamall was so new and was so hit during your field trip! i miss fort santiago. this reminds me that gabby was still neonate when we brought him there. makapunta nga minsan with him & tina! 😀

  3. i have been to ocean adventure in subic too! years ago. super enjoy kami 🙂 and
    i was the chosen guest who did the exhibition with the sea lion. hehehe…

    1. lucky you, anne! actually, gabby was prepared to raise his hand just before the crew asked for a volunteer to be featured with madison, the sea lion. but we got a bit disappointed upon learning that it was preselected. the show’s awesome, though.
      fun, fun, fun! 😀

  4. I don’t think we ever had a field trip when I was in a grade school where most of the students could barely afford to buy school necessities. We had a few field trips in high school and more than enough in college (some of them course-required or for extra credit).

  5. naku 1st field trip ko ata ay mga museums something haha. oo nga tama, dapat pinapasama ang mga bata sa field trips (if kaya naman dba why not) para magkaron sila ng social life hehe 😉

  6. wow! mukhang enjoy ang kids at parents! 🙂

    usually, our field trips before were to factories of ice creams, pencils, food, whatever! kung hindi man, sa subic din….sa duty free! ewan ko ba kung bakit doon. perhaps we were taught how to spend our parents’ money! he! he!

  7. That’s a nice field trip with Gabby so which is better Sea World or Ocean Adventure? Looks like I want to go to Subic now hehe thanks for those info regarding Pampanga and Subic. Alam ko nga longest bridge yun between Pampanga and Bulacan kasi yun itlog sa bulacan pag dating sa Pampanga “ebon” na hehe (itlog in kapampangan is ebon).

    1. hello sardz! definitely my vote goes to sea world in san diego. i admire how they raise shamu, the killer whale and other sea creatures. sa kelly tarltons naman sa new zealand, one thing that’s unique with that ocean amusement park is their penguins!
      …lam ko din yang itlog –> ebon haha..:D

  8. nako… ang nakapukaw atensyon ko sa entry na ito ay ang DOUBLE HAPPINESS! stop over yan pag umuuwi ako sa amin sa bataan. you should try their bibingka and chicken mami.

    ay grabe ang sarap. hehehehe! huhuhu gusto ko na tuloy umuwi bataan. :p

  9. I remembered and fieldtrip namin usually sa factories ng ice cream and crayons, then sa luneta, yung sa planetarium 😉

    Subic ang sikat na field trip place ngayon noh, madami naman kasing pwedeng puntahan na maeenjoy at matuto ang mga kids. 🙂

    1. i’ve been to planetarium in luneta park during our grade school days. and most recently, i was awed at the planetarium at sm discovery center in mall of asia where the voice of harisson ford was used to annotate the things about the planets and the universe.

  10. Our trips usually has Manila on the itinerary. I remember trips to pencil and crayon factories too!
    Dapat yata nag SCTex kayo. Mas mabilis yung byahe.
    Anyway, ang masarap lang sa Double Hapiness eh yung goto nila. Everytime we pass by going from Pampanga to Bataan, lagi kami dyan dumadaan. Fave ng mother ko yun.

    1. i envy you for experiencing trips to pencils and crayon factories.
      ang saya siguro makita different colors melted and molded into crayons. 😀
      i was also expecting our bus driver would take SCTEX route but did not. pauwi ata en route to clark, we had taken it; not sure for i doze off. 😀

    1. it’s really a fun bonding time with the kids.
      i don’t know with other parents but tina and i felt like we’re kids again during that educational field trip! 😀

  11. our field trip destinations wayback 20 years ago were Coca Cola Bottlers in Laguna, Botanical Garden, UPLB, Bahay ni Rizal in Calamba, Fort Santiago, National Museum, Wild Life, Planetarium, Luneta and syempre Manila Zoo 🙂

  12. we went to ocean adventure last february 26, 2010 for our educational tour (Alpha Beth Christian Academy) and we experienced a lot of unforgettable scenes there from the jungle animals upto the presentation of humans like us. but most of all, we enjoyed the dolphin and the sea lion show. its really entertained us. wish we could go back again someday. and i’m looking forward to it! 🙂

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