Our 5-year-old son, Gabby is still a little picky when it comes to something to chow down and digest.  And as first-time-parents, Tina and I  have been alarmed with this. Like other mom and dad, we also want our kid to be comfortable with all  those go, grow and glow foods! 😀  Don’t ask me now about them, LOL  😀 …it has been decades since my Elementary years! (All I know is that most these fiber-rich foods are essentials to health unless otherwise contraindicated).  Surprisingly, our kindergarten is done reviewing them last year in their Science subject (yes, preschoolers now are far advanced compared to my generation!); although he’s already aware of those food groups, he still has his own preference at an early age. 

My wife and I cannot convince Gabby completely to eat all veggies.  He only prefers potatoes (especially mashed with gravy or when cooked in Menudo) , sayote in Tinola (our option to papaya),  carrots, some greens like cabbage and pechay but only when cooked in nilaga (Boiled Pork and Vegetables). 

Few days ago, we just learned directly from our own dining table that he also love the broth of  Sinigang na Baboy (Pork in Sour Broth). We know nothing can replace eating greens in whole, but at least it has bits and pieces of boiled veggies. 

As Gabby usually favors Quattro Formaggi, Mozzarella Garlic pizza and Crispy Fried Chicken with lots of gravy from McDonald’s, we know he tries to be obedient to us by gradually eating greens instead of mostly junkies.  It’ll take time before he gets to be ready to eat Okra and Ampalaya. LOL! 😀

Before we hit the grocery shelves last week, another craving was satisfied. That day, I long to eat Fresh Chinese Lumpia!  And I’m so glad that Tina gave her nod and two-thumbs-up for the lumpia that we sampled… I give my wife the credits for her photos below…(applause, applause) 

We had this delicious Fresh Chinese Lumpia from Yin Yiang, one of the stalls in Landmark Foodcourt in TriNoma mall.   We like other versions of lumpia~ fried or fresh,  but we love Chinese Lumpia more!  The symphony of textures of boiled veggies with seaweeds and fried vermicelli in union with finely ground peanuts and dark peanut sauce is just heaven on a plate! 

Tina and I ate a piece each at the foodcourt, and after our grocery shopping, I asked her to buy 3 more lumpia for us to bring home. 😀  We gave one to my dad-in-law (who’s with us for a break from California until he goes back there tomorrow) and we enjoyed again another pair of lumpia for dinner sans rice!  Sarap!

But did Gabby like it? 

No. 😦 

Kids will be kids.

I think Tina and I are to blame.  We never introduced veggies and fruits to Gabby earlier than he discovered it.

Still we will not vehemently insist.

After all, we know he’ll like it eventually 😀


30 thoughts on “INTRO TO VEGGIES

  1. naku doc, don’t give up! im sure gabby will like veggies pa din. siguro pa unti unti. parang may napanod ako dati sa isang cooking show na ang sinabi nya sa anak nya eh meatballs yun pero ang laman talaga ay veggies at hindi “meat” hehe 😉

    1. ang laki kasi ng pinayat ni gabby; it’s so apparent on his photos as tina and i compare his pictures taken when he’s 3 and now that he’s 5. we thought that eating veggies and rice and all the nutritious food will bring back his stuffy cheeks again 😀

  2. don’t blame yourselves doc gelo and ms. tina. as a first time parent myself, i believe its a phase. i started giving our son steamed/boiled veggies when he was 4 months old and i made them myself ha, not gerber or cerelac. before he turned one, he likes munggo guisado and veggies in soups. now that he has discovered other food, he became picky with his veggies. to trick him, i buy goodies that are high in fiber for snacks and mash or cut up veggies really small or mix it with rice during meals. or to thicken soup i mash up the veggies to serve as thickener.

    hang in there doc gelo and ms. tina. just keep exposing him to veggies during meals and he sees you eating them too, he will eventually eat.

    1. hey ingrid, thanks for the frequent visits here. like you, we also didn’t give gabby OTC baby foods. his milk intake when he was 1 until 3 y/o was so amazing that he really gained weight. but now that it diminished, he begins to shrink in weight but apparently his height is of course increasing.

      we just hope that he’ll love to eat most greens soon.

  3. grabe! ang dami namang laman nung lumpia!

    my daughter was like that before. good thing, she is slowly liking eating vegetables. and you know what, i never got to like vegetables until i was in highschool! so there’s hope!

  4. i think majority of the parents would agree na it’s hard for kids nowadays to let the child eat vegetables especially with all those food out there. My son is like that too. i have to mashed the vegetables or cut it into small pieces for him to eat it. Well, my son also loves sinigang but only likes raddish. Kaya pag may sinigang sa bahay, rice and raddish ang kinakain nya.

    Oh well, they’ll eventually learn to eat,love and appreciate the benefits of eating vegetables as they grow up 🙂

  5. I think it’s just natural for kids to hate vegetables. I myself hate it when I was a kid. But as I grew up and my taste buds became more complex, my eating habits also changed. Did you know that I never ate Upo and Ampalaya until I was aged 20? But now they’ve become my favorites!

  6. Ganun yata mga bata nga, siguro nahihirapan silang ichew yun veggie at isa pa tamad silang ngumuya hehehe kaya yun mashed potatoes ok sa kanila dahil lunok lang ayos na LOL. Parang ang sarap ng fresh lumpia ng yin yiang yun lang nga parang nakakaumay kasi sobrang laki hehehe

  7. some kids are born liking veggies like my nephew who would pick out all the veggies on a fried rice before touching the rice itself and who’d park his 4-yr old butt next to the veggie platter during family affairs. and he is born to parents who eat meat, meat, meat 🙂

    however, most of the kids don’t like veggies. i am my mom’s 8th child, and she never got me to eat veggies as a child. as i grew up and my palate grew, i learned to develop a taste for veggies. so i am sure your little gabby will eventually eat them 🙂 and it’s not becasue of your first time parenthood situation.

  8. Ganun naman yata pag kids. Ganyan din kasi ako noong bata eh, picky sa pagkain lalo na pag veggie and fish. WOuld you believe lately ko lang na appreciate ang okra. Masarap naman pala.

    Sarap nyang fresh lumpia 🙂

  9. Re: the food pyramid
    We read (and edit) A LOT of medical journals. And one study that my wife read says that the food pyramid is obsolete. Our needs daw differ from person to person. And as this isn’t published yet, it takes a while (several years) before doctors here know about it. Can you confirm if you’ve heard of this doc? Kasi it actually makes sense. Our individual bodies react diffrently to everything. If this is really true, maybe Gabby eating Quattro Formaggi, Mozzarella Garlic pizza, and Crispy Fried Chicken (penge pala) are actually dood for him. hehe

    1. i may agree with that recent writings re food pyramid. each of us has different body metabolism, although the processes remain to be the same, thus requirements also vary. i think for as long as we meet our daily body requirements enough to fuel us, then everything’s OK.

  10. yikes 😦 i don’t eat veggies when i was a kid too.. recently lang ako natuto & still uber picky! i only like kangkong (in sinigang), asparagus (in chicken asparagus), squash, sayote & chopsuey (brocolli, carrots,young corn). pero other than that & if hindi na ganun yung way of cooking, i won’t eat it na 😛

  11. If you love Yin Yiang Chinese lumpia, you will like Poland’s version too. It is also at Landmark, Trinoma, stall fronting the grocery cashiers.

    1. welcome to my blog, mommy marie! i like poland’s hopia and lumpia too.
      i know their stall in landmark. we usually go grocery shopping there, that’s why. 😀

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