Dear God,

Thank You for giving us a new morning; a new life; a new chance to breathe.

Forgive us our sins, our shortcomings to You, to our families, to our friends, to ourselves.

Thank You for all the blessings that You have been showering us daily.  May we share those blessings –big and small to our family, friends and others.

Thank You for the six years that Tina and I have been together and thank You for the countless years that we’ll still be.

Thank You for the domestic problems, financial challenges, physical and mental fatigue and everything that we’ve been struggling, for without them, we won’t be stronger; we won’t be wiser. We lift them up all to You for without You, we cannot do it alone.

It is because of our FAITH and LOVE to You more than to each other that keep us alive and happy.

Thank You for giving the BEST BLESSING we got us a couple 6 years ago –Thank You for giving us Gabby for with him, we became a FAMILY.  I may not have everything for now but Thank You, I am complete with Tina and Gabby!

Although we know that there are still ton of lessons to learn as parents, we have been exerting our efforts to raise him as God-fearing as possible.

Give us continuous guidance Lord, to always LIVE LIFE ACCORDING TO YOUR WILL.



My dearest ‘ney,

Happy 6th Anniversary!  You know how much I LOVE YOU and GABBY! 😀 

PS :  Please don’t give up on me  keep my sanity, honey! OK? 😀  love you, love you!!!


Dear valued readers,

Thank you for all your well wishes! 😀   As our appreciation, here’s a video of our theme song (if such term still exists!)… LOL!  seriously, this is our LOVE SONG….Enjoy…Sing along na kayo! 😀


10 thoughts on “OPEN LETTERS

  1. Happy Anniversary Doc and Tina! 🙂 Ang swerte nyo sa isa’t isa. Hay. Sana may nag eexist pa katulad mo doc. hay ulit. asan ka na ba kasi the one? haha! sensya na doc, napa emo mode ako sa post mo. at the same time napa cry ako ng very light sa song.

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