Our 5-year-old son, Gabby is like any kid of his age who’s fond of toys!  So it isn’t surprising that despite the lack of chimney and a fireplace, Santa Claus still managed to give him an addition to his collection this year.  Other  than a bar of Toblerone and few pieces of colorful jelly ace found in his socks, Gabby also got 100-piece Jaw Bones wrapped in a box personally chosen from a ton of toys at Toys R Us  Santa’s factory by you-know-who. 😀 *wink* 

Now, I am jealous of children these days for simple reason of having toys that are so cool and fascinating.  I don’t remember playing with these during my wonder years.  For kids of the 70s and 80s, can you imagine having PSP or a Gameboy instead of Game and Watch during our growing years?  Although I did have my share of  lego, G.I. Joe action figures, R.C., some matchbox cars, and few board games before, there were not much of things that would enhance logic and creativity more. 

I cannot contest that books, other than clothes are best gifts for children but you know how kids will be kids and they would always want to spend more time on things that are colorful and would tickle their fancy.

Perhaps, Santa found lego and mega blocks more pricey and opted for a different version that wasn’t so cheap either but just as hip and edgy! 😀 

Tina and I are glad that Gabby likes his new toy and as expected, he asked me, even his visiting uncle Mac to spend more playing time with him. I am not complaining; in fact, I like it 🙂 

With a booklet guide to the patterns and having less help from us, our son tried building these works of art…




There are 6 more structures to create with these awesome Jaw Bones!

😀 What are your favorite toys during your growing up years?

Excuse me as Gabby and I have to continue our bonding time with his new source of fun. 😀


14 thoughts on “SANTA’S GIFTS

  1. I noticed this gift when i was looking for toys. looks like a good toy for them to think of how to form it while enjoying its colors. somehow like lego. good toy.

  2. you’re right about the toys these days. dati manika lang or bahay-bahayan ang gifts sa amin. yung stockings pa ni santa, socks ng father ko. my daughter now has this cute [BIG] christmas stocking with design pa! 🙂

    1. mabuti naman at hindi nahihilig sa manika si gabby, LOL! 🙂 kids now are really lucky to have the toys of their generation. but im sure like i did, you also enjoyed playing all they long when you’re a kid, kg. 🙂

  3. nice.. Im sure your son loves it.

    I remember me playing with Barbie Dolls and Polly Pockets when I was younger. COmplete with the Barbie house, car, etc. pa! LOL 😀

    1. it’s gabby’s ‘flavor of his eye’ nowawdays. he’s always excited to construct and deconstruct figures out of those tiny and colorful pieces.
      …sorry, i can’t relate to your toys for obvious reasons, LOL. but thanks for sharing them here. 🙂

  4. i’ve seen this before but didn’t buy this Peewee for the fear he might choke on it. Like your Gabby, Peewee likes building and deconstructing toys. For Peewee’s age, simple puzzles and blocks lang.

    Like you I’m amazed how many children’s toys are. I even asked John if he can buy me a Lego ProBuilder CAT Tractor for Christmas and of course he said no because it cost 11k. ha ha ha
    I didn’t grew up with a lot of dolls but with Lego and trains (i was tomboyish).

    1. i don’t think jawbones are intended below 5 years old, ingrid. in fact the label on its box suggest kids above 7. but luckily at gabby’s age, he knows now to distinguish what needs to be chewed and not. actually, it was never a problem with him. he never used to put anything on his mouth but food.

      so cute to know you like boys’ toys rather than girlie stuffs. trains and legos are really fun! i also like to own a lego pirate-ship scene but the price simply blew me away! hahahaha..

  5. ako fave ko nung bata ako lego.. pero “treat toy” un, and ordinary toys for us then ay mga halaman at damo.. mga dahon ng mangga na ginagawang pera at mga damo na kunyari gulay hehe..

    now with my kids ang fave toy ko for them ay mega blocks (and I am sooooo Obsessed with it)

    cool yang jaw bones ha, para ding lego

  6. What’s Christmas for kids without toys? Even if it’s not Christmas, toys will always be somewhere at the top of their food chain. But having Gabby asked you to stay and play with him probably means he’s asking for a playmate – a brother perhaps?

    1. LOL @ your comment, dennis. for now, we can only grant Gabby toys that he (and our budget) favor/s… having another baby merits another blog post, lol!

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