…on Januray 08, 2004, at 3PM, we got married in Santurio de San Antonio, in Forbes Park, Makati City. Reception followed at Dusit Hotel Nikko (then, now Dusit Thani) at 5:30PM. 😀  And from that day on, we’ve been enjoying the fun, the love and even the petty and HUGE problems challenges of raising a family. 😀

HISTORY OF OUR LOVE STORY : When we’re in Med School, (yes, Tina went to the same school but didn’t finish her 3rd and 4th years kasi naloko na sa akin, lol) Tina browsed her older sister’s (who’s my classmate) phonebook and randomly spotted my name that probably appreared to her as so saintly and angelic. 😀 She first forwarded mushy quotes and used an alias by name of Marie. Our anonymous texting via 5110 lasted for one whole year!  Remember the Tom Hanks-Meg Ryan-movie, “You’ve Got Mail” ? Our story can passed as  “You’ve got text!” (nyek! sounds like a local horror flick) 😀 When I decided to meet her, I was surprised to know that she’s also enrolled in the same school.

OUR FIRST  DATE : It was purely accidental incidental. We we’re just encouraged by mere kantyawan (provocation and teases) by 2 of my classmates who were bestfriends of Tina’s sister. The tuksuhan led to a date in Glorietta, Makati via a meet-up in MRT-Cubao station, lol.  She was wearing baby blue ruffled blouse and black capri pants in heels (Tapos nag MRT lang kami, lol. Pauuwi naman nag-cab!) We had Starbucks Coffee first before watching a Michelle Pfeiffer movie which she preferred (what else but suspense-horror), “What Lies Beneath.” After the movie, we had dinner at Outback (an Australian Steakhouse). I shelled out almost a fortune on our first date (remember how students live by allowances only) but I’ll be forever grateful to Drs. Michelle (not Pfeiffer) and Shiny who teased us until we had that first date, naks!

THEN SHE SAID “YES” : Call me torpe for all I care, but I popped the question indirectly to her, long before Globe Telecom used the line in their local TVC, “Can we take our friendship to the next level?” via what else but text! (BADUUUUY!) I was on duty then at a Surgical-ICU of a public hospital and the ICU-Nurse was probably wondering why I was giggling with my cell phone amidst dying patients –oops! … I got her answer few days after on our way home, when we’re on a California Bus Liner ride before I got off at SM City North EDSA.

THE WEDDING PREP. : After 3 years of dating, we finally decided to tie the knot. We’re guided by my mom in the entire 1 year preparation. Tina designed her own wedding gown but she had her sketched it in a textile shop in SM Megamall. She also did our female secondary sponsors’ .  My wife even designed her head dress, hand-picked all materials herself and brought it to an actual fashion-accessory designer (I’m not sure of what to call the person) in Cubao.

We sourced all textiles used for the entire entourage (except for the principal sponsors who provided their own) from Divisoria and SM Megamall and it was not done on a single day, but for several months due to financial constraints.  My mom asked our family’s costurera who doesn’t have a shop but just an ordinary sewing machine and her expertise, to do the works.  Imagine the labor of Tina’s wedding gown only cost PhP5K!  While my suits and our male secondary sponsors’ were all done by a tailoring shop in Cubao.  These were all done in the name of practicality. 😀

THE WEDDING VENUE : We chose Makati for our relatives to meet-half way.  Most of Tina’s relatives are from Ayala, Alabang, Quezon City, and US while mine are from Marikina and Pasig Cities.  The proximity of the church to the reception site was also considered. We even went to Fernwood Gardens in Quezon City but Tina really wanted a grand ballroom for the reception over a garden / open-air one, so we booked 2 of the 3 sections of Dusit Hotel’s several months before the wedding.

THE WORST WEDDING COORDINATOR : After Tina and I hopped from 1 Wedding Expo to another for few months in 2003, my mom suggested to hire a wedding DAY coordinator, whose name I’d like to withhold but if you’ll ask me, I’ll tell you to serve as warning! We agreed to our mom’s suggestion for there should be someone in control of the day itself.  We met the lady coordinator 3x in different restaurants, treated her over meals, and gave our trust to her.

When Tina and I and the rest of our family were in Dusit Hotel already on the morning of our wedding, we were surprised to meet UNKNOWN PEOPLE who introduced themselves as STAFFS of this events coordinator who was a NO-SHOW on our big day! Had she became honest enough to us that she cannot attend our wedding and would just send her people whom we never met, we could have been more prepared.  Imagine UNKNOWN PEOPLE asking for the 12 bottles of wines for toasting, the wedding rings and stuffs.  Had she told us that she had on-going conflict then with our photographer whom we personally sourced, then we could have not favored her. And did I mention that one of those UNKNOWN PEOPLE kept on shouting at our guests! She even yelled at my sister-in-law and the hotel’s banquet sales manager!

WORST WEDDING INCIDENTS: Due to lack of proper “coordination”, I had to put the table codes (we used codes like bliss, faith, love, joy, respect etc instead of table numbers for guests) myself at the grand ballroom of Dusit on the morning of my wedding. The waiters were not informed by the coordinator because the seat plan was not endorsed!  Toxic talaga! But worst wasn’t over yet…

Imagine the “Unknown coordinator staffs” instructed the entire entourage to queue when in fact the officiating priest wasn’t there yet! Parang na-wow-mali ang mga Ninong at Ninang namin! (Buti na lang I was intuitive) I only discovered it when I was on the line myself next to my brother who stood as my best man,  I asked the “unknown coordinators” if they have given a copy of our misallettes to the priest who’s one of our family friends.  Then the “unknown coordinators” looked at each others cluelessly.

I had to go to the parish office and look for an “emergency” substitute priest. Luckily, the then principal of Collegio de San Agustin was available, so he officiated the first part of the mass.  Then when the time came that Tina and I have to exchange rings, our “original officiating priest” appeared in full golden regalia. Everybody was surprised including us in the altar. Everybody thought that our wedding was a HIGH MASS that we required 2 priests to conduct the ceremony.

It was only after the wedding when we learned that our “original priest”  came to the church an hour earlier but had to rushed himself to Makati Medical Center because of Angina Pectoris (chest pain that may lead to heart attack).

With an entire year of preparation, Tina and I thought that everything will be polished but there’s really nothing perfect.   Shit Inevitable circumstance happens.

One more evil thing that our wedding day coordinator did to us : On contract, there’s an emcee to host the program included of her PhP15K package, and we were promised that the hostess will be articulate, a granddaughter of a well-known politician, only to find out during the actual reception that her words were so untrue. That she sent a PREGNANT-HOSTESS whose gravid uterus clearly looked like 9 months, she LITERALLY CUT OUR WEDDING PROGRAM which Tina and I designed, SHORT! Nasayang ang wedding quartet at ang disco mobile!  Hindi namin na-maximize.

Tina and I, puzzled with all that happened the entire day, forgot to asked the wait staff of Dusit to bring us some left overs, especially the cake, to our honeymoon suite that evening. Everything was charged to experienced.

Two days after, we flew to Bangkok where Gabby was “made”.

Inspite of all the unapparent (to our guests) hassles that day, our wedding date remains to be only a day in our lives.  What matters most is how you keep the marriage, naks!

I may have bored you to death, so enough with the stories, now the photos…


There were paper luminarias with our insignia that lighted up the wooden bridge with two fountains that served as entrance to the main ballroom..

Almost everything, from misalletes to our gazebo, was custom-made and installed by my mom’s work staffs.

Our cake was by Dexter’s, included in the hotel package.

Those bride and groom teddy bears were at the floral arrangement in front of our wedding car.   The wedding car, which was also part of the Dusit package, was upgraded to a LINCOLN STRETCH for FREE!  Having it was one of the most relieving parts of our wedding! We’re told by the hotel’s banquet sales manager that the wedding car we’re supposed to have, had engine trouble hence the luck! 😀

All photos of our wedding were taken by ace photographer Ariel Javelosa. You may view our entire album —here.

PS : What makes a wedding album and video worth viewing again ? It’s so nice to see our old selves several kilos lighter! 😀

Few more wedding anniversary posts until the weekend! Thanks!

61 thoughts on “SIX YEARS AGO…

  1. doc, anu ka ba, hindi nga ako nabore sa pagbasa eh. nainis ako sa wedding coordinator nyo! gusto ko sya sampalin sa inis haha! at sumigaw pa yung isang unknown staff ah. kakagigil haha! iniimagine ko now na nagkatinginan yung 2 pari sa church hehe 😉

    pero in fairness, forbes park + dusit = susyal na wedding. hehe 😛

    awwww. nakilig naman ako sa love story nyo. i love hearing love stories. hopeless romantic kasi ako haha 😛 ayeeee! doc, yung California Bus Liner ba yung yellow bus? dapat doc pag anniv nyo, sumasakay ulit kayo dun. wala lang, remiscing lang hehe. 😛

    happy anniversary ulit doc and tina!

    ps #2: ang galing! gawa lahat ni tina yan!! wooohoo! apir tina! 🙂

    1. thanks, dyanie. i like your term : susyal! lol… baka susyal-climber you mean, joke!
      …effort talaga yang kasal namin; if you must know, alta de sociedad kasi ang familia ni tina at mga relatives ko naman, jologs lang (peace!)

      1. yup, dyanie, CBL was the defunct yellow “school” bus that ran along edsa before to malanday! wala na sya… mas sweet siguro kung sa LOVE BUS pa ano? alam mo LOVE BUS byaheng cubao before? hahaha…

    2. anung love bus doc? baka naman super bagets pa ko nun at wala pa ko alam sa mga ganun haha! doc, meron pa nung yellow bus! marikina bus line ba another name nya?

      1. ooops, obvious tuloy 34 na kami ni tina this year (dinamay ko pa asawa ko sa age-presentation!)… sorry if you don’t have recall of love bus, baka talagang hindi mo sila naabutan.. -byaheng ali mall cubao to makati yung mga love buses before. then iba yung marikina bus line sa CBL talaga.. lawanit kaya ang windows ng marikina bus liners! hehehe… ang CBL naman airconditioned before. 😀

  2. who says this is boring? this is so entertaining! I feel like I was there watching your wedding.. syang na miss ko ang you may kiss the bride 🙂

    happy anniversary to both of you

  3. It’s not boring! Kahit mali-late na ako sa work, tinapos ko pa ring basahin.

    Nakakapanibago, walang photos ng foods! Nakalimutan ‘ata ni Ariel Javelosa!

    It feels like I have attended your wedding, Doc Gelo.

    1. wow, doc rj.. talagang muntik ka ng ma-late ha? 😛 thanks!
      …there were few pics of the spread so i opted not to post. at least you’ve noticed! lol.

  4. love the story [even the “horrors”!]….love the pics!!!

    bwisit yung coordinator nyo ha! pati ako nabwisit! he! he!

    happy anniv again! 🙂

    PS, was your substitute priest Father Rodriguez? i came from CSA and he was our principal then. reading about him [or whoever the priest is] made me nostalgic! 🙂

    1. hello, kg! glad to know you’re from CSA; well, i’m not, hehe.. forgive me but i forgot the name of our substitute priest; but he looked and sounded like an italian or something. i was only informed by the parish office that he’s the principal of your alma mater. we’re grateful to have him as our “savior” in our wedding.

  5. That’s a nerve-wracking experience but kudos to both of you, looks like the guests were never aware of your hassles as you carried them through very gracefully – a sign of an efficient doctor even under stress! Happy wedding anniversary!

  6. I was smiling at “kilos lighter” =) but I am sure it is now “love deeper”. Thanks for sharing your love story. Nakakakilig. Lalo na yung texting part for 1 year. That will beat You’ve Got Mail. Heehee. =)

    1. i like your phrase “love deeper” better! thanks, wits! 😀
      oh and if your pushing on the movie idea that, according to you would beat You’ve Got Mail…hmmm let me see, I want a John Lloyd-Sarah starrer even if Tina in real life is a juday fanatic, LOL ! (attention : PRINCESS DYANIE, i just stated the name of your JL)

  7. No, no, no, I wasn’t bored, I was amazed at how things turned well despite the errors. Haha, and I was laughing here with the drama (kapalpakan) included in your wedding. I so laughed at the preggy emcee, wahaha, I don’t mean to be so mean to laugh ha, pero kasi, the good side with having these memories, you gotta laugh at it when you remember them.

    1. thank you, sheng! i shared the experience to somehow guide those would be grooms and brides, to prove that there’s no such thing as ideal and perfect and flaws should always be expected. nonetheless, it was indeed fun remembering something really really special to us.

  8. .. classic yung pregnant hostess, buti na lang di sya nanganak sa dusit. lol! as i remember, nagkamali pa nga kami ng daan ni lg (dadaan na pala yung mga sponsors!), we had to hide sa mga flowers para di makita sa video. ganda naman ni tina noh!

  9. Wow ang galing naman ng love story ninyo through text lang at kakainggit ang wedding ninyo kahit may hassles at nakakaimbiyerna talaga yun wedding coordinator ninyo huh, nabasa ko lang yun story naiinis na ako sa kanya hehehe. Bakit naman yun hostess buntis???? parang di naman maganda tingnan maghost kapag ganun….pero ok lang yun doc ang mahalaga sosy ang wedding ninyo. Parang gusto ko uling magpakasal LOL, renewal of vows naks hehehe. Pero ang nakakatuwa 2 pa ang priests ninyo LOL sosy talaga at higit sa lahat ganda ng kuha, yun photographer ang ganda ng mga shots niya, bagay na bagay kayo ni Ms. Tina….. hayyyy nang inggit ka na namn Doc huh! kakainis ka na…Happy Anniversary uli!

    1. thank you for reading our story, sardz! alam nyo naman pregnant women are usually in discomfort, particularly having urgencies to void.. isip ko nga baka kaya minadali yung program namin sa reception nung buntis na ‘yon e baka ihing-ihi na sya… worst–waterbag broke, lol! … go ahead with the renewal of vows! post mo din ha… with a twist sardz style! 😀

  10. such a beautiful story. every wedding naman sarap alalahanin especially the blooper side. Congratulation again Doc. Now i know what’s up on January 8… 🙂

    1. hey upto6only, salamat! 😀 no you’re actually right when you commented on my previous post that it’s sherlock holmes day on january 08! 😀

    1. hi elna! i guess you’ve browsed also our album posted on javelosa’s, wow-thanks!
      and at least we’ve the same taste when it comes to simplicity of bands. 😀

  11. As they try to say in Pixar’s UP: marriage is one of life’s greatest adventures.

    Happy anniversary! Love your post, especially the funny parts. Good luck on being a husband and a wife.

  12. happy anniversary doc!

    dont think about your wedding coordinator anymore. they are truly a nightmare!!! you and tina look radiant… walang trace at all that you are going through all the stress of your palpak wedding coordinator.

    more anniversaries to come!

    1. it’s just nice to reminisce all these things during anniversaries…and it’s my first time to share it here on my blog. thanks, anne! cheers! 😀

  13. Hello Doc Gel,

    I have to delay my appointment with my ortho pt for a few minutes to finish reading the love story n the thread. hehe…Cant help but have green eyes over the wedding preps and props,and the reason for sealing the feelings and life together! True, irky talaga yung wedding coordinator nyo doc. It was so kind of you di nyo sya sue for breech of contract! Anyway, maybe God would want to use you n mam tina to show the people that love overcomes (evil! hahaha…)/ adversaries. Should i say you’ve undergone a diagnostic test via litmus paper and passed?! yey!!!! Happy 6th Anniversary and moving up….

    Ps: Doc, sundan na ng baby girl si Gabby! hehehe…

  14. I love love love the photos! Tina was so beautiful (really radiant) and you’re not so bad yourself 😉

    Naimbyerna lang ako sa wedding coordinator mo. Is she still in business? Sana hindi na so she can do couples a big favor.

    Happy Anniversary to you and to Tina. I know that your marriage will always be blessed because you both have kind and loving hearts. Have a great weekend! 😀

    1. hey b’ley! i was laughing at your phrase… “and you’re not so bad yourself” 😀
      badtrip talaga yung coordinator namin.. no commenter so far has asked her name here, but i am willing to drop it for warning purposes! she’s soooo inconsiderate! unprofessional! unethical being! 😀

      anyway, thanks for the sweet greetings! have a wonderful weekend too! 😀

  15. Grabe naman yung coordinator na yun. I would have sued her!
    Pero kahit may mga horrors eh looking good pa rin kayo.
    Ang galing ng work staff ni mommy. Ganda ng decors.

  16. oh my..horrible coordinator and host!! hay… i guess what really matters is that we (the couple) should just enjoy our day. grabe pero alam mo ang bait nyo i’d sue them if that would happen to us *knock on wood*

  17. Hi! I enjoyed your story and kinda similar to how my fiance and I started too. 🙂
    We are actually about to get wed and I really got super freaked out with your wedding planner.
    If you do not mind pwede mo sabihin who was it? Baka mamaya I am about to sign a contract with them e.

  18. Hi,
    Just passed by your site and saw your struggles during your wedding day. I’m just curious who is your OTD wedding coordinator? You can just email me. We are also preparing for our big day and I hope we learned from your experience. Thanks.

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