I’d like to officially welcome our dad in their senior citizen’s club as he turned 60 last Sunday!  😀  Wow, Tina and I are only 4 years more than half your age!  You’re blessed to have stayed happy and , oh well -healthy at your age. 

If you must know, our groovy dad, a.k.a. Lolo Ben to Gabby or Lolo Benruh (with an H) to himself (his name is his pet name-spelled backward, gets?) still rides a cool mountain bike and takes uphill and downhill trails in San Mateo, Montalban, Antipolo all the way up to Manila with my cousin, Etot, and my 3rd brother, Mac who always celebrates his birthday with my dad and turned exactly half his age.  Happy 60th daddy, and 30th to you Mac!  Belated Happy 11th birthday to my nephew, Joshua! God bless everyone in our family! Hep hep, hooray! 😀

Because of this, my second brother, Capt. Michael (a private licensed aviator) -dad to Joshua, hosted a very casual and intimate dinner with his wife, Sheila and daughter KC for our lively clan (or at least a fraction of it).  They’ve reserved 60 – 70 seats in LUYONG, one of the established names in the panciteria business in Marikina City.

The spread was simple yet satisfying.  Per table, there were bowl of hot sweet corn soup, platters of fish fillet in sweet and sour sauce, freshest greens in chopsuey, pancit canton, lumpiang shanghai and lechon-kawali plus home-made ice cream! 😀

The celebrators in red and yellow shirts with my son, Gabby, my nieces -Kelly and KC.

There were no party games, program or balloons.  Just ordinary dining, chit-chat and fun talks as if everyone was dearly missed!  😀

It could have been complete with my mom who’s in UAE with my cousins.  Nonetheless, the presence of everyone who attended made it extra-special! 😀 

😀  How do you celebrate your love one’s birthday ?




  1. my dad also turned 60 last december. we celebrated his birthday by feeding the less fortunate kids in the area, kasi yun ang request ni erpats. tsaka nagpa-games kami dun sa kids. ang prizes eh lollipops and ice cream. :p

    namigay din kami ng food sa mga relatives namin. ayaw ni daddy ng party eh. hindi siya partyboy. hindi ako mana sa kanya sa aspect na yun. hihihihi.

    belated happy birthday to your groovy daddy!

  2. Looks like a really nice celebration, doc. Happy birthday to your dad, brother, and nephew! (The chopsuey looks good and crisp and I now have a craving for that soup!)

  3. ganayn din kami minsan, sabay sabay ang celebration! for our family, we usually just eat out, except for special birthdays like 60th or when it’s my dad’s or mom’s birthday. and mga birthday ng mga usually lasts a week, lalo na mom ko, kasi, since she has lung CA, every birthday is special!

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