If you’ve been following this humble site for some time now,  can you easily spot my wife and our kid’s photo on that wall ?

I’ll make it easy… Can you find the photo below from the pictures above?  Nyek, lalo ata gumulo! LOL 😀

There was NOTHING SPECTACULAR about our 6th Wedding Anniversary except for SPECIAL MOMENTS that Tina and I shared with who else but our bundle of joy ~Gabby! 😀 

After Tina’s morning shift duty from a private hospital in Quezon City, we hailed from Gateway Mall to Shangri La Mall for a much-needed PEPPER LUNCH MEALS!!! 😀 

We’ve tried Chicken Pepper Rice before but our palates have been partial to those tender and juicy thin strips of beef!

Tina had her usual Beef Pepper Rice while I had Double Beef ! 😀 


I’ve been craving for that Double Beef Pepper Rice because it has been monthssss since  our last PL experience

We’ve also favored Amakuchi a.k.a. HONEY BROWN SAUCE over Karakuchi or garlic soy sauce. 

The flavor of honey brown sauce + butter in the middlemost portion of the serving + dash of freshly ground-only-outer shells-of-pepper = delicious craving satisfied! 😀

While wer’e enjoying our D-I-Y cooking, Gabby was engrossed with his KUROMITSU ICE CREAM 😀

Our 5-year-old son must have thought that Santa Claus and his reindeers’ job is already done but not for the people behind PL.  The season of gift giving isn’t over yet!  Before we enjoyed our PL meals, I’ve browsed this HP @ PL PROMO so we participated almost effortlessly!

I just clicked my cam while Tina and Gabby were having fun; finished our meals as evidenced by these before and after photos…. 😀

and asked the friendly staff on how-to sample the HP touch screen photo printer after I gave our cam’s memory card. They’ve printed two copies of the chosen pic taken at PL;  At the back  of one of the copies, I was required to write my name, and contact details and in a matter of seconds, my family’s photo was posted on their wall as an entry for their HP @PL promo where 2 lucky winners will bring home 2 of HP’s wireless Photosmart Premium Printer and Pepper Money! (I WANT!!! *greedy!*). While the other copy of the photo was ours to keep. Isn’t it sweet ?  😀

I therefore conclude that  —

1.  We’re  grateful for those 6 wonderful years of togetherness and we’re looking forward, of course, for more anniversaries!

2.  We had another happy dining moments at PL with high hopes to win a new HP Photosmart Premium Printer and Pepper Money!


Pepper Lunch, LG Level Shangri La Plaza, Mandaluyong City.   Also in Power Plant Mall, ATC and G5.

PS : When are you having PL branchesssss in Quezon City areasss ? Can’t wait!

18 thoughts on “CELEBRATORY MEAL AT PL

  1. Doc, I was finally able to try Pepper Lunch – and now I’m almost as big a fan of it as you are! I had the unagi rice, major eel fan that I am. 🙂 I will try the beef rice next time I head over. 🙂

  2. I love Pepper Lunch too!! I always order the cubed steak (don’t know the name here since they’re all written in Japanese hehehe)…every week we always eat in Pepper Lunch. My husband and I love it! We just had yesterday at the mall and last week ;-). I also blogged this in my travelog too 😉 How much is per plate or combo meal?

    1. i am not surprised, sardz that you’ve tasted and liked PL! kamusta naman sa japan?! i cannot beat your weekly PL dining, wow!!! 😀 …per plate here, it ranges from PhP 198+ for Beef Pepper Rice (tina’s order), PhP 246 for my favorite Double Beef Pepper Rice (it really needs to be double for me, lol), and kuromitsu ice cream is an affordable indulgence at only PhP 39… wala pa kasi sa quezon city area ang PL; their branches are only in shangri la, powerplant, greenbelt 5 in makati and mandaluyong areas and alabang town center in muntinlupa. 😀

    1. hey witsandnuts, wala pa bang brancsa uae ang PL? i know they have in hong kong, singapore and most of asia. when you have your break here in manila on your days off, go visit pl and give it a shot. sarap!

    1. hello there, dyanie! if you’re from south, of course there’s PL in ATC, or you can go to g5 in makati. have it in your must-do list for this year; sarap! just be careful for it’s a bit addicting.. i mean, you’ll crave for it i hope unlike me that goes craving even in the wee hours of the morning, lol. 😀

  3. We were only able to eat once at their ATC branch late last year. It was good, but quite pricey. We hope to go back and sample a few more, but the bad side is that you end up smelling like ulam when you finish.

  4. I’ve only tried their beef teriyaki pepper rice but since then I keep on craving for it! Oh and I’ve also tried their shake! shake! kani salad which is also good enough. 🙂

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