Despite the mild U.R.T.I. (Upper Respiratory Tract Infection) and a ton of uncertainties I’m experiencing, God knows how grateful I am to Him and for all the love and support from my family and closest friends that Tina, Gabby and I are getting; it’s just overwhelming. 😀

Allow me to keep my hopes high and let’s all start the new week with wonderful things.

On the last quarter of 2009, my family and I were invited to HAAGEN-DAZS BRANCH OPENING in ROBINSONS PLACE MANILA where we received GCs. 😀  We enjoyed and shared with you via this blog our first experience with HAAGEN-DAZS FONDUE.  Then weeks  after, it was followed by MORE VELVETY ICE CREAM MOMENTS.  And this will be the third but definitely not the last of those heavenly pleasures.

🙂 Have you been to Seventh Heaven? 

Well, we haven’t too, but not  long ago, we’ve tasted it at least…  

SEVENTH HEAVEN, PhP 680+.  Seven scoops of Haagen-Dazs ice cream of your choice, fresh seasonal fruits adorned by sweet strawberries and rich chocolate sauce, served in a mist of indulgence. 

Scooping those balls of ice cream with little spoons and looking at each other’s faces while enjoying the plate together spelled another family bonding moment for us. 

The only difficulty lies on the selection of the flavors.

My wife, Tina, our son, Gabby and I chose our 7 :  

🙂 Vanilla,

🙂 Dark Chocolate Orange,

🙂 Cookies and Cream,

🙂 Macadamia Nut,

🙂 Vanilla Caramel Brownie,

🙂 Choc-Choc Chip,

🙂 Cappuccino Truffle.

This ice cream creation was just too divine for words.  I actually ran out of superlatives to describe the slow-melting-process and the delightful taste of each flavor, LOL 😀

Sure, we like yogurt and gelato but cannot resist ice cream temptation, can you? 

Worries are forgotten when moments are shared with the family especially with ice cream!

🙂  Have a great week everyone!

🙂  God bless us more!


Haagen-Dazs SM Megamall Atrium, 2nd Level Mega Atrium, SM Megamall Complex, Ortigas Ctr.


9 thoughts on “SEVENTH HEAVEN

  1. grabe! heaven naman talaga yan! i am so craving for ice cream right now…and it’s 6 in the morning! 🙂

    tama ka sa slow-melting process ng haagen-dazs ice cream. once, my aunt went from bulacan to our house in paranaque with a pint of haagen dazs ice cream. imagine, hindi pa tunaw pagdating sa amin! i wonder how they do that. sarap!

  2. oh my really heaven to me. good thing i’ve finished eating the whole pint of selecta ice cream otherwise, i would be craving for one right now :p

    good thing your ok already Doc 🙂

  3. if there’s one thing that can deceive me aside from traveling, it would be ice cream. so now you’re making me crave. by the way, street ice cream in singapore is one of my favorite.

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