Lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, onions, catsup, mayonnaise, mustard, buns and patties. What makes a hamburger really special ?

Our family (Tina, Gabby and I) with my brother, JC had a great lunch in SM Megamall Atrium yesterday! It was a bit different from our usual Sunday meals for we savored great tasting burgers and surprisingly delicious other treats from BROTHERS BURGERS.  It wasn’t  my first time to taste BB but nevertheless, was excited to try their latest offerings.  

One may not resist the poster at this burger joint that says : BROTHERS BURGER, Burgers By Design introducing DESIGNER BITES for only PhP 285!  Each Designer Bite set comes with your choice of French Fries or Onion Rings… These Mini Designer Burgers are perfect for small cravings!  The only problem is the difficulty in choosing a set of yummies! 😀

Tina and JC considered ordering  regular huge-sized burgers, while I had done the same,  I also gave in to my craving to try these Designer Bites. And it took me few minutes at the counter to select from the 3 sets;  then finally….

SET 2 : LAMB BURGER, SANTA FE, and BISTRO won my palates!  I love this set, particularly the Santa Fe! Every bite has a distinct taste that you’ll surely enjoy. 😀   The other 2 sets that you may try are : 

SET 1 : Bistro, Ranchero and Blues Brothers

Set 3 : Santa Fe, Ranchero, and Blues Brothers.

Santa Fe has the half-pound flame grilled patty accompanied by tangy and hot jalapeño rings, chili, chopped white onions, three types of cheese, farm fresh lettuce and tomato, with all that spicy bounty contained within a toasted Kaiser bun.

Blues Brothers, a Brothers classic of half-pound flame-grilled patty topped with creamy blue cheese, golden sautéed mushrooms, crispy honey cured bacon, tangy Dijonnaise dressing, farm fresh lettuce and tomato –all between a Kaiser bun.

The Bistro, where the natural sweetness of caramelized onions, sautéed champignons mingle with the sourness of Dijon mustard and the brackish creaminess of Brie cheese, on top of the freshly grilled Half-pounder in a Kaiser bun.

The Ranchero has crunchy onion rings, crispy strips of honey-cured bacon on the freshly grilled Half-pounder, smothered with the smokin’ sweetness of Texan barbecue sauce. Tempered by fresh garden lettuce and tomato, it’s an interesting mix of textures that will surely delight.   

Burgers continue to be the banner products of Brothers but there are other items in the menu worth trying like Brothers Cheese Steak, Crispy Fish, Fried Crispy Chicken, and Grilled Chicken.  Options for dessert are brownies, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Cool Bites. Also recently introduced are the Chicken Fajita Sandwich, Roast Beef Sandwich, Vegetable salad, Brothers Signature Pasta and soup. 

We ordered Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate Shakes, Lemonade and Iced Tea–all refreshingly good!

What really surprised us were the desserts from BB.  Indubitably, their premium burgers are superb, but the sweet treats that tickled our taste buds were also far from being less.

BB’s Home-Made Choco Chip Cookies, PhP 55 is soft and chewy-melt-in-your-mouth chocolate treat!  Tina and Gabby loved it! Honestly, it’s one of the best cookies we’ve tasted!  (the cookie-monster-in-me was unleashed!)  BB’s brownies, Php 40 also doesn’t disappoint.

Another must-try from their menu are the HOT BITES and COOL BITES! 😀

HOT BITES, PhP 90 are tender chicken strips with crispy breading that comes with sauce of either gravy or teriyaki.  The serving was big enough to be shared by 2 or even 3. And since we’re so fixed with our burger-indulgence, it was one of those we had to take home. 😀  

COOL BITES, PhP 80, is a Vanilla Ice Cream sandwiched in Oatmeal Cookies! We all like it! I personally love how different textures of this sublime dessert blend so well in one decadence!

Now, if those delicious Mini Designer Bites will make you crave for its real-sized counterparts and more, I suggest you shouldn’t supress the urge of tasting any of these burgers…

WAGYU BURGER, PhP 350+.   My first bite on this Designer burger patty sans mayonnaise, catsup and everything took me to pause for few seconds and analyzed -what makes this Wagyu Burger special above the rest?  Its tenderness was expected. Its grilled Wagyu Burger taste, impeccable! 😀

My brother JC was overwhelmed with what he order…

BLUES BROTHERS BURGERS, PhP 265+.   I cannot blame him for being biased with his plate.  It has sliced button mushrooms and bacon strips that were combined in wonderful unison with lettuce and that BB hamburger. 

On that moment, I was hoping our stomachs have botomless pits, lol.  Because she was already full, Tina’s order had to be join our HOT BITES as another to-go…. 

BLACK ANGUS BURGER, PhP 250+.  Just like the other Brother Burgers patties, this Black Angus’ that we had for breakfast on Monday morning was tender and juicy absolutely perfect for meat-lovers!

We love Brothers Bugers! We love their French Fries, Onion Rings and their desserts! Next time, we’ll try their pasta and others. 😀

So what makes a hamburger really special ?  I think it’s in the purest flavor of its burger patty;  in particular harmonious symphony with different textures of other ingredients inside a bun. 

….Hmmm, makes me want to grab another bite, don’t you?  😀


BROTHERS BURGERS, 4th fl. Bldg B, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City.

Visit their website –> here  for their menu and list of branches.

Special Thanks to Ms. Nadal for the invites to try Brother Burgers’ latest offerings! 😀


  1. Burgers = comfort food

    BB still tops my list for that distinct char-grilled burger flavor, for a very reasonable price.

    the black angus burger in Charlie’s Grind & Grill in kapitolyo lacks that grilled flavor that i’m looking for in a burger, and i think they use too much extenders. their chicken wings are superb though.

    Johnny Rockets is way too expensive. I tried their double smoked burger for P595. It was great, but i can’t afford it every so often if i want a burger fix.

    Bite Club’s burgers are humongous, for a steady price. Wham burgers is just steady, along with Hotshots.

    Sango in Mile Long has japanese inspired burgers, but what i think, it’s just a plain burger topped with spaghetti sauce- tasting “japanese special sauce”– nothing special about it.

    Burger Machine’s buy 1 take 1 jumbo burger for P35 is a steal, plus you can choose your own sauce too.

    There’s this new burger place along white plains, Crave Burger, haven’t tried it though.

    Ang haba na haha! :)) nakakatakam.

    1. wow, that was awesome, jp!
      back in the days during my post-grad medical internship in qmmc along katipunan, we used to trooped in bite club and still missing those bigger than anything burgers! surprisingly, i saw that they have branched out to boracay station 2 when we were there last october.
      …i’m just glad you know your palate so well! bravo! 😀

  2. I love burgers (but never with mayonnaise)!! And here are my faves 🙂

    – Mcdo- my cheap thrill! love their cheeseburger!
    – Kenny Roger’s- one of my fave cheeseburgers.. perfectly grilled and lesser guilt coz it’s on wholewheat bun.
    – Army Navy- juicy grilled patty and the sesame kaiser bun is soft & tasty.
    – Bite Club- tried it in Bora & my family loved it instantly.
    – Sango- burgers + their fries sprinkled w/ chili powder.. yummy!! wish they have more branches.
    – Brother’s Burger- I usually go for Baby Brother or Brothers Burger! (I chanced upon the 50% off Big Brother’s Burger promo once.. haha I wasn’t able to finish it coz I was full.. w/o the fries pa yun ah, I ate just the top bun & patty)
    – Tropical Hut- Ranchero Burger!! I miss this 😦
    – Popeye’s- love their chicken burger w/ cajun fries. I wish they still have franchise in Manila.
    – Cajun- this s really yummy. I remember eating this always when they had a stall in Glorietta Food Choices when I was in college few years back. You get to choose a topping (love mine with garlic mushrooms ) and their fries come w/ a yummy dip. Sayang they closed na rin. (The owner of this is the owner of Chef Tony’s Popcorn) 🙂

    I like Wendy’s Bacon Mushroom Melt but now, it shrinked but still a bit expensive 😦

    Big disappointment for me is Wham!.. the burger served to us wa sunog plus the bad service in SM North EDSA.

    I usually like my burgers plain.. just the patty, bun, veggies with mustard- catsup- hot sauce! 😉

    1. looks like i have another blog buddy who’s also a burger-fanatic!
      thanks, u8mypinkcookies!
      i remember last year was BB’s 10th anniversary and they had rolled back their prices to what they were when they started the business a decade ago. unlike you who braved the queues, i decided to passed on the chance of munching those goodies on that day. i chicken out of expected looooong lines and waiting time to order. i read from other blogs i follow that most people from offices made advance orders in bulk that made the lives of BB crew members and diners in waiting extra less fun that day. how true?

      with your long comprehensive list of burger reviews, still BB’s one of the best!
      cheers! 😀

      1. luckily when i tried BB during that 50% off promo, the queue wasn;t long (actually there was non i think), and i waited for like 5 mins. lang for my burger to be served.

  3. Wow!Too many kinds of hamburger to choose from. Mahihirapan akong mag-isip kung alin ang pipiliin ko LOL. I’ll keep that burger place in mind when I visit.

  4. i haven’t been to BB for a very long time. the first time i tried their burger, i was surprised on the size of it.

    i think i must visit their branch along ayala one of this days.

  5. I love brother’s. Sobrang yummy ng patty nila and I love their onion rings. yummm.

    I love wham burgers. The one at katipunan serve the burgers perfect. 🙂

  6. na like ko lang ata ang BB nung nag 50% off sila haha. expensive kasi for me pero nung nag try ako, you will know bakit ganun ang price nila. sa may ayala, halos dikit sila ng jollibee kaya pag short na ko, sa jollibee na ko and lagi kong order ay TLC haha. ay doc, masarap yung cheese steak ng BB! 🙂

    ps: oo nga no, parehong about burger ang post natin. apir! 🙂

  7. grabe! nagutom ako doon! stop posting pictures of food! 🙂

    hamburgers are one of my favorite fast-food food. they’re [relatively] cheap and easy to eat! i love brother’s burger! actually kahit anong burger kinakain ko, kahit home-made. i remember we had a hamburger back in high school, sa canteen namin. favorite ko din yun.

  8. this entry is making me hungry! i like brothers burger too, especially their cheesesteak. i usually order the BB with sauteed onion, mushroom and cream cheese. sarap!
    for fastfood burgers i like Aloha Burger and Yum from Jollibee, Baconator from Wendy’s and Cheeseburger deluxe of McDo.
    Bite Club is masarap especially the one with the bacon.
    Surprising restos that have burgers that i like are Five Cows at TriNoma and Flying Pig at Eastwood.

    1. hey ingrid! we haven’t tried flying pig; actually i chicken-out before to try it because of the not-so-good-reviews i’ve read before; but then again, i know that “to taste is to believe!” lol 😀

  9. sarap! brothers burger! kakagaling ko lang ren dyan sa highstreet naman. :p i also like wham!

    sarap naman, kakatapos mo nyo lang mag pepper lunch, brothers burger naman! wheee!!!!

  10. You’ve tried the Bistro! It’s one of my favorite burgers at Brothers, but I usually order it to go. Why? It’s much better after a couple of minutes in an oven-toaster (NOT a microwave) because the cheese gets all runny and is like a fondue – so good with the beef patty!

  11. you should try the three-mini burger order at Myron’ steakhouse over at greenbelt or powerplant… i think it would be to your liking….

    i also loove hotshots burger

    i was one of the customers who lined up for the discounted BB burgers over at tomas morato…the wait was sooo long…. aside from the many many customers we had to wait for our large number of orders (me and my co-nurses at PKDF during all ordered) so we had to wait our turn….But it was well worth the wait…

  12. I like Brother’s Burgers a lot-I always go to the one in Trinoma Mall-I was there yesterday and they indicated they had discontinued the Bistro Burger-which was one of my favorites

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