we had some Chinese eats where else but in…

Did you notice the first letter N in the road sign?  It’s been there since God knows when, but no one exerts effort to correct it. Was it done intentionally to draw attention?  The little OC in me always kicks in whenever I see this in oNgpin, can someone enlighten me?  😀 

After my generous balikbayang-biyanan bought his Chinese medicine for arthritis (read : I have no idea what snake-bone-capsules can do to arthralgia or joint pains), we went straight to a food place to fill in our hungry tummies..

Upon seeing the first floor of the resto so packed because it was noon time, we headed to its second floor and occupied an 8-seater round table.  After few minutes, our orders came…

We passed on dimsum and dumplings and opted for thick Chinese soup and that complimentary house tea.


CRAB MEAT and SWEET CORN THICK SOUP, PhP 220+ for regular, PhP 357+ for medium, PhP 600+ for large order.  Since it was a lunch treat of my dad-in-law, I never had a chance to secure the receipt. 

Our benefactor (a.k.a dad-in-law) asked the waiter if they’re using artificial crab sticks or the real thing in their crab meat soup, and the waiter was honest enough to reply it’s really crab meat; thus the order.  As expected, it was satisfying!  I always love Chinese soup for its consistency more than taste.

Next to arrive on our table…

FRIED HOFAN with BEEF and SOY SAUCE.  This reminds me of Little Asia’s version (along Tomas Morato) but this resto’s hofan is oilier than the others. Although I have to admit I like the satay flavor of the entire dish! 😀  And did I tell you that the beef strips are sooo tender and yummy?

Then came…stuffed CHEF’S SPECIALTIES!

TOFU (left).  I’m not sure who among us ordered this, but it’s absolutely delicious! ’twas so sublime with a surprise stuffing of mushroom and I think pork bits.

According to my in-law, there’s a resto in California that only serves dishes made of tofu! Can imagine how versatile and healthy this soya is?  FYI, if post-operative patients have no renal problems (read :BUN, Crea, Ammonia levels =normal), we recommend soya, tofu, taho intake to enhance wound healing other than vitamin C and Zinc (oops, am I too medical now?)

FRIED SEAFOOD ROLL (right). My wife, Tina ordered these rolls. They’re crunchy outside with stuffing of  bits of what esle but seafoods and some carrots in thin mayo somewhat like a seafood salad inside.  I like it but would not order on our next visit just to try other dishes  for it’s not the plate you’ll crave for over and over.

Gabby had a glass of iced tea and three of us had black gulaman, bottomless. 😀

No one among us was interested in yang chow or other fried rice last weekend so we only had few cups of plain rice (honestly, i only had half a cup)  with our last plate…

MANDARIN CHICKEN.  It’s similar to Lemon Chicken but pineapples and oranges with sesame seeds were used instead of lemons to glaze the crispy coated chicken. 

I know President along Onpin Street itself, is far better than President Tea House located in Salazar Street, Binondo but the latter is more affordable which offers casual dining while the former has the finest of everything.  We may have dined at the cheaper resto nevertheless, it was indeed one beautiful Saturday lunch with the family! 

😀 Have you tried President and/or President Tea House in Ongpin ? 

😀 Have you tasted BINONDO in MAKATI  ?

😀 I’ll try to bring my family soon to WAI YING, which I heard is also c0-owned by the people behind President.

😀  Do you know that the year of the TIGER will officially usher on Valentine’s Day that falls on a Sunday?

😀  Kita-kitz  sa Ongpin and dare to wear red on V-day to CHASE THOSE DRAGONS  once more ? 

🙂 Let’s see.


PS :  You may click the last photo on the right to make it bigger and view 2 beggars with kids following my balikbayang-biyanan in green asking for some coins. Ugh! When can we be more than third world ?


26 thoughts on “ON THE SECOND DAY OF THE YEAR (PART 2)

  1. Oooh.. you should have tried their Prawn salad too! 😀 Great food pics. Nagutom ako bigla. Must have breakfast!!! 😀 Good morning! 🙂

  2. ay oo nga no baliktad yung letter N haha 😛 ay nakakain na ko sa President’s sa glorietta pero hindi pa sa Ongpin. love their dumplings! wow, half cup of rice nalang? diet? hehe 😛

  3. ongpin is number 1 on my places-in-manila-to-visit-this-2010 list. im not a big fan of chinese food (mabilis sumakit ulo ko sa oily food kasi) but gusto ko lang magpicture taking. hihihih.

    pero pareho tayo doc, mas gusto ko rin soups nila because of the consistency, second lang taste. :p

  4. Doc, diyan yata kami nagpunta hehehe mali pala ako, El Presidente ang sabi ko si Mon Fernandez nga pala yun LOL….sarap naman diyan kaso natatakot pa rin ako pumunta dyan hehehe kita mo yun last picture mo daming bumubuntot sa byenan mo. Favorite ko rin yun taho, so parang vitamin C din pala yun na madaling magpaheal ng wound? Parang masarap yun mandarin chicken…yummy!

    1. korek, sardz.. el presidente nga si fernandez at ang resto dyan sa onpin ay president lang po. hehe..
      …taho, soya and tofu have lots of albumin and essential proteins so like vitamin C and zinc, they enhance wound healing provided that the kidney functions are normal.

  5. Naaamoy ko ang mga Chinese foods sa picture! Parang gusto ko tuloy pumunta sa Chinatown-Adelaide para kumain.

    Isa sa mga favorite places ko sa Manila ang Ongpin St., but I have never noticed that inverted letter ‘N’ on the street label!

    Happy New Year, Doc Gelo!

  6. Happy New Year doc! I just recently discovered your website (last new year lang) and since then, I am hooked in your blog. Ang dami kong nadiscover. Just like you, our family loves to travel to different places, we love to eat and explore new resto. Sarap ng mga food you posted. Aside from the foods you mentioned above, one should try peking duck, the hotpots, hot prawn salads, suckling pig, and many to mention. There are still a lot of chinese restaurants in ongpin yet to be explored.

    1. thanks, edward for leaving a comment and for following my blog. you’re so welcome to hit my search box on the right for more food and buffet posts 😀 my wife and i also love peking duck.

  7. I’ve been wanting to try the dishes at President’s, but it was quite intimidating, thinking that it was fine dining of some sort. Now i know the price range of their dishes, got to try this one out 🙂
    Salivating at the sight of those seafood rolls! but was it that oily?

    Great Post Sir! 🙂

    1. intimidating price? not at all. probably the ambiance in president (somewhat like fine dining) but not president tea house which is so casual. no, the seafood rolls were not oily but the hofan. thanks, jp.

  8. I’ve always wanted to explore Ongpin, kaso medyo nakakatakot at mukhang maraming shady streets. The last time we were there was more than two years ago to buy a Chinese urn for my wife’s grandmother. We bought it tapos umuwi na.
    I’ll try to find and eat at President’s too.

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